Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 16: Tasty Horse Burgers

Johnel: So yeah if you paid attention Halloween apparently some evil mary sue thing, I guess,  locked a few of us in here. So now from what I can tell we’ve got to finish My Inner Life then do two other things. Lucky for me I have help.


*Figure in a lab coat on the other side of the theater just flips them off*

Johnel: Let’s just begin.

I had spent nearly that entire night by a small fire at the base of the canyon we had ran into, caring for Link and Dalamar as they laid there unconscious. My whole body ached, even my eyes ached from them staying open,

Johnel: Hey just like reading this story.


 but I had to remain awake incase any more dragons entered the skies above. I just sat there and poked at the fire with a stick when suddenly I head a slight moan. Looking over I saw Link was beginning to come around. I quickly got to my feet and ran over beside him. Kneeling down next to him, I looked into his half open eyes, the slight blue glistening under the moonlight. "Oh by the Goddesses you're awake." I said softly as I took Link's gloved hand into mine. He slowly raised his other hand and gently placed it against my cheek. "Are you ok, my beloved?" He said in half a whisper.

Johnel: Hell of a lot better than you are numb nuts.

 I raised my other hand and rested in against his, the warmth of his smooth fingers caressed my cheek as I rubbed my cheek against them.

        "Yes…yes I'm fine my love." "But you need to get some rest." "You were badly beaten and have a nasty burse

Johnel: Oh golly giddy gee I’ve never had a burse before.

 on your forehead." I returned lovingly, whispering softly against his gentle fingers. "Where's Dalamar……is he alright?" Link said as his eyes shifted slightly. "He's here and he's fine, but still unconscious…now shhh…you need to sleep, rest easy my love, I will care for both of you while you sleep." I whispered softly as I lowered my lips to his and kissed him gently. Shifting his head slightly, his deep blue eyes rested upon mine as a small smile crossed his battered face. "Thank you my dearest wife, I love you always….." Came his words as he closed his eyes and rested back into a deep sleep.

Johnel: Napping through all this actually sounds nice.

        I spent the rest of the night watching over them as I sat shuddering by the fire. I lived in fear that Ariakas would send more of his Dark Knights or have his Draconians patrol the skies looking for us. So I did the best to keep the fire small, as well as kept a bucket of sand near incase I had to douse the fire quickly. But to my surprise, the remaining of the night was spent quiet with no signs of Ariakas's Knights or his Draconians.


So I sat and waited, waited for the night to pass and so that we could finish making our way to the Black Mountains. It was during that time that Dalamar finally awakened from unconsciousness and started resting peacefully.

        The sky was setting off tones of yellow and orange as the sun started rising above the horizon. I slowly rose from my place by the now doused fire and walked over to where Link was resting and rustled him awake.


 I greeted him with a gentle kiss to the lips and a few soft words before giving him some herbs to help him feel better.

Johnel: That’s a mechanic in Resident Evil I think you’ve got the wrong franchise.

After I was sure he was fine, I went to wake Dalamar. Slowly the snowy Griffin rose to his clawed feet, his crystal eyes glistening under the sunlight as he looked me over. I handed him some of my healing herbs, then proceeded to pack the blanket tolls and cooking supplies back onto the horses. After I was finished, I faced my two companions. "I think if you both are well enough to travel then we should start making our way to the Black Mountains." With a nod Dalamar walked forward. "I agree Jenna, I'm well enough to travel, what about you Link?" The Griffin inquired. Link just nodded in response. "Well if were all ready them we should move out." I returned as I mounted my mare. After Link mounted his stallion and got situated,


Johnel: Yeah I miss her too.

we moved out, making our way out of the canyon we were hiding and back down the barren rocky path towards the Black Mountains.

        Most of the morning was spent quiet while we ate dried meat and cheese for breakfast. I rode behind Link as he followed the path that Dalamar had laid out. The barren trails that we followed soon turned into a vast deselect area of rolling hills and dried grass. And in the distance appeared the silhouette of the Black Mountains. We came to a stop just atop a small rocky hill, the warm breeze rustling the hair on our heads and swishing the manes of our horses. "There is the home of my people, the Black Mountains." "We should reach there by nightfall." Dalamar said as the feathers around his neck ruffled, his tufted ears twitching in anticipation as his eyes rested towards his home. "As long as we don't stop to rest we should hopefully be able to cross this area without any threat of Draconians dropping in on us."

