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A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 15: Faas Ru Maar!

Johnel: You know I’m worried for today we get to see the author try and have some semblance of an adventure. So yeah no one else has shown up so I’ll just do it solo for now.

 A New Friend

         A few months later, Link and I were at Lake Hylia with our son and fairies on a family picnic, when the most amazing thing happened. I have always remembered stories being told me by my parents about a noble race of creatures called Griffins.

Johnel: The fuck now? Okay maybe it is just me but I’m pretty sure there are now Griffins in Zelda. I’m also pretty sure the author was not at loss for creatures in this universe so why did she have to make it Griffins?

 It was told to me that these wise and noble creatures

Johnel: Because you know they have to be a Species-Sue.

 live in the (12)Black Mountains

Johnel: It is just what you heard above.

 just north of (13)Dragonmount,

Johnel: This on the other hand is some statue, pillar, sculpted thing that was supposedly unearthed after Dragon on Griffin war. Once again the story is making me wish it was something else.

which was a day's ride from Hyrule. I had never thought I would have ever met one of these noble creatures until now……..

Johnel: And then Jenna was the Griffins.

        Link and I had just unrolled the blanket for us to sit on while Lilly, Navi and Aria were playing with our son,

Johnel: They are going to teach him how to play rape the mind.

when Link's ears twitched from a sudden noise. "Jenna……did you hear that?" Link asked his ears twitching. "Hear what my love?" I returned, giving him a sideways look. "I hear nothing." His ears twitched again. "You don't hear that noise honey?" "It sounds like something is whimpering." Link said again, his eyes scanning over the land on the other side of the lake. "I have no idea what you're hearing love, I still hear nothing." "I forget that you're not part Elvin,

Johnel: There are no fucking Elves in Hyrule!

 you're full human, that's probably why you don't hear it." "Half human, half Elvin people have stronger hearing then full humans." Link said quizzically,

Johnel: As if amazed by his own bullshit.

his eyes still scanning for the source of the faint noise.

        "You never cease to amaze me Link , but you're probably right." "Do you have any idea where it's coming from?" I returned, my eyes watching him. He shook his head in response. "Not a clue, there's so many other noises mixed in with it that I cannot tell." Raising my head up, I sniffed the air, searching for a distinctive scent.

Johnel: Because you know we normal humans can smell like fucking bloodhounds.

I scanned the air, searched for something out of the ordinary, when a bitter scent of blood and sulfur hit my nose causing it to wrinkle in distaste. "Link…..I think I picked up something." "I smell a mixture of sulfur and blood coming from somewhere across the lake."

Johnel: Smelling sulfur across a lake?


 I said as a worried look crossed Link's lean face. "I think something is wounded over there."

       "Sulfur and blood?" "The only place I know of where sulfur is, is in the Black Mountains to the north of Dragonmount." "But what could be causing sulfur to mix with blood?" "And how would sulfur get this far south?"

Johnel: See even the fic agrees with me on the stupidity.

Link's gaze returned to the other side of the lake. "I think we should send the fairies to go check it out." "I agree, they have better sight and smell then we do." I think they will have better luck in finding out where the sounds and smell is coming from." I returned, my body shaking slightly from an uneasy feeling. "Lilly, Navi, Aria come quickly, its of great importance." Link called, his voice expressing urgency. I watched as the three small hovering lights came floating over to us, their glowing aura's flickering with wonderment. "What's wrong Link, did something bad happen?" Navi asked. "We need you Lilly and Aria to check out something on the other side of the lake."

        "What is wrong over there?" "Did you hear wolfos or something?" Aria asked worried.

Johnel: Why would they even be in this part of Hyrule.
 "No it's not that, but I heard something that sounds like whimpering and Jenna smells blood mixed with sulfur coming from the other side of the lake." Link said his blue eyes filled with concern.

"Sulfur…..what….oh by the goddesses the only place where sulfur comes from is in the Black Mountains?!"


 Lilly returned her face twisting with shock. "How in the hell would sulfur have gotten this far south?"

Johnel:  For sulfur only comes from the Black Mountains which are north of Dragonmount, which exist in the land of Hyrule, which Link is the hero of, which also has fairies, and which sulfur only is from the Black Mountains north of Dragonmount.

Aria questioned her blue aura, dimming slightly. "That's what we want to find out." Link returned. "I understand." "We will leave now." Navi said as she Lilly and Aria started to make their way across the lake. "Please be careful!" I yelled just before they got halfway across.

Johnel: A bomb bag expansion on a fish jumping out of the lake and eating them.

        Link and I watched as they reached the other side and their glowing auras disappeared inside the thick foliage lining the bank. We sat and anxiously waited for their return. Minutes passed into what seemed like an eternity as they still did not return. Link and I started to grow worried, the minutes turning into long amounts of time.

Johnel: *As Jenna* Wish I knew what I those were but I never did get too much schooling. Dad said when you have a pretty mouth you don’t have to go to no education system.

