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A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 3: Bow to the Chika to the Wow to the Wow

minuets the water was r   I returned to the inside of my wagon and prepared a hot bath.

Johnel: Hey it’s the third part and we have Link back say hi Link.


Johnel: Are you still mad about your innocence being shattered or Ganondorf being here?


I went to the mirror and brushed my hair while I waited for the water to heat up. After about five eady.

Johnel: While your spellcheck was obviously not.

As I slipped down into the warm water, it felt good against my sore muscles. I begun to relax and slowly let my thoughts drift. Link was the only thing on my mind. "He is sooo handsome."

Johnel: That is both superficial and makes you sound half  your age good job.

 I thought to myself. "That is the heroic man who became the "Legendary Hero of Time" and saved Hyrule from a life of darkness."


Though something tugged at the back of my mind. I remembered that I had wanted to marry one day.  And Link would be a good choice since he was my age, strong, smart, and handsome and would help make strong beautiful children.

Johnel: Skipping the more sexist content this makes me feel more like a farmer is looking at a cows and bulls while trying to guess which combination produces the best offspring to be made into hamburgers.

Yes indeed Link would make a good husband.

Johnel: You have just met the guy!

Then I took the soap and washed up. After I washed I got out of the tub and dried off.  I went to the wardrobe closet to pick out a dress for this evening's occasion. After some rummaging, I picked a low v cut white dress with lace that held the v together.

Johnel: For that is totally what you wear to a forest filled with children.

Gold embroidered Triforce symbols lined the bottom of the dress.

And the sleeves started from mid arm and ran all the way down my arm to my wrist. Next I picked a gold choker with the Triforce symbol for around my neck. And a gold Triforce ring for my finger.

Johnel: Take about your symbol spam.

 Then I had to do my hair. I braided my hair into a halo braid

Johnel: Does this halo braid kill aliens and not afraid of anything?

 and ran a beautiful silver lace through it. After that I went to the full-length mirror to look at myself. As I looked myself over, a knock came at the door.


         "Come!” I yelled. Appearing in the doorway was the man I had set my eyes on. His eyes grew big, as he looked me over. "You look beautiful tonight." Link said as he took my hand and kissed it.



 Then he led me out the door. There were two horses in front saddled for riding. One was a rust colored mare with a white main and tail with a black mussel. The other was one of my brown mares with a black main and tail. The one he had gotten was the one with the white star on her forehead. The one whom I named "Star Dancer."


Johnel: No we are still in the fanfic the horse is just special. Thank Primus too I’d like to avoid Cupcakes for as long as possible.

 He led me to my mare and helped me into the saddle. Then he mounted the other horse. Looking back at me his eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight. "Follow me, I will lead the way." Then he booted the horse in the legs

Johnel: How the fuck did he do that!


and took off at a slow gallop. I then followed. We rode to the south side of Hyrule field and came upon a long dark tunnel. "This way!" Link called. "Through here!" I watched as Link disappeared into the tunnel. Then I followed. At the other end we crossed a bridge and then into what seemed to be a village.

Johnel: I can’t believe they are even letting her in.

         Little people wearing green clothes that looked like kids

Johnel: She was then pelted with arrows for he had really led her into a Dalish ambush.


started to surround us when we stopped. "This is the Kokiri Village." "The place where I was raised." Link said as he dismounted. After I dismounted one of the kid like Kokiri took our horses to tend to them.

Johnel: Do they even know anything about horse care.

 As I walked around the village the child like people began watching me. They all seemed very curious to who I was. As I looked around at them I noticed that they had something floating around them. As I took a closer look I noticed that they looked like fairies from the fairy tales told to us in our village as kids. "Were these really fairies from the stories I heard as a child?"

Johnel: Hey Link ever find out what happened to Navi in the timeline where you lived?


 I thought to myself. Just then one of the Kokiri, a young girl approached me. "My name is Saria, what's yours?" The young girl asked. "My name is Jenna, it's a pleasure to meet you." I replied. "Are you the one that came with my friend Link for our Spring Night Festival?" Saria's eyes seemed to glow at that moment.

Johnel: Quick Saria use your sagey sage powers to smite the Sue!

 "Yes he invited me." I said as a smile crossed the Kokiri girl's face.   I could tell that she knew I had my eyes set on Link, though she remained silent about it.

Johnel: They can sense competition from a mile away.

There were male Kokiri as well. One in particular was one named Mido. He was the leader of the Kokiri and a dear friend of Saria and Link.


