Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Update: Music! Plus Extra

                      For everyone who is curious the next part of A Nightmare on Hyrule Field is going to be awhile due to some pre writing I have to do. Mostly I have a gag planned involving fake song lyrics based on the perspective of a disgruntled servent in Hyrule Castle. For a sample this is roughly what I'm trying as a chorus.

"They say it will be a wedding, a royal wedding. Sometimes a fear just where this country's heading.

A king who can't get of his behind, and a princess who can't tell if time is in fastforward or rewind.

But it must be a royal wedding they all say, so I must continue to pointlessly slave away."

                    The basic idea was the verses would all be insults at the Mary Sue and Link for getting married. I it getting kind of obvious I enjoy musical jokes? Still the fake song lyrics might never apear in the actual riff it is all up in the air right now.

                  With school starting up again ,okay technically college for me isn't until the end of the month which is giving me plenty of time to sleep in, I'm going to find a highschool AU fic to riff on as well.
                  If you have any Highschool AU fics you want me to riff just post them in the comments and I'll give them a look to see if they are riff worhty. Also though Kingdom Hearts is a goldmine for these try and include ones from other fandoms because I've already got plenty of fics from that fandom on the backburner.
                 So hope to release those other bits soon and remember.

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