Then just as we agreed to go after them, I saw a small light emerge from the bank of trees just a short way from where they entered. I grabbed the sleeve of Link's green tunic and showed him the small light hovering over the bank. We started to worry as we only saw one light. Getting more worried with each passing minute, Link was getting ready to jump into the lake and swim across when two more small lights emerged from the trees and joined the one waiting by the bank.

         Breathing a sigh of relief, we watched as the three small fairies made their way back across and joined us on the other side. With a look of distress, all three fairies turned a shade of bright yellow.

Johnel: So they are Z-targeting Jenna for what is at the other side of the lake?

"Link you and Jenna must hurry!" Navi cried, as she spun in a circle. "You will not believe this, but there's a wounded Griffin over there hiding among the trees."

Johnel: You know for Link hasn’t seen some weird shit in his days.

Link and I exchanged shocked glances. "A Griffin!?" We said in unison. "What in the hell would a Griffin be doing this far south?" I asked puzzled. "I thought that they only lived in the Black Mountains."

Johnel: Which is the only place with sulfur and north of Dragonmount.

 "I never heard of one venturing too far away from the Black Mountains unless they had a passenger with a request to go some where."

Johnel: Wait wasn’t that some kind of mechanic in World of Warcraft?

 "And it's not even that, the Griffins don't just trust anyone." Link added, his puzzled look making his blue eyes look dull.

        "Whatever may be its reason, we must hurry, the creature is wounded badly, and it needs our immediate attention." Aria added with urgency in her voice.

Johnel:*As Aria* For as a part of the glorious race of superior fairies! Led by the glorious Great Fairy! I cannot give my energy to heal someone like a common peasant.

"Well then we must make haste." "Aria, please stay here with Link Jr."

Johnel: You know for if he crawls into the lake or something I’m sure the fairy can pull him out.

"Lilly, Navi, please show us the way." I said as I made my way down to the bank and into the water. I listened as Link joined me and we both swam with great hast to the other side. Rising out of the water and onto the bank, I stood up and rung out my saturated dress as Link made his way up and beside me.

Johnel: I know time might be of the essence but was that necessary?

Then Lilly and Navi joined us, their aura's flickering with worry. "This way follow us!" Navi yelled as her and Lilly disappeared into the thickness of the trees. Following, we entered the thicket and made our way into a small clearing, where we saw a sight we never thought we'd see. There lying on the ground was a Hugh


 white Griffin with black tips on its wings and light yellow bird like claws on its front legs. Beautiful intricate jewelry hung from its tufted ears and from its neck indicating it must be of high rank.

Johnel: If they have a form of caste system. Also even so the higher ranking ones could have armor or nothing but battle scars and slaves wear the jewelry to look pretty. In other words shut up you idiot.

 My mouth just hung open as I watched its crystal blue eye staring us over.

         Slowly it lifted its head and its sharp beak opened. "Who are you?"


The Griffin asked in a raspy voice. I exchanged glances with Link before he moved forward. "I just might ask you the same, but the names Link and this is my wife Jenna." "And those two fairies over there are Lilly and Navi." Link said with a hint of caution. We watched as the Griffin's crystal blue eye continued to stare at us, its gaze full of caution and questioning. "The names Dalamar."

Johnel: Sounds like a sandwich shop.

The creature returned, its beak pointed directly at us. I watched as the Griffin struggled to get onto its feet, but without any success and crashed back to the ground. "You shouldn't try to move, you're still too wounded." I advised him. "Were here to help."

Johnel: You know after she rapes your mind so you want to give her all your stuff.

I walked over to him and looked at the Hugh


 gashes on his legs and wings. Reaching into the pouch I had attached to my waist, I pulled out a healing ointment and started applying it to his wounds.

        "Now this is going to sting a little." I said as I applied the ointment. "Why are you helping me?" Dalamar questioned, his eyes watching me. Without an answer to his question,

Johnel: Can’t let the victims know what is happening before you assume control.

I continued to apply the ointment to his wounds, then dressed them. After I applied the final dressing, I looked into his cautious eyes. "There, all done." "Do you think you can walk?" I asked. "What are we going to do with him?" "They don't just trust anyone." Link inquired, his eyes filled with worry. "We just cannot just leave him here." "I think that it's wise if we try to help him get back to the Black Mountains." I said as I walked over to Link and looked into his eyes. "I'm not the type of person to just leave something that's wounded behind." "I've always been a compassionate person."

Johnel: Which you know we the reader have to be told instead of it being such a well written part of her character thousands of fucking words in that it can be unsaid.

 Link's eyes twinkled as he stared down into mine, his expression softening. "That's just one of the reasons why I married you my love." "I agree with you, we should help him." "But first I think that we will have to gain his trust, or he might not allow us to help him."

Johnel: You mean like how he just lied there and didn’t lash out when she applied healing items that apparently sting. Yes Dalamar, he also willing gives his name, is truly untrusting of all creatures.

 Link returned. Nodding in agreement, I walked back over to Dalamar.

*Before more snarking can continue a hole appears on the celling and Link falls through*

Johnel: Oh there you are. I was wondering why you hadn’t shown up.


Johnel: Let me guess the staff was chasing you again.