Johnel: For you know they wouldn’t patrol open fields or anything.

With a look skyward, my body shuddered at the thought of those blue dragons. "Yeah…I sure hope that we don't encounter anymore of them." I whispered to myself. "Well I think we should move out and make way at a faster pace." "Lets say at half gallop." I suggested, my eyes resting towards the tall dark shadow in the distance.

        "Do you both think you're up to it?" I questioned Link and Dalamar as I pulled back on the reins, causing my mare to dance in anxiety. "I agree Jenna, being here out in the open, we will be like sitting ducks should any Draconians come patrolling this area." "I wouldn't even doubt it if they are looking for us now." Dalamar looked skyward, his nostrils flaring as his face filled with concern. "It would be wise if we stay at least one step ahead of them." "Prevent them from ever catching up to us." Link and I just stared at the worried Griffin, our horses dancing in anxiety as if they were worried about something. "Dalamar, the horses are acting worried." "They keep dancing



as if they're afraid of something." Link said as he pulled back on the reins then patted his stallion on the neck to calm it. "Horses can sense dragons from miles away."

Johnel: For that is a thing I guess.

 Dalamar replied worried. "I think we should get moving now, it's too dangerous to remain here any longer."

       I watched as Dalamar started off at mid run, his talons digging into the dry dirt, causing small clouds of dust to rise in his wake. I glanced over at Link as he nodded. With that I booted my horse in the legs and followed behind Link at half gallop. The dryness of the plains caused my throat to dry out and sand to cake to my skin as it kicked up from behind the hooves of Link's horse. But I pushed onward, the outline of the Black Mountains soon giving way to images of rocky cliffs and small cave openings along the mountains. The black rock of the mountain shimmered against the sunlight as if it shone of a thousand diamonds, it's immense beauty caused me to stare in awe.


        At about midday we reached the base of the Black Mountains. We dismounted and guided our horses towards the main entrance into the mountain where Dalamar waited. As he eyed us over his crystal blue eyes flickered with contentment from finally being home once again. "I must see the Council Elders and tell them of my safe return home." "Please follow me, this cave leads to our city just atop the mountain."

Johnel: I have a feeling it is going to be the bog standard council that has to be convinced to help with throwing off their old ideals by the Mary Sue.

Dalamar said as he walked inside the cave, the torches lit along the cave walls causing his white feathers to glisten red. Link and I followed, guiding our horses behind us as we made our way up the dim winding trail that let to the top. After a tiring hike, we finally emerged into a beautiful city. The buildings were made of pearl white stone, the roads paved in a beautiful marble and the streets bustling with Griffins of all different colors, shapes and sizes.

Johnel: Oh look a city of Sue. Surely we will want to stay here forever and ever.

Female Griffins walked with their little younglings as they ran around their clawed feet while they played. The market was brimming with lively Griffins about their daily wares. Some stood in front of their shops sweeping the pavement while others walked into taverns for a much-needed drink.

       Then my eyes rested upon a tall white tower with a marble roof resting in the center of the city.


A flag with the symbol of a Griffin on its hind legs with its wings spread flapped in the wind at the top. All I could do was stare in awe at the magnificent tower that loomed in front of me. Then my eyes moved to the snowy white Griffin standing next to me. "That is the tower of the Griffin Council (21)(Also known as the Tower of Elders),

Johnel: Does it need two names? Did you little homebrew building feel insecure and give itself more importance than warranted?

the place where the Council Elders lie."


 Dalamar quoted, his eyes transfixed forward. "I must go now and see the elders, Jenna, you and Link can wait for me at the inn." "I will return shortly." Dalamar said as he turned to leave.

       "Ok my friend we will be waiting for you at the inn then." "See you soon." Link returned as he took my hand and led me into the city. We made our way into the marble streets and among the crowd of lively Griffins. My eyes just stared transfixed as we walked threw the streets, the eyes of passing Griffins watched us as we walked by,

Johnel: They probably want to eat the horses.

 their stares of distrust caused me to move up against Link. He looked down into my worried eyes as he put a comforting arm around me, while our free hands pulled on the reins of our horses, guiding them behind us. Then we finally reached the inn, the sign on the front read The Griffin's Vineyard. Link went inside to fetch a stable hand to take our horses to the stable.