 He had a sense of humor but he yet remained stern and headstrong for he was their leader and was responsible for their lives. It was time for the feast,

Johnel:*Mimicking the Grinch*Then the Kokiri, young and old, will sit down to a feast. And they'll feast, and they'll feast. And they'll feast, feast, feast, feast! They'll feast on Kokiri pudding and rare Kokiri roast beast. Aw, roast beast is a feast I can't stand in the least!


Johnel: Fine I will for now.

 Saria gestured for me to join them at the feast table. She led me to the seat next to Link. As I sat down next to him she smiled and winked at me. "Did she plan this?" I asked myself, and then smiled. After a moment I looked over all of the food. There was a great abundance of food to eat. There was cooked pork in a rich chestnut cream sauce, beef stew, cooked turkey, all different kinds of cheeses, bread and butter, cooked vegetables and even many different kinds of fruit.

Johnel: Remember reader it is all a dream so the Mary Sue gets to eat whatever she wants. Even an illogical assortment of food.

 My mouth began to water as I combed over the food. After I served myself, I began to eat. As I was eating I could not help but notice that Link was watching me out of the corner of his eye.


         I could feel his stare. Though it was pleasant. Then our eyes met and a smile crossed his face. As I stared into his eyes they seemed to glow under the light of the moon. He even looked more handsome in the moonlight. And I told myself that I would be crazy to pass up a man like this. After everyone finished eating, all of the Kokiri got up and started to dance.



Some of the Kokiri even played instruments. As the music drifted in the air Link took my hand in his. "Would you care to dance?" I looked at him and smiled. "Yes, I'd love to." He led me to where everyone else was and we started to dance. We danced and drank long into the night.

Johnel: Okay I know the Kokiri are ageless but that just seems wrong for them to drink.

 And to show my appreciation I even did a solo dance.

Johnel: What did Girl!Zexion from the last fic teach you a striptease?


Then after I did my dance I went to sit down and rest. I was tired. Link came and sat down beside me. "You look real tired."

Johnel: Anyone page the redundant department of redundant redundancy on redundant street.

 "Are you ready to retire." Link said as he put his hand on my shoulder. I nodded yes and tried to get up and walk. But I was so tired and had too much to drink that I stumbled. Catching me in his arms, Link led me back to where I was sitting. "I think it would be wise if you stay here tonight." " I have plenty of room and I can escort you back to the castle in the morning." Link looked at me with a worried look and I decided to stay. And that is how we spent every night together, even up to the night when I finally shared his bed.

Johnel: Get your barf bags people it is going to be bad.

         I started to know within side myself that Link was the one I wanted to be with. Even more so on the night when I shared myself with him......

         It was a warm spring night and night had just arrived. Link and I were sharing the quiet sounds of the night together. I had been seeing Link for a little more then a month. The Spring Festival had come and gone and the warm weather was finally returning. All signs of winter were almost gone and my time in Hyrule was about to end for this year. In two weeks I would be leaving for the city of Tar Vera. Knowing this made me sad to go since I did not want to leave Link.

Johnel: Please leave we’d much rather see you destroy another place we’ve never heard of.

         I had finally found someone that I truly loved and I would have to leave him behind when it was time to leave.

Even Link was not happy after I told him that I would be leaving soon. When I told him his face went from happy to a depressed one.

Johnel: I think the grammar there just killed half my brain cells.

He wanted to be with me and he wanted me to stay in Hyrule with him. But I was going to spend every last minute I had left with him enjoying it. We had remained quiet for quite some time, then it was Link who broke the silence. "Jenna........ it has been a wonderful almost two months

Johnel: Wait it has only been a month she said make up your mind.

 with you......."I watched him as he stuttered to find his words. "Even as short as it was‚ I really enjoyed the time I've spent with you." "I wish you did not have to leave." "I do not think I will ever find another quite like you." Link said as a look of sadness appeared in his eyes. At that moment I was on the verge of tears. I was in love with him. I leaned over and softly placed my lips on his and kissed him tenderly.


 Then he looked deeply into my eyes and told me he loved me. With those words I began to cry. I had never felt this way before. Like the way he makes me feel when I'm with him.

        He gently took his hand and wiped away my tears. Then he put his hand underneath my chin and slowly lifted my head up until our eyes met. With his hand, he drew my face close to his, gently placed his lips on mine and kissed me softly. At that moment I took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. As our tongues met I started to feel his hands caressing my body. As he gently caressed my body, I let out small moans into his mouth.