Johnel: I’ve got to get less pretty boys working with me.

        "Again, do you think you can get up?" I questioned the Griffin. "His crystal


eyes stared into mine for a moment, then he spoke. "I just may be able to, but as I asked before, why are you helping me?" Dalamar questioned me again. My expression softened and a small compassionate smile crossed my face. "Because we are friends,



and I cannot just leave you here in the state that your in." Dalamar just stared at me with a cautious and puzzled look, his tufted ears twitching with concern. "Perhaps you may be here to help me, but as anyone should know that the trust of a Griffin is not so easily gained." Dalamar returned as he slowly rose to his feet. Smiling I looked directly into his eyes once more. "Don't worry my friend, that should not be such a hard task for us to do."


 Turning my back I walked back beside Link and we gestured for Lilly and Navi to help guide Dalamar out of the thicket and back to Lake Hylia.

        We slowly made our way across the water and joined Aria with our son on the other side.

Johnel: Did you just drag someone who is wounded through a body of water? Yes that will definitely not cause an infection.

Immediately Aria jumped up and flew over to me. "Oh by the Goddesses, I see that you managed to get the creature here." Lilly inquired as she floated in a circle in front to me. Nodding I looked into her small eyes. "Yep, but we must get him back to the Castle." "How did little Link do while we were away?" I watched as Aria's aura grew brighter. "Just fine, he's over by the horses playing in the flowers."

Johnel: Yes leave him unsupervised around something that would crush his skull with one accidental boot to the head.

 Aria returned as she flew over to him. Looking back over to Link, my smile faded. "We must hurry to the Castle love." "We must inform Princess Zelda of Dalamar."

        Walking over to our horses, I called for our fairies to help guide Dalamar, while I secured Link Jr. into the saddle. Then Link and I mounted our horses and headed towards the Castle.

        We had to take it easy since Dalamar could not move very fast due to his injuries, but after some time and a lot of determination we made it to the Castle Gates. We made our way across the wooden bridge and into the bustling market. As we crossed the Market, I heard the shocked gasps and uttered whispers of the Hylian people as the caught sight of the magnificent Griffin

Johnel: You know the bleeding Griffin that had any dressing to its wounds ruined by being dragged across a lake.


that followed behind us. "Look it's a Griffin. " "By the goddesses a Griffin has showed up in Hyrule." "What is one doing this far south?" Were just some of the uttered words said by the shocked people of Hyrule. We made our way threw the Market and down the path that led to Hyrule Castle. When we stopped at the first gate, Palin

Johnel: The other guy must have been killed in the war.

another guard I was also friends with stood still like petrified rock as the pure shock of the Griffin sent him nearly ghost white. "Oh by the Goddesses…'s a Griffin!" He cried, his eyes wide as saucers. "Where in (14)Gaia


Johnel: Apparently the name of your planet.


 did he come from?" "I thought the Griffins only lived in the Black Mountains?" "We must see the Princess, and fast." Link added his words ushering urgency. "At…at once my Lord." Palin stammered as he opened the gate and allowed us to pass.

       By the time we reached the second gate, word had already spread about Dalamar's presence in Hyrule. There at the gates to Hyrule Castle was Princess Zelda and Impa awaiting our arrival. Her deep blue eyes turned a shade of gray when she set them upon the massive white Griffin. "By the Goddesses, in all my days I never thought I'd ever see one of the magnificent noble Griffins."

Johnel: You know it seems odd that Griffins don’t trust anyone when so far the humanoid races give them every compliment in the books.

 "You honor us with your presence, oh noble Griffin." Zelda said as she bowed to Dalamar.


 He looked at her, his gaze softening upon the look of Zelda's rosy face. He lowered his head, his crystal blue eyes staring down into hers. "Princess Zelda I presume?" Dalamar said, his nostrils flaring. With a look of shock, Zelda gasped at Dalamar's knowledge of her name. "Yes Princess I know all about you." "The story of Gannondorf taking over Hyrule has spread to many lands, including to the Black Mountains."

Johnel: Wonder why he never tried to use them as shock troops in this universe.

"Then my hunch was right, the one in the green who accompanied us here, is Link the "Hero of Time." I watched as Link gasped his eyes growing big.  "I know all about your great feats Link "Hero of Time."

       We all just stood there unable to move. The sudden knowledge that Dalamar possessed had us all frozen in time. I could not believe of all the knowledge the snowy white Griffin possessed.

Johnel: Yeah it isn’t like the King called every fucker in the land away from work just to say your vagina spewed out the Hero’s hellspawn. No tell me how the anything relating to the Hero of fucking Time is a big secret.

But it was often said that those noble creatures never left anything unseen. "Please excuse my sudden burst of words without a proper introduction." "My name is Dalamar, High Lord of the Griffin Council."

Johnel: Okay so he is a political leader unless…


The Griffin returned, bowing his head down in front of Zelda. Coming out of her state of shock, her gaze returned to the High Lord's face. "Well then." "Welcome, Dalamar, Lord of the Griffin Council." Zelda said manor fully. "Well my Lord shall we reside to the Palace Garden?" Zelda asked.

