Monday, September 9, 2013

Riffer Guy Part 4: Steal the car, Skin the cat, Slide in the backdoor dry

Really this is just clean up until more meaty strips get back. Still I might have talking points in there somewhere. You know sometimes it feels funny. I think the awful like this gets always the bigger attention then the run of the mill like myself. Though I guess just on the hope I have someone interested in reading what I have to say I'll make this out to them.

Though first a little shout out to the lovely tag line this comic has when you google it. "We don't hate men, just assholes."


Well then let me be asshole and wear it with pride madam.

Ok seriously yeah breaking up around Christmas time is a bad move, I did worse in high school but that isn't here nor there, but seriously what the fuck did this person due for all the hatred?! I mean he steal your car, skin your cat, not use lube before going in the back door, or sleep with your mother?!

It has apparently been a year since then and see as there is no evidence that you had any kind of impactful relationship I have to say....

Though why does his speech bubble make it sound more like you were never a couple and he got tired of your shit?

On the art side that thing I mentioned last part with her chest is still going on. In the first panel it is done so poorly the right looks like twice the size of the left and in the second they are at different elevations. I mean I know it seems like I should harp on it less but this chick just keeps drawing attention to it. Hell it feels like every five strips she inflates them. In the second panel
she honestly looks like a wall that has a face and tits bolted onto it! That and in later strips she'll keep harping on about being stared at by men and stuff so it makes the way she draws herself feel like she secretly craves the attention.

Wow that is almost funny as this...

Wait no I think that was funnier.

What is wrong with your face?!?!
Also really with the deep cleavage shot?
Well at least they still don't have the hats in this one. Though that curved black line on the right sleeve of her outfit makes it look like there should be some sort of backwards hole in it. Also this is a stupidly unimpressive Happy New Year message. I mean there is not a single explosion...
I should fix that...
There we go much better. Join me in the next part.

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