Johnel: It begins.

Then he moved his lips to my neck, placing sweet nibbles on it as his hands trickled up my back to the clasp of my dress.

Johnel: You know this just doesn’t seem all that sexy.

 Little by little he slowly started to remove my dress and I felt my body quivering under the gentle caressing of his broad hands as he pulled the dress down off my legs and tossed it aside. Slowly he moved back to my lips and kissed me forcefully, his tongue begun probing my mouth. My tongue slowly met his, causing it to intertwine with his, tasting the sweetness of him. Then we broke off the kiss and I looked into his dark blue eyes as I reached up to remove the belt from around his waist.

 Johnel: You know the problem isn’t even that it is that horrific right now it is just that it is so damn generic a make out scene.

         Slowly I pulled off his belt letting it fall to the ground, then I slipped my hands under his tunic and swiftly removed it as his lips went to my breasts.

Johnel: How did you get it over his head if he had it currently smashed up against your chest?

 As his lips and tongue teased the nipples of my breasts, I felt new feelings swarm threw my body.

Johnel: You’d think the girl had never pleased herself before.

 My back arched and groans of pure pleasure escaped past my lips. Never had I felt such feelings before. Never had my body ever felt such pleasure.

Johnel: We know you’ve said it before.

Then Link slowly moved his lips down my body till he reached my navel. When he kissed it a giggle passed my lips. Then he looked up and we looked into each other's eyes as I reached up to his chest and placed my hands on the lace that held the collar together of his white under shirt.

Johnel: Wait something about the positioning seems a bit off.

His body started quivering as my hands worked across his chest while I removed his white undergarments. Then I yanked it off, exposing his beautiful heavenly naked body. A body of pure heaven.

Johnel: Guessing she has never seen the Old Spice Guy.



         Our lips met again as he gently pushed me down onto his bed, climbing on top of me. I begun to feel his heart beating in his chest

Johnel:*Frantically pointing* See the demon spawn is preparing to rip out his heart for a blood ritual!

 as his lips moved back to the nipples on my breasts. Soft moans of pleasure passed my lips as he nibbled gently on my nipples causing them to become erect. As he teased my nipples with his lips and tongue, I felt his handwork its way down my body.

Johnel: Finally we can get this over with and go throw up.

 First to my thighs, then between my legs. He gently brushed his hand across the lips of my mound and I groaned to tell him to continue. Slowly his fingers probed around the inside of my flower, sending strange new pleasurable feelings cursing threw my body.

Johnel: Probably isn’t that new for the author was most likely doing the same thing to herself while typing this.


 I moaned louder as his fingers caressed the inside of my mound, moving in a slow up and down motion. Then his fingers brushed against my clit, and I screamed out as a pulse of pure ecstasy raced threw me.

 I grabbed his hand and pulled it closer, telling him that I wanted more. Taking the hint, he teased me, as his hand brushed across my clit every few strokes. My body shuddered under his touch as my soft moans turned into cries of pleasure and pure ecstasy. As Link's fingers teased and caressed my mound, his fingers moved down until they brushed over the entrance. Slowly Link inserted a finger, slipping it into the wetness probing me inside, causing animal like cries to pass my lips.

Johnel: Honestly I’m wondering what will happen when the actual penetration occurs.


Johnel: Wishful thinking but unfortunately it will most likely not come to pass.

Then I arced my back and screamed in pure ecstasy as he begun to thrust his broad fingers deep inside my hot wetness. New feelings flooded threw my body, rushing to my head like a sugar high,

Johnel: I don’t think I ever heard someone link eating a bunch of candy to orgasm before.

 as his fingers pushed their way in and out of my sleek beautiful body. With each thrust, my legs shuddered sending momentary shocks to my lower organs. Then I arched my back, my body screaming in ecstasy as his movements became faster.  I reached up and dug my nails into his muscular back as the eternal bliss raced through my every vein.

Johnel: Seriously calm down this isn’t a realistic reaction.

         I began feeling jolts of pure hot passion surging through my lower organs , through my bones as I felt myself starting to climax. My back arced again and I grunted in cat like sounds


Johnel: Now that is what we call sexy not this horrible fic thing. Though we are being off topic so let's continue.

as he begun to thrust his fingers deeper, upping the movement. My hands felt his back become sweaty as I dug my nails in deeper.