Johnel: Hi I’m the audience and I’d like to ask a quick question. Why would a mostly isolated society of winged half avian half mammals have horse stables? Do they store horses there to be made into tasty horse burgers?


 When he came back, he had a big burly dark brown Griffin with him, his red eyes shone with caution as he walked forth and reared up on his hind legs. Taking the reins of our horses in his talons, he led them to the back of the inn and into the stables. Then Link and I headed inside. The inn was clean, its wooden floors were swept and shiny. The innkeeper, a slender tan female Griffin was busy wiping the counter with a damp rag while husky Griffins of all different colors sat around tables drinking ale.

Johnel: I have a feeling every one of those drunkards stories are more entertaining than what we are doing right now.

        Link and I walked up to the innkeeper, her black eyes locking with ours. "Innkeep my wife and I would like a hot meal and a room for the night." Link said as he placed three red rupees on the counter.

Johnel: Well let’s hope this is universal currency then.

The innkeeper slowly lifted her slender clawed hand and took the rupees into it. She pulled them close to her beaked face and examined them before looking back at us. "I got one room and it be stewed pork with potatoes to eat this night." She returned, her hard gaze resting upon us. Link and I went and sat at a table near the fire, its red glow reflecting off our skin as it warmed us. "Oh and Innkeeper, bring us a jug or your best ale, I think we both need a good drink this night."


Link added nonchalantly, as he unfastened his scabbard from his back and laid it next to him, his hand resting gently on the hilt.

        I just sat there and stared into the fire, the flames flickered and danced causing haunting shapes to form in them. I felt Link's soft stare rest upon me. "Jenna are you ok?" "You look troubled." My eyes continued to stare deeply into the fire. "Jenna, what's wrong?" "Jenna…" I watched as the flames continued to dance, my eyes transfixed on them, dragging my mind into a state of deep thought,

Johnel: She is preparing to finish the indoctrination process Link flee now for your life.

when suddenly I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. Snapping out of my trance, I looked over to see Link staring at me with concern in his deep blue eyes. "Huh……oh Link what's wrong?" I asked, my eyes locking with his. "I was just asking you the same hon." "You seemed lost there for a moment." His hand gently rested on top of mine, his soft blue eyes stared deeply into mine. "What's troubling you my love?"

Johnel: I don’t know how about the dragons. You know big, reptilian, can fly, have breath weapons, and maybe magic. Though knowing her it will be something stupid on top of that.

        I returned to staring into the fire. "I'm still thinking of last night when those Draconians attacked us." "I still remember those wicked yellow eyes and dank breath." "And even those damn Dark Knights, with their twisted laughs, and that devilish black armor they wore,"

Johnel: Yes it hasn’t been that long I remember what they look like.

Shivers started to run up my spine, as my skin suddenly seemed to turn cold. "I never thought in all my days I would encounter something as evil as them."


Johnel: Small potatoes obviously the author’s homebrew villains are superior.

 I felt Link's other hand clasp over mine as he held in within his warm palms, his fingers curling around mine. "Now I'm worried just how far this might go, those dark bastards have harnessed the powers of the dragons, and with that much power, they just might be a worse threat then Gannondorf ever was."

Johnel: Since the bastard stopped coming to these things I’ll speak for him and say that your statement  is bullshit.

"I say as soon as were done here," my eyes moved back to Link's. "We must make haste back to Hyrule and inform Princess Zelda of what we found." I said grimly as I felt the cold shivers continue to run up my spine.

        "I agree love," Link said as a young cream-colored female Griffin decked in dazzling jewelry came walking over to our table on her hind legs carrying a tray with mugs in her slender talons. "But we've been threw so much in the last day, I think we should leave in the morning after we've both have had a good nights sleep."  Link and I watched as the young Griffin plopped down two mugs on the table, then a large clay pot. The female Griffin smiled then turned and walked away. Popping the cork, Link inhaled the fumes with a gusty sigh of contentment, his mouth watering in anticipation. "Ah that's prime." Link said with satisfaction. "Give me your mug dear," Link said as he poured himself a mug of (22)Griffin Spice. "This stuff will warm your chilled bones."

Johnel: Or poison you. I mean not like you know what they put in their ale. Besides you both are probably just filthy milk drinkers anyways.