Johnel: I think this story loves having Zelda be beneath everyone else. Next thing you know she is going to be calling my parents Boston Terrier Master.

 With a smile Dalamar bowed his head in response.

       After we resided to the Garden, Zelda ordered the servants to bring refreshments and  change Dalamar's dressings. Then the one question that was on everyone's mind was finally spoken. "So tell me my Lord, how did you come to Hyrule?" "If I understand correctly, Griffins usually don't venture to far away from the Black Mountains." Zelda questioned as she took a sip of her herbal tea. "You have understood correctly, Princess, but I came to Hyrule under unfortunate circumstances." Dalamar returned as he picked up his cup in his claws and raised it to his beaked mouth. Taking a sip, he sat the cup back down and his crystal eyes faltered. "You see m' lady I came her not by choice, we Griffins are hardened on how far from the Black Mountains we can venture." "Even as peaceful a race we Griffins are, we still have many enemies." "And once such enemy of the Griffins are the (15)Draconians."


Johnel: Just some generic dragon riding bad guys. Hells just think of them like those other guys in Ultima 9. Quality is about the same.

 Dalamar said nonchalantly, his crystal blue eyes staring down into his cup. "We have been at war with the Draconians for centuries." "These evil people have captured and tamed the wild dragons from the poison lands, training these gigantic lizards into doing their bidding." "These dragons were once an isolated, quite species, until they came, the dark nights under the follow of the (16)Dark Lord Ariakas of the Shadow Realm."


Johnel: Our villain apparently. I think he has some connection to that old war thing but I’m really not giving as much of a fuck about the footnotes anymore.

"They rampaged and conquered the poison lands, capturing the dragons and training them under the rule of Darkness." "Now these evil knights under Ariakas evil rule, are hell bent on total annihilation of all who oppose them."

        Dalamar looked solemnly around the garden, haunting memories filling into his mind. His wings folded in distress as he continued. "Their first place of conquest was our home on the Black Mountains." "When we opposed them, that thrust our people into long centuries of war against the Lord of the Shadow Realm."

Johnel: You know I never got the whole centuries at war thing some fiction likes to do. I mean did both sides have such a fucking large populations and fast rate of spewing out babies that neither has just run out of people to send into battle. Hell why haven’t their national resources been completely eradicated by this?

 "Now we, once a peaceful people, are fighting everyday of our lives in a desperate attempt to keep from falling under Lord Ariakas dark control." Dalamar's gaze shifted skyward, his claws gripping into the ground beneath him. "One day word came in from our air patrol that a group of Draconians on dragonback were camping near Dragonmount." "After the council made a decision that I would be the one to check out the inquiry, I made hast and left on the moment of the wing."


"Upon my arrival at Dragonmount, I was ambushed by a Draconian on a red dragon." "After a long fight in the air, I was struck and wounded by the dragon's powerful claws and acid breath."

Johnel: For you know dragons are mostly Poison type.

 "In my attempt to escape, I was perused by the dragon until I lost them in Death Canyon just west of here." "Then I continued to fly south until I was unable to go any further and I crashed down in a thicket of trees by the lake you must call Lake Hylia." "I must have been there for two or three days before your hero Link and his wife found me." Dalamar's head slouched, his beak touching the feathers on his neck.

        "I fear that Lord Ariakas is planning to invade the Black Mountains and seize control over my people."


 " That is why I must return to the Black Mountains as soon as I'm able to fly." Dalamar said, his tufted ears flattening against his head. Zelda's deep blue eyes stared into Dalamar's faltered eyes. "Don't worry m' Lord, I will send Link along with you on you're journey back to the Black Mountains." "I think you should stay here the night." "It wouldn't be wise to travel until sunrise." "But one thing is worrying me now, is this Ariakas, planning to invade Hyrule?" Zelda questioned the Griffin with fear in her voice. "Honestly m' lady, I couldn't tell you." "For as much as I can tell you, it seems that the Dark Knights have remained solely to the north, but with as much twisted desire Ariakas has I wouldn't be too surprised if he does plan on spreading his control past the (17)Black Desert."

Johnel: Don’t care about footnotes. Also of course he wants to conquer Hyrule dudes sounds like the most one note villain in history.

        Zelda's fearful look was cast upon me, her blue eyes turning a dull gray.


At that moment I knew that if this Dark Lord from the Shadow Realm was indeed planning a dark invasion of Hyrule, I was going to be the sole protector since of my role as part of the ancient Silverlite race. I was an elemental user, one that welds the great power of the forces of nature, and in that I was the strongest protector Hyrule had.


I could tell that within Zelda's eyes, she was counting on me if such an invasion should happen. But one thing worried me, if such an invasion happened in the near future, would I really be of any use since I was still expecting? At that point I was six months pregnant and not too sure what the effects of welding the great power over the elements would have on Link's unborn child.

Johnel: Kid could end up super powerful like Franklin Richards I guess.