Johnel: You feeling okay man? 
Then my slender body twisted as I came to full climax, and I screamed in ecstasy as my warm juices gushed down his hand. Falling back painting, I looked into his eternal blue eyes. " I want to make love to you." I whispered to him as he ate my body with his hungry stare.

Johnel: I almost wish something would devour her right now.

 "I've wanted to make love to you from the first day I met you." Link said as his hungry lips returned to my beautiful neck.

Johnel: Little egotist isn’t she?

          Then I bucked my head back and cat like sounds escaped passed my lips as he pressed his hot body down against mine. As I ran my nails down his sweaty back and I felt our hearts starting to beat faster as our bodies became hungry for each other.

      Suddenly strange new feelings begun to surge through me as our passions ignited. Then as he penetrated deep inside my sweaty body, the feeling rushed through me like a raging river, the feeling of.......... feeling like a women.


Johnel: Well Link finally snapped.

 Never had I felt this way before. I felt my body beginning to surge with strange new feelings as I let my virginity slip away.

Johnel: Honestly she has felt at least ten different new feelings so far. Also notice how she doesn’t feel pain from her hymen breaking. I mean yes the hymen can be broken without sexual penetration and in some cases just isn’t there but I doubt fanfic authors know that.

 As we made love I whispered in his ear that he made me feel like a women and to my surprise he said I made him feel like a man. We made love long into the night. For filing each other's hot desires and fantasies. And I thought to myself that this was one thing I did not want to miss. I wanted to drink in every part of him. And after it was over I could not wait to feel him again.

Johnel: Thank Primus that’s over.


         The next few days were depressing. Us knowing that I was leaving in less then two weeks made us depressed.

Johnel: No really?


 The nights were spent mostly quiet except for the occasional sigh. I was beginning to think I'd never be this happy again. Link made me feel special. He made me feel like a women. And he was my first.


Johnel: I’m starting to see what makes Dragmire so annoyed by your reincarnations.

 "Do I really have to leave?" I asked myself. But then I remembered that the places I travel to every year were counting on me so I had to go. Love or not.

Johnel: Are foreign economies really going to collapse because fancy fabric from the Lesbian Coast isn’t being delivered?

         It was the day before I was leaving. I was at the market place for the last time for this year. I was at my stand selling what I had left when I saw Link enter the market and headed for where I was. As I watched him I wondered if this was going to be the last time I was ever going to see him. I began to cry when he approached me. Taking his hand he gently wiped away my tears and told me not to cry. He looked deeply into my brown eyes and told me he had something to tell me. Then he got down on one knee and produced a small gold box. He opened it to reveal a gold diamond ring inside. With a loud gasp I clopped my hands over my mouth. Then he took my hand in his. "Will you marry me?" He asked with hope in his eyes as I started to cry again.


Johnel: The author will just crib stuff from Christian marriage procedure instead of being creative.

         "Oh my Goddesses......yes, yes I will!"  I said in between tears. He took my left hand and placed the ring on my finger. Then he got up, we embraced and started to kiss. Now I knew I did not have to leave. Hyrule was meant to be my home. We were destined to be together.

Johnel: So marriage somehow makes it so the implied economic woes no longer matter?

         Summer finally arrived and signs of spring were slowly fading. I was spending my days at Hyrule castle helping with the chores and making plans for my upcoming wedding. Link spent his days building a home in the Lost Woods for us to live in after we were married.

Johnel: What idiots would live in that cursed place. I mean Ganondorf wouldn’t  mind more Stalfos to command but you’d think they’d have looked into where they’d live.

         I was excited about our upcoming wedding. I was marring Link. I finally had the man I fell in love with. He was special to me. And he was building a home for us to live in. A home for us to raise our family in. Link told me he wanted to be a father and that most of all he wanted a son.


Johnel: This is starting to feel uncomfortably sexist.

We had talked about having children together. When I first started my traveling, I did not want children, but now that I was marring Link, I decided I wanted to have children with him. Having children by him would make them strong and beautiful, since Link was strong and beautiful himself.

Johnel: I’m really resisting the urge to go with Goodwin’s  Law right now.

         Even my friendship with Princess Zelda and her father grew stronger when we told them about our engagement and that we were going to have children. Since Zelda was not betrothed and had not yet wed, this was the closest thing to her being a mother and the King being a grandfather.Now that we were to wed my life was almost complete.


Johnel: Yeah you can have a break until the next chapter.


Johnel: I’m going to go have a bacon maple bar and forget this.*leaves*

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