        Lifting the mug to his lips, Link took a long pull of the Griffin Spice then thumped the mug back down on the table. "Ah that's invigorating." He said smugly as he slid my mug back to me. "Drink up my love, it will help you." I peered into the mug before lifting it to my lips and drinking the concoction that was within it. Lowering the mug back to the table I smiled at Link. "Mmm…you were right love, this stuff is great."

Johnel: Ha your Mary Sue ale has nothing on the true drink of warriors.


Johnel: Also You Are Pregnant You Stupid Stupid Mary Sue Creature!! Stop Drinking!!

I said pleasantly. We just sat there and reveled in the Griffin Spice, drinking the entire jug then calling for seconds. Soon after, we were falling slouched in our chairs, the ale had gone to our heads. "Link….I thhiink it's time to go to bbedd." I said in a slurred tone. Nodding, his eyes blurry, he got up, staggered over to the innkeeper and pounded his fist on the counter. "Innkeep……mmyy wife and I will go to ourrr rrrooms now." Link slurred loudly.  "Hmmm I see that you've had too much to drink, I will have Tara show you to your room."  The Griffin added, a slight grin upon her beaked face.

Johnel:*As the inn keep* Prepare the stew pots they are too drunk and stupid to notice us taking their horses now.

         After a minute, the cream colored Griffin we saw earlier emerged from the kitchen, a soft smile upon her beaked face. "Come, I will show you to your room." She said as she turned and started heading up the stairs. We both staggered behind her, blurred images of floating objects appeared before me as we ascended the stairs. We followed the Griffin down a dimly lit hallway and stopped at the end in front of a door. With her talons, she produced a small key and unlocked the door, opening it. "Well here it is, I hope you both sleep well." Tara said smugly

Johnel: Fucking smug ass Griffins. Granpa always said you can't get a humble one out of the bunch.

as she turned and walked away.

        Leaning against Link, we both stumbled into the room, slamming the door shut behind us. I unbuckled my Phoenix Circles and tossed them on the floor as I plopped down onto the feather bed.

Johnel: Is it made out of the bartender’s molted feathers then?


 Looking blearily up at Link, I traced my fingertips across the empty spot next to me. "Come to bed love, lie down with me." I slurred seductively.

Johnel: In reality it came out as “babba flaffa watusie” as she puked on the floor.

Taking his sword and throwing it on the table, he slinked into the bed next to me and pulled the sheet up over us. I went into his warm muscular arms and laid my head against his chest, my fingers tracing meaningless patterns over his stomach. I listened to the beating of his heart as he gentle broad hand stroked my hair. Images of blissful memories filled into my mind as I closed my eyes and drifted into another world--a world of unicorns and small creatures who lifted me up and ran away with me…..


        When I awoke the next morning my head felt like I had been hit with a heavy piece of wood. Painfully I lifted my head up and saw Link already up and dressing. Struggling to get up, I managed to sit up on the side of the bed, my head swimming with the after effects of the Griffin Spice. Then I head a voice. "Oh Jenna your awake, are you ok love?" After a minute I could tell that the voice was Link's. "Yeah….I think so, but my head hurts and my muscles ache." I said with a groan as swells of nausea welled up in my stomach. I heard a creak of wood as Link sat down next to me. Putting his arm around me, I felt his eyes upon my face. "You sure don't hold your ale well, love." "I guess you never drank as much as me." Link added, his lips brushing my cheek.

Johnel: See what did I say? Just a weak livered milk drinker.

       "Do you think you'd be well enough to travel?" Moving my head slightly I looked into his loving eyes. "I think so, but maybe I should eat first, and we would have to see Dalamar before we depart." I said holding my head. "Agreed." "Get dressed love and then come down stairs." Link said as he got up and buckled his sword on his back. Grabbing his money pouch off the table he tied it to his belt and headed towards the door. "I will meet you down stairs love," Link said as he opened the door. "Make sure you don't forget your weapons." He added then walked out closing the door behind him.

        I staggered out of bed, the warm rays of the sun filled into the room, lighting the walls causing the stone marble to glimmer with envy.  I fumbled over to the table and rustled threw my saddle bags, pulling out a dark blue dress embroidered with Hyrule's symbol across the breast. I took off my ragged torn tainted pink dress and threw it into the bags, then I took the clean silky dress I took out previously and put it on. I smoothed out the crinkles in the dress then sat down on the side of the bed. I laced up my riding boots, then strapped my Phoenix Circles around my waist. Grabbing my blue velvet cloak, I threw it over my shoulders then tossed my saddlebags over my back and headed down stairs.