        Lots of questions danced threw my mind that night as Link and Dalamar prepared for their departure upon sunrise. As Link prepared his saddlebags I went over to him and gave him a worried look. "I'm coming with you no matter what decision you make!" I spat, my face twisting into a scowl.

Johnel: Wow you suddenly went from zero to bitch in two seconds.

 "I remember when you tried to deny me accompanying you to the Water Temple." "If I recall, you just might have ended up a permanent prisoner of Dark Link had I not gone with you." Link's eyes turned a sudden shade of red


as he spoke in an agitated tone. "Listen Jenna you don't understand, you're carrying our unborn child, and I think that this time it will be too dangerous for you to come as pregnant as you are."

Johnel: Dudes got a point probably shouldn’t fight dragon riders pregnant.

 "When you accompanied me to the Water Temple, you sure as hell wasn't expecting." Link went pale-the pain of the memory when he found me near dead on the ground in the Temple wrenched his heart. I was able to feel his mind wrenching of all kinds of fears of him loosing me or his unborn child, but even in light of his overgrowing fears I was not about to let that stop me from accompanying him along on this journey.


Johnel: Wonder if this careless disregard for Link’s feelings means I should start calling him Leo.

       "Link my undying love, I understand your fears and concerns, but I think I'm well enough to be able to protect myself." "Or did you soon forget that I am a descent of the great Silverlite race?" "Remember I am an elemental user." I returned nonchalantly.

Johnel: Yeah so is Link with Din’s Fire. This isn’t an issue of powers so unless you baby is going to use magic to make you invincible from the womb You are six months pregnant and would just be a burden to this journey you selfish bitch of a magic user!

Link returned a cold icy stare, the blue draining from his eyes and being replace by a dull stormy gray.

Johnel: What is with the eye color here? What does it mean?


Johnel: Eh maybe.

"Jenna listen this time I'm making the decision for you." "You are six months pregnant and because of that I cannot allow you to go." "So just put the damn notion of going out of your mind." Link spat, his cold hands gripping my shoulders. With an angry growl, I pushed Link's hands off of me as my eyes filled up with anger. "Damnit… the Goddesses Link I coming with you!" "I WILL NOT sit back and let you go on this journey without my aid." "I don't care if you're worried about me, Damnit Link I'm worried about you!" I retorted stubbornly, my hands clenching into fists. Then my eyes lowered as my gaze slowly softened. "Link listen I care for you, you're my whole world, and I know that I mean the same to you but, I feel that as a mated pair, there are just some things that one of us cannot do alone." "Isn't our love based on faith and trust?" "Aren't we connected together in every aspect of our being?" I walked over to Link and into his warm arms, my eyes locking with his. "Link my love, you're just going to have to trust me." "That is one part of what our love is all about."
Johnel: No… No he is right and you should just
Shut the fuck up and stop being so goddamn self-centered that it might kill your fucking baby just because you think it is un fucking fair hubby is going on a journey without you! Dude survived a fucking war apparently with no scars of the physical or emotional kind he will be fine so sit you bitch ass down and think about others for once!
        Link's hard gaze suddenly softened, his gentle arms holding me close. "Jenna my life, I do trust you and I have always had faith in your abilities, I'm just concerned for the well-being of you and our unborn child." "I just cannot stand the thought of loosing either of you." "I still think it would be wise if you stay here." I quickly placed a finger gently on his lips. "I'm still going." I returned softly. "Well I guess once your mind is made up"-Link chuckled softly-"I'm not going to be able to change your decision." I nodded in return. "Sigh," "Women for ya, once they're minds are made up, there is no changing it."
Johnel: Oh this is all her this has nothing to do with gender author you sack of stupid

Johnel: Sorry I’ve just get really on edge with this.
 Link said sarcastically as he softly pressed his warm lips against mine.
        The night passed quickly, and the suns first rays were rising over the horizon as I was saddling my horse and making my final preparations for my departure with Link and Dalamar. After we all made the final preparations, Link and I mounted our horses and readied to depart. Dalamar emerged from the Castle and joined us at the front gate. I checked one last time to make sure my bow, quiver and Phoenix Circles were secure before turning my attention to the Griffin. Dalamar looked at us sternly, his wings flexing against the gentle blowing wind. "Are you ready my friends?" Dalamar questioned. "As ready as ever." Link returned as he eagerly waited to leave. I just nodded. "Well then, let us get moving." "We should try to reach the Black Mountains before sundown."
Johnel: You know for it wasn’t like just crossing from the forest to Castle Town took a day in game or anything.
         Turning my horse around I started to follow behind Link when Zelda called to us. "Please be careful." "May the Goddesses protect you on you're journey and provide you're safe return home." We looked back at Zelda one last time before moving out. "Thank you m' lady." "I appreciate all that you've done for me." Dalamar said, his gaze soft upon hers. "Don't worry about Link and I." "We'll be fine, I'm sure we will return home safely, just please take good care of our son." I added as a smile of reassurance crossed my face. "Now my friends we must move on." "Time is of the essence." Dalamar retorted. Nodding in agreement, I resumed following behind Link, leaving the sanctuary of Hyrule behind.
Johnel: Leaving Zelda to raise the child right in their absence. Well maybe I should say hellspawn... wow you think I'm being a bit harsh on a fictional baby Link?

