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Co-Op Mode Part 7: Tie her to a pole until she's sober, tie her to a pole until she's sober, early in the morning!

Hey! This is chapter 10! This is after Hope and Sora kissed but Hope used a spell to make him forget...

Cabbagelass: Fuck…………..

Johnel: Well we are off to a fantastic start aren’t we.

Honestly she didnt want to be she wanted to save her friendship.

Johnel: She didn’t want to be what? I know it implies she didn’t want to use the mind wipe spell but you grammatically fail.

 But now this is after, and Hope is kinda worried if Sora still remembers somehow. And Hope has to explore Neverland by herself. Hope ya like it!( :

Johnel: She planned this easy to use pun structure didn’t she.


"Goodmorning Hope!" Donald said. She was asleep on the chair in the control room.

"Uhh..goodmorning Donald." She said as she streched out her arms and yawned.

"So what world did ya pick?" Gofy asked as he walked in.

Johnel: Hey while it is doing nothing interesting why does the theater smell like wet cat?

Cabbagelass: Uh…. It was late and I was tired….

Johnel: That doesn’t answer my ques….

Cabbagelass: YESITDOES!

"Im not sure..i was thinking of this Neverland..but now im not so sure.." Hope said as she grabbed the map and pointed to Neverland. Then someone put the hands infront of Hope's eyes.


"Goodmorning." The person said with their hands still over her eyes. Donald and Gofy started to chuckle.

"Hey Roxas.." Hope said as she touched his hands.

"Dang it! How did you know it was me?" Roxas asked as he chuckled.

Johnel: How many Jesse McCartney voiced characters do you know?

"Well..with my new magic i have my ways around.." Hope said as she giggled and Roxas smiled.

Cabbagelass: You would know your ways around wouldn’t you miss triangle.

 "Goodmorning everyone!" Sora yelled as he walked in. Hope smiled then she rememberd. *Does he still remember the kiss..Nah, i put a forget spell

Cabbagelass: A forget spell with the thousands of words available to you from all human language that is the generic name you come up with?

on his..but what if it didnt work? What if he still remembers? What am i gonna do? Ughh..Chill Hope..what if he forgot? Well stop thinking of the worst..* She smiled at Sora after she thought about it.

Johnel: Yes she enjoys indoctrinating her captives.

"Hope i think we should go there..according to the map its the closest world.." Donald said. Hope nodded and she pushed a button that said "Neverland".

Johnel: Wait didn’t you already have a conversation about going to Never Never Land?

"Sora..can i talk to you.." Hope said and Sora nodded and followed her out. They walked into the living room and they sat on the sofa.

"Whats up Hope?" Sora asked. Hope bit her bottom lip and hoped for the best.

Johnel: You know it is less that she is making the puns and more about how uncreative and overused they are.

"What did you do last night?" She managed to get the words out.

Johnel: *As Sora* I wasn’t that drunk last night..

Cabbagelass: *As Hope* You put on an outfit of pots and pans  and told me to bite your shiny metal ass… so I did.

" not sure i forgot why? Did i do anything bad?" Sora asked. Hope shook her head.

Cabbagelass: Well I’m sure those orphans will forgive you.

"Nah..i was wondering.." She said as she got up and started walking back to the control room. Sora followed behind her *Why does she wanna know what i did yesterday? Did i do anything bad? or what?* Sora thought. Hope walked down the hall with one hand holding her elbow. She was looking down, glad..but sorta sad that Sora didnt remember about the kiss.

Johnel: Then I don’t know maybe you shouldn’t have use the mind wipe to begin with.

"Ouch!" Hope yelled as Roxas bumbed into her and they both fell. Roxas looked at her and she looked at him. He got up and helped her up.


"Sorry Hope.." Roxas said. She smiled.

"Its alright.." She said as they were still holding hands. Then the gummy ship started to shake and Hope almost fell but Roxas caught her in his arms.


"You okay?" Roxas asked when the shaking stopped.

"Yeah thanks..lets go see what that was.." Hope said as Roxas, Sora and her were running to the control room.

"What was that?" Roxas asked.


"Well we landed on Neverland..but heartless are attacking the ship..and theres alot of them!" Donald said. They all ran outside to find heartless.