        The common room was empty. The innkeeper was sitting behind the bar, cleaning out mugs with a damp rag. She eyed me as I came into the room. "Did you sleep well

 m' lady?" The Griffin asked, the jewelry giggling

Johnel: Well great now we have ghost jewelry to deal with.

on her tufted ears as she spoke. I looked over at her, my eyes locking with hers. "Yes ma'am I did, thank you." I returned. "If your looking for your husband, m' lady, he's out back in the stables with Skan." She said, her expression softening. "Thank you ma'am." I said as I headed towards the stables.

        Link was in the stables brushing Midnight Star, smoothing out the horse's ragged mane with a hard bristle brush. I walked up behind him and threw my arms around him. He turned to face his beautiful wife. "Ah Jenna you've finally came down." "Great my love, I have wonderful news." "A messenger from the Tower came with a letter from Dalamar." "He says that the Griffin Council wishes to speak with us this afternoon." Link said as he put the brush down. My eyes widened with pure shock. "You mean the Griffin Elders want to see us?" "Holy Shit

Johnel: You know for the whole fantasy setting thing that random addition of holy shit really causes a bit of narrative disconnect. Uppercuts the reader right out of the story.

…that's unbelievable!" I screeched with excitement. "So when do we leave?"

        "As soon as they send someone for us." Returned Link as he picked up the brush and resumed brushing his horse. "Its still early morning, so relax love." "Why don't you go to the market and walk around for a while." "Well I hate waiting," I said as I started to turn to walk out." "But I have been wanting to got to the market to by some herbs." "I will be back in a few hours then my love." "Maybe I will find some good silk to buy."  "Jenna……," Link reached into the pouch at his waist. "Take these." He said as he placed two blue rupees into my hand. "Buy yourself something good."

Johnel: Yes buy yourself something good with ten whole rupees of currency. Can hardly buy a few arrows for that price range.

 Looking down at the rupees I clasped my hand around them as I shoved them into my pouch. "Thank you Link." "Ok love, I will be back soon." I said as I turned and walked out.

        The streets were bustling with all sorts of Griffins about their daily wares. The eyes of many different ones watched me wearily as I passed by, mostly just either walked the other way or moved aside. I felt a little out of place as I knew all too well that the Griffins didn't trust just anyone. Especially humans.


But things started to change for the better as some of the Griffins started to notice my expensive clothes and the emblem I wore on the front of my dress. "Oh by the Goddesses…..she's from Hyrule." "What's someone from Hyrule doing here?" "I heard she came here with High Lord Dalamar and someone said that Link the legendary "Hero of Time" was accompanying them." "But even if they did, their humans, and why have humans come into our city?" Were some of the whispers and ushered words as I heard as I entered the market.

Johnel: So the inn if fine with humans and even has accommodations to eat their horses but they don’t like humans in their city?

        But I just mainly pushed aside the exasperated spoken words of the Griffins in the streets and made my way into the lively market place. As I browsed around, I spotted a few good silk shops and decided to have a look. Some of the silks that the Griffins had were ones that I had never seen before. I stood in utter disbelief at some of the elaborate silks that laid right before me. Then I walked into one shop and saw the most beautiful silver silk I had seen in my life. The way it shimmered in the sun, made it look like it was interwoven with a thousand diamonds. I could tell that it was real expensive.

Johnel: Come on even their fabrics have Mary Sue qualities now?!

 As I held the soft intricate silk in my delicate hands, the shopkeeper eyed me curiously. He was a lean muscular light brown Griffin with thick colorful jewelry around his neck and ears. His soft green eyes landed upon the silk I held in my hands. "So lass you like that one?" He asked thoughtfully, a smile happed along his beaked face. "Yes I do…I have never seen silk as beautiful as this before." I replied as I caressed the it in my hands.

        "That's probably because that type of silk is very rare." You can only find that kind of silk in one place." "Across the (22)Barren Sea."

Johnel: Nope not even going to tell you what the footnote says right now. Sick of this Homebrew D&D style bullshit.