Johnel: That works I guess.
        The sun was high up and the heat treacherous as we made our way across the vast Black Desert. We had been traveling for about four hours and I was already tired from sitting in my saddle. Thick sweat beaded my face as my parched mouth cried for water.
Johnel: Not even a day and she already regrets it. Serves her right.
I reached into my saddlebags and pulled out my waterskin.  Raising it to my dried lips, I took a long gulp before replacing the cap and returning it to my saddlebags. The heat was so unbearable that it was causing shapes of false objects to form in the desert sand. And even the heat wave that the desert was producing caused the images of Link and    Dalamar to look distant and warped. Though we pressed on, pushing our very horses to the limit, their mouths gaped open; their tongues dry from the hot desert air. The minutes that we spent in that damn desert of death seemed like hours when finally a miracle by the goddesses loomed just ahead. After what seemed like and endless push threw that treacherous desert, we finally came to the end and emerged near a vast rushing river.

        (18)"This is the Snake River." Dalamar said as his crystal eyes scanned the bank on the other side. "The river is too fast and deep to cross on foot." "We'll have to build a raft large enough to ferry the horses on." Scanning the area surrounding the river, I noticed a large thicket of trees just up river. "There's a large amount of foliage just a short way up river, we can use those trees to build a raft."

Johnel: Hey if the birdcat wants to be a dick and not tell them what they’ll need for this journey more power to him.
Walking up beside me, Dalamar scanned the way ahead. "I see no signs of any danger up that way, so lets get a move on."
        We pressed on up river and into the thick foliage. There we proceeded to make a makeshift raft, using vines found among the trees to hold it together. After we pushed it down to the bank, we loaded on the horses then Link and I went on followed by Dalamar.
        Taking a long pole made of wood, Link steered us along against the river's swift current, taking heed to watch for rocks lying wait under the river's whitecaps.

Slowly but surely we made our way across and onto the other side. From there we mounted and headed for Dragonmount.
       The sky was setting off tones of deep pink, and lavender, the sun starting to set as we neared Dragonmount. I watched in awe as the dragon shaped mountain appeared in the distance. Just then Dalamar turned and looked back at us. "We must make hast, the sun has already started to set." "This is a bad area to be in after nightfall." "We must press on at a faster pace." Dalamar said with worry. "But Dalamar the horses……." I started to say. "The horses what?" Dalamar cut in. "They need rest, look at them they're exhausted." "I'll have to agree with my wife Dalamar, the horses haven't had any rest since we left Hyrule." Link added.
Johnel: Actually how are they not dead?
        "The only problem is, Lord Ariakas's Knights patrol this area at night." "If we don't press on past Dragonmount, we might be found by the (19)Dark Knights, and trust me, you don't want to get captured by them." "They have been known to be ruthless and even as far as to kill in blood for glory."
Johnel: So most warriors in an equivalent time period of human history in comparison to the medieval stasis of Hyrule.
 Dalamar said shakily, his eye glaring over at us. "I've fought worse then that." "How can these Dark Knights amount up to what Gannondorf was?" Link said stoutly as he shifted in his saddle. "Listen hero, you don't understand these Dark Knights like I do." "My people have been fighting them for centuries, and trust me, they're more ruthless then you think they are."
        Just then I spotted something up ahead. "By the Goddesses what the hell is that up there?" I said as I pointed my finger skyward. Dalamar raised his head up then cried out.  "Draconians, we must get the hell out of here before we're spotted!" Dalamar screeched,
Johnel: Hey you know what makes it easier to get spotted? Screeching because I’m pretty fucking sure they would’ve heard that!

taking off full throttle. Booting my horse in the legs, the animal took off at full speed behind Link. We pushed on at a full gallop, winding around small boulders lining the dirt road. I lowered my head down till my chin was against the horse's tattered mane, the wind whipped the horse's mane against my face as we rode. Dragonmount slowly loomed over us as we came closer, eerie tendrils of black smoke swelled around it, making it look like an evil creature waiting to attack.

Johnel: I hope it does.
"Hurry…hurry, we must reach the safety of Dragonmount!" Dalamar cried again, his voice warped over the howling wind. We rode hard and fast, the hooves of our galloping horses kicked up dust and dirt behind them, as the shadows of the overhead creatures threatened to close in on us. The eerie screeching of the massive dragons rang threw my ears as they came closer, the beating of their massive leathery wings stirred up dust clouds around us.

        I looked up and saw that they were closing in on us, the dragon's Hugh


black talons were outstretched, its angry yellow eyes piercing deep into mine. "Dalamar we've been spotted, they're closing in on us!" I cried over the howling wind, my eyes wide with fear. "Hurry….we're almost there-Dalamar screeched-we must reach Dragonmount before they do!" I booted my horse again, forcing her to go as fast as possible, her eyes wide with fear as the death screeches of the dragons came closer. Dragonmount was just ahead, just a few feet further……we came upon it, the black swells of smoke rose around us as we moved to the base of the gigantic rock formation. Pulling my horse to a skidding stop, I dismounted and moved along side Link and Dalamar while guiding my horse by the reins.

        "There's a cave just big enough just on the other side." "We must hurry and take sanctuary inside it, before the Draconians come for us."

Johnel: You know for surely a person and a dragon could not fit into a cave at a place named after dragons.

Dalamar urged, his crystal blue eyes watching the black skies above. We slowly make our way around the small mountain under the cover of the thick smoke that wrapped around it, it's eeriness causing shivers to run down my spine. We listened as the dead silence was broken by the cries of dragons as they landed just meters from where we were hiding, causing the horses to buck and neigh, they're eyes wide with fear. "Keep those horses quiet, the dragons will hear them!" Dalamar growled.

Johnel: You know unlike your screeching.

Link and I quieted our horses with a few pats to the neck and words of reassurance. The dragons evil yellow eyes


 pierced the darkness as they're nostrils flared in searching for us. We just remained quiet, moving ever so slightly as we made our way to the other side. Just then Dalamar caught sight of what type of dragons were hunting us. "Oh by the Goddesses, those are blue dragons, the most dangerous of all dragons."


"They're eyes can see the slightest movements, as they can smell almost anything." "We must remain cautious, they're searching for us and if we move too fast they'll spot us for sure."

Johnel: You know because you don’t have a scent to worry about.

 Dalamar whispered as he forced his back up against the smooth surface of Dragonmount. As we moved, I watched as the two dragons piercing yellow eyes scanned the base of the mountain for us, they're jaws gapped open, exposing they're long fangs against the blackness.

       Just looking at those yellow eyes full of blood lust made my body quiver in fear, as they're long fangs looked as if they could tear a man in half. Then I noticed something move against the back of one of the dragons. As I narrowed my eyes, I was able to make out a figure in black armor, lined with skulls of death,


its helm shaped like a skull with horns as a dark blue cape whipped wildly around the figures shoulders. In the figure's hand was a long sword with the emblem of a (20)Black Lilly at the base of the blade. It's deadly surface reflected against the dim light of the moon. "Oh no by the goddesses, those must be the Dark Knights Dalamar told us about." I whispered to my self, eying the dark figure on the dragon's back. "If they are as deadly as Dalamar says, then we must escape at all costs." I pushed up closer against Link, taking his hand in mine and squeezed it tightly. "Don't worry my love, we'll be all right." Link reassured soothingly, his hand squeezing mine back.  "We won't be if we don't hurry, the cave's just up ahead." Dalamar retorted quietly, his beak brushing against the thick smoke.

Johnel: However that works.

        Just before we made it to the cave entrance, one of the dragons stepped out just a few feet from it, its yellow eyes staring directly down in the direction where we were hiding. Its nostrils flared as it sniffed the air, its mouth gaped wide, thick saliva dripping from its fangs. "Oh no by the fires of hell, I think they're on to us!" Dalamar cursed, the color draining from his eyes. "It must smell the horses!" "Horsemeat is a dragons favorite food!" "Then what the hell do you suppose we're going to do!?"


 Link growled, his face twisting into a scowl. "We have no choice but to break for it, hopefully we can out run them." Dalamar returned.  Though the thought of running straight into a dragons claws didn't make Dalamar rest any easier.

        Link and I mounted our horses

Johnel: Could you know just give them the horses and run.


Johnel: What? Sometimes you got to have to be a man who can solve practical problems.

and waited for Dalamar's signal. "On my signal take off and break left, hopefully we can get ahead of them before they notice we've left." "Now go!" Dalamar cried as he took off at full throttle, breaking just left of the dragon's right side. Booting my horse in the legs,

Johnel: Shattering them and leaving you both to be eaten.

the animal took off at full speed behind Link's stallion, following the same path Dalamar took. As we broke north towards the Black Mountains, I heard shouting from behind. "There they go, after them!" "They have a damned Griffin with them, we must capture it!" Came some of the cries as they noticed us running away. The sound of heavy beating wings filled the air as the massive blue dragons took flight, they're cries breaking the dead silence of the night. I hunched down against the horse's neck, its ragged mane whipping against my face as we pushed to reach the sanctuary of the Black Mountains.

        "Hurry, push faster, they're gaining on us!" Dalamar shouted. As I looked up, I saw one of the massive beasts closing in on us, its claws outstretched as it started dipping into a dive, its mouth gaped wide. "Oh my Goddesses….Link one of them is almost on top of us!" I screamed as I heard the massive beating wings just overhead. Then out of nowhere, the other blue dragon dropped down in front of us, its mouth open wide, as it blocked our path.

Johnel: Yes the deadliest of all dragons yet they have no breath attacks or any magic to speak of.


Johnel: They could just use Gol Hah Dov and tell them to stop resisting.