 The Griffin said as he placed a clawed hand up on the counter. The Jewelry on his thick tufted ears made a clinking sound as he lowered his head closer to mine for a moment, his sharp beak just inches from my face. I just stared back at him blankly. "Across the Barren Sea?" I retorted, eyes wide "I thought that no one ever was able to cross the Barren Sea and return alive!" At that I nearly dropped the silk from my hands. "Calm down lass, but you heard wrong." "I have been across the Barren Sea and am here to tell about it." "By the way lass the names Tanis."

Johnel: So he is a Mary Sue shop keep then.

        I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, someone had actually been across the infamous Barren Sea and lived to tell about it. Preposterous, how could anyone let alone a Griffin


 make their way across the Barren Sea when it's more dangerous then crossing the Black Desert. Stories for told of a monstrous sea beast that would attack seafaring ships and sink them, leaving its crew to drift along the sea to be swallowed up by the torrential storms, malevolent tidal waves or deadly whirlpools. I still didn't believe how anyone could cross that ocean without a death wish upon their heads. But I looked back at Tanis, with a look of questioning upon my face.

        "Wait…just how did you cross the Barren Sea without getting sunk by the sea beast or one of those dangerous storms?" I said as I eyed him quizzically. He just smiled and winked. "That's me secret lass, if I told, well…then everyone would have this silk, and many other things."

Johnel: *As Shop Sue* Whores with breasts of marshmallow and fountains of mead as far as the eye can see.

 "But forget about that." "I'll tell you, since you like that silk so much lass, and that I know it would look beautiful on you," Tanis rested his head on his clawed hand. "I'll give you a discount price on that." "Lets say twenty rupees?" "Agreed?" Tanis looked at me with egger anticipation. I reached into my pouch and pulled out two of the three blue rupees that Link gave me earlier, "Deal." I said as I handed Tanis the rupees.


Johnel: Yeah not only does he give her a discount but she still goes and tries to get away with paying half price. You are a horrible person Jenna.

Tanis took the rupees into his talons and bit on them to verify they're authenticity before putting them away. "Thank you lass," Tanis said as he handed the beautiful silk to me. "I hope you enjoy it, you made a good choice."

        "Thank you too Tanis." I said as I turned to leave. "Oh and one more thing lass, be careful in the streets, you know us Griffins are not the trusting type, unlike me, And every other member of my race you’ve met, but just be careful anyway." Tanis said warningly, his emerald green eyes resting on mine. "Thank you." I said flatly as I started to walk out. "G' day lass, take care." Returned the Griffin as I disappeared into the streets. I walked around the market aimlessly for a while, before stopping at a few other shops and brought more healing herbs, then noted the time and decided to head back to The Griffin's Vineyard.

Johnel: Yes go get some wine and murder you child even quicker.

        The Griffin's Vineyard stood shimmering against the midday sun. Its marble roof sparkled with a gold tinge as the sun's rays hit it just right. Its windows shone like crystal as patches as the low beams of the golden orange rays washed threw them, causing shadows to dance along the windowpane. As I stepped inside, I noted the fully bustling common room with burly Griffins of all colors talking in meaningless dribble as they drown they're woes in their ale. Then the innkeeper quickly noticed me and eyed me in a way to tell me to come over. "M' lady your husband has been looking for you." "He said for me to tell you as soon as you came back to meet him out back by the stables." "He also said it was important that you do so hastily."  Walking up to her I cracked a small smile. "Thank you ma'am." "I will go there quickly now."

        With haste I went to the back of the stables and found Link saddling his stallion.


Johnel: I think you are giving into madness a little too much Link.


 When he noticed me, he called me over to him. "Where have you been Jenna?" "We're going to be late for our meeting with the Griffin Council." Link said urgently as he walked over to me and placed a gentle hand upon my shoulder. "Sorry my love, but I got caught up trying to buy some silk." I watched as Link's gaze shifted to the silk in my hand. "Let me see that Jenna." Link said. I handed him the silk and his eyes widened. "This is very beautiful silk honey, where did you get it?" "I found it at a shop and got it real cheap, only twenty rupees." I replied. "Oh Goddesses love…you must have gotten a deal." "Usually silk costs more then that, special silk of this type."

Johnel: From a place you have never been and as such don’t know the true value of.

"But anyway, when we get home we'll have to have a dress made out of it for you." "That type matches your skin and I know it will look beautiful on you." Link said with a broad grin, his eyes twinkling with a certain desire.