 The horses skidded to a halt, neighed and bucked, almost throwing Link and I off their backs. Then the other dragon landed behind us, its heavy beating wings kicking up dust and sand around it. "Holy shit were trapped!" Dalamar cried, his eyes turning a ghostly white. "How right you are, you will not escape the Dark Knights of Ariakas." Sneered

Johnel: Great the sneering is back.

 one of the figures looming on the dragon in front of us. "Surrender quietly, and we just might go easy on you." The other Knight sneered. I watched as Link pulled the Master Sword out of its sheath. "I will not surrender to the likes of you."

Johnel:*As dragons* Zun Haal Viik. Fass Ru Maar.


Link returned angrily, pointing it directly at the Knight in front of us. "Then prepare to die, all of you." The Knight sneered as he dismounted off the dragon in front of us, unsheathing his sword.

        I unfastened my Phoenix circles from my waist, and prepared for battle. I heard a clacking sound of weapons clashing behind me as I confronted the other one. "Dalamar, quickly run behind a rock to my right." "I will handle this one."

Johnel: For pregnant women is a better choice to fight than a mythological beast.

I yelled to the Griffin, my eyes resting on the Knight still on dragonback. I raised my weapons up in front of me and grinned. "Now dark beast, come and get me." Pulling the blue closer, I watched as the Dark Knight unsheathed his massive sword and pointed it directly at me. "Then die wench." The Knight returned angrily as the blue danced closer. I backed up, and faced the Knight head on, my weapons raised in defense. He pulled the blue even closer, the breath from its gaped mouth caused me to gag, its
deadly yellow eyes staring at me with blood lust. But I held my ground and slashed out with my weapons. The Phoenix Circles connected, ripping a gash along the beasts left nostril. Crimson red sputtered into the air, drenching my once pink dress. The blue roared in fury, its cry caused the blood in my ears to throb.

        The dragon moved in again, its deadly claws lashed out, catching my blood soaked dress, ripping it. I swung again with my weapons, only to be met with the clank of a sword against them. The Knight pushed his sword down against mine,

Johnel: You know if you had a sword.

 the tip nearing my throat. Pulling back suddenly, I thrust my weapons forward again, the round blades connecting with the Dark Knight's wrist, crimson seeping out from under his gauntlet hand. He screamed in fury, his sword glaring against the moonlight as he struck it down against my Phoenix Circles again, causing a shower of sparks to rain from the air. We sparred for a few minutes before the blue lashed its tail out, ramming it into my legs, causing me to go crashing to the ground. I staggered dizzily, trying to get up, only to be met by the tip of a sword in my face. I looked up and saw both blues with they're riders looming over me. Link had been captured and was tied up and hung over one of the dragon's back. Dalamar no where in sight.


 "Where's the Griffin?" One of the dragon riders asked. Silence. "Answer me wench!" He yelled, swiping the sword across my cheek causing small rivers of blood to seep from it. "I will never tell you, you dark bastards!" I sneered as I did a sudden roll and moved to the left, just before one of the dragon's mouth struck.

       I ran a few meters into a nearby canyon, then backed up against the stone wall, and watched as the two blues closed in on me, they're riders, raising spears ready to strike. At that moment I took the opportunity to strike. Raising my hands into the air, I proceeded to call upon the elements. "Kamas mu matar!"

Johnel: *As dragons* Feim Zii Gron!

I cried skyward as my hands begun to glow a bright red, fire flaming on the tips of my fingers. With a sudden flash, the moon turned a blood red as fire shot down from the sky, striking down on the blues in a raging fury, causing them to scream in pain as the hellish blaze singed their scaled skin.

Johnel: I call hax!

        With the distraction in place, I took the opportunity again to make my final strike.  "Dalamar now!" "Grab Link off that damned beast's back." I screamed, as I held the dragons back behind a wall of fire. With a loud cry, the Snowy white Griffin took flight from behind a nearby boulder and rose skyward. His wings beating heavily as he dipped in his flight, diving just above the blues back, grabbing Link in his talons. Rising swiftly back in the air Dalamar moved out of range allowing me to make my final attack. I focused my mind and called upon the ancient powers of the Silverlites. I focused all my energy and concentrated it into one energy attack, then unleashed it, sending it down upon them in a massive explosion, thrusting the blues and they're riders back into the pits of hell.

Johnel: Wait she can just send people to hell? Though if they are, as the premise stated, parts of a lucid dream she has that is now a digital construct what hell do they go to?


        After the smoke cleared, I found Dalamar had crash-landed about twenty meters from where the dragons once stood. I ran over to him as the Griffin slowly opened his crystal blue eyes halfway. "Did you do it my friend?" Nodding, tears began to well up in my eyes as I watched his falter. "Dalamar…don't you dare leave me!" I cried as my hands grabbed down on the feathers around his neck. "I'm fine, m' lady, just…tired." Dalamar replied his voice raspy and stuttered. "Where's Link Dalamar, what did you do with him!?" I cried again, yanking on his white feathers. "Calm down lass, he's right here next to me on my other side, he's fine but unconscious." Dalamar whispered just before unconsciousness clamed him as well.

Johnel: Leaving them to be eaten by dragons. Still I'm going to go take a break see you later..


Link: ....



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