       I went into his arms and slowly placed my lips close to his. "Hmm…I know what your thinking about my love, it shows in your eyes." "But regretfully it will have to wait until we return home."

Johnel: Hooray for no sex scene!

 I said softly at his lips, then inclined to them, tasting the spices still left on them from the ale he drank the night before. Then Links' look of desire changed into a serious one. "Dear wife, we must now make our way to the Tower and see the Griffin Council." "We cannot be rude by being late." I pulled out of his gentle embrace and walked over to my mare. Taking the silk, I gently placed it in to my saddlebags, then saddled my horse for riding. After both horses were saddled, we mounted and readied to leave for the Tower of the Elders.

        With one last glance at each other, I followed Link out of the stables and onto the marble road. We made our way down roads of twist and turns, weaving in and around the Griffins in the streets. Younglings


played in the streets, chasing each other as they played various children's games, while young females pulled carts filled with flowers or vegetables. The marble paved streets glistened under the sun's rays while our horse's hooves made a clicking sound on them as we rode. We were greeted by glances and hard stares as we neared the Tower, some even whispered slurs of exasperated comments to why there were humans in their city.

Johnel: So that is where the mistrust was hiding. In throw away lines and unnamed characters.

 But we continued on and rode up to the Tower's front gate. Two Griffin guards holding spears in their talons, exchanged surprised glances before their skeptical stares rested upon us.

       "What business do you have at the Tower of Elders humans?" One of the Guards said slurred. "Where here to see Lord Dalamar, he has sent word the Griffin Council whishes to speak with us." Link said calmly. The two Guards exchanged glances again, their expressions growing even more skeptical. "What would the High Lord of the Griffin Council what to do with a human?" The guard retorted, again in a slurred voice. Link pushed his horse closer causing the guards to put their spears in an "x" across the gate, blocking his entry. He looked at them irritably, his patience growing thin. "Look, just send for Lord Dalamar and he will tell you himself." Link scowled, his hands tightening on the reins. One of the Griffin Guards took his spear and placed the tip just inches from Link's chest. "I don't know what type of devious plot your planning here human,


 but if you two don't get lost……" The guard was cut off by a loud booming voice.

       "What the hell do you two think your doing?!"

Johnel: *As a guard* Our job Lord Jackass!

Dalamar yelled as he appeared in the courtyard just beyond the gates. "Lord Dalamar sir," The Guards turned shocked and saluted. "We didn't know you were there." "By the fires of hell you didn't know I was there, because you're goofing off that's why." Dalamar said angrily. "Now why haven't you allowed my guests in?"

       "Dalamar sir…." The guard started. "Yes you heard me right," Dalamar walked closer to the guards until he was practically breathing on them. "Open those damned gates and allow them in, now!" Dalamar snapped, his eyes glimmering with anger. "Yes…yes sir." The guard said as he fumbled to get the gates open. Pulling the immense brass gates aside Link and I rode past them and joined Dalamar on the other side. "Sorry my friends for all of that. I didn't mean for….. people to not automatically claim you superior and listen to your every word."

 Link cut him off abruptly. "No worry my friend, we're just glad that you came along." Dalamar scuffed a laugh. "Well those guards are just young and na├»ve." "Getting good help in the armed services is not easy these days." But anyway my friends, dismount, I will have the stable hands take the horses to the stables." "We must make haste, the Council awaits your arrival." Link and I dismounted, then followed Dalamar inside the Tower.

Johnel: Well that’s done. *Stands up* Hey voice getting bored here how much of this fic is left?

*The screen goes on this time the figure being covered in red and green glass balls on top of their horrid attire*

???: Doesn’t matter for next you must meet a festive engagement fool.

Johnel: Is that one of the two things from before?

???: NO!

Johnel: Isn’t that contrived to just add that in and why are you covered in balls?


*The screen goes off*

Johnel: *Sits down* So the waiting game begins again.

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solar penguin said...

I closed my eyes and drifted into another world--a world of unicorns and small creatures who lifted me up and ran away with me…..

And then when I woke up I told everyone in Hyrule all about my dreams that other world and kept on telling them no matter how boring it got, because those dreams were My Inner Inner Life, uh, My Innermost Life, or something.

(And being serious for a moment, the whole "getting drunk and having-dreams-within-dreams" bit was probably LQ's subconscious rationalising the fact that her lucid dream temporarily lost its lucidity.)