"Whoa!" Hope yelled as she saw how many there were.

"It looks like theres more that 2 million!" Sora yelled. He looked at Hope.

Cabbagelass: How does that even?

"Go and find Peter Pan!" Sora said as he started attacking the heartless. She ran up to him.

Johnel: Yes for the forever twelve year old will surely be able to fight off millions of dark creatures.

"Why cant you guys come with me? I mean i dont even know who this Peter Pan guy is."


Johnel: You know maybe you should figure out how the hell to get past that army first.

 Hope said as she summond a magic ball in her hand and she threw it causing alot of heartless to dissappear.


"Because if we leave the heartless will get to the ship.." Sora said after he took out a few heartless.

“But what if something bad happens to me? No one will be there to help me.." She said.

Cabbagelass: Good for you..

"Just go! I promise if you do get into trouble said a exploding ball

Cabbagelass: Good thing our heroine speaks Hadoukenese.

 in the air to let me know you are in trouble and i will stop what im doing and i will run to you..I promise i wont let anything bad happen to you..i cant imagine my life without you.." Sora said and Hope blushed. So did Sora.

Johnel: We get it you're generic love interests.

"Well i mean you and everyone else.." Sora tried to play it off.

"Okay..well..just dont get hurt, i cant imagine my life without you ethier..and everyone else." Hope said. Sora took out heartless then he hugged her quickly and he went back to the heartless. Hope jumped on top of a heartless then she ran across their heads until she reached the end. She started to run around. *So who's Peter Pan?* Hope thought. She ran and saw a guy dressed as a pirate being attacked by a heartless.

"Oh no!" Hope yelled. But another pirate came and took it out. She ran to them.


"Excuse me do you know Peter Pan?" Hope asked the pirate. He laughed and he looked at her.

"That th-" He stopped himself and looked at her necklace. *Thats real ruby..its worth alot of money.* He thought.

Johnel: A. no it isn’t and B. where the fuck you going to spend that money?

"Why yes i do..allow me to introduce myself..

Johnel: *Singing* I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Im Captain Hook" He said as he held out a hook *Im guessing thats why thats his name..*


 Hope thought as she shooked the hook.

"Im Hope.." She said as she pulled back her hand.

"Oh..yes Peter Pan is on my boat..if you would please follow me to him." Hook said as he turned around and started walking. He had a smirk and they got to the boat. Hope looked around.

Johnel: You know they did kind of fuck up by sending the new character into a world in which you know the villain is still alive and could trick her.

"Where is he?" Hope asked. Hook thought of something.

 "I will bring him to you if you would please wait near that pole over there..i just get alittle nevous.."

Cabbagelass: Someone is compensating for something.

Hook said and Hope nodded. She walked to the pole and Hook went into a room. Hope leaned against a pole and two pirates came behind her and tied her hands together.

"Hey!" She yelled. Then Hook came out with a evil smile.

"Hey tell them to let go!" She yelled but he just went to her and pulled off her necklace.

Johnel: So she has powerful dark magic and can indoctrinate people but she can’t defeat rope? MAKES FUCKING SENSE TO ME!

"Tie her to the pole..she wanted he must come for her sooner or later." Hook said as the men did what he said. She waited atleast an hour and a flying boy came and landed infront of her.

Johnel: Nah really it was that easy?

"Hello..Im Peter Pan." The boy said and Hope smiled with joy.

"Im Hope can you please help me? That-" Hope stopped and rememberd.

"Peter Pan you have to get out of here its a trap!"


Hope yelled. But she was too late. A pirate came and grabbed him and tied him next to her. She looked at him and he looked at her. He smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Hope asked.

"You have beautiful eyes." He said and she blushed.

Cabbagelass: OH NOT YOU TOO!

Johnel: Has he even hit puberty?

"Umm this isnt the time to try to flirt.." She said.

"Sorry.." He said with a laugh. Then a little fairy came and untied Peter Pan. He went to Hope and he untied the ropes. But as soon a he was done they were surrounded by a bunch of pirates. Peter Pan frowned.

 "I dont think we'll be able to take them all."

Johnel: It isn’t like you fight them all the time for fun or anything.

He said as he looked at Hope. She looked at him then back at the pirates. She was scared. Then she rememberd. *Sora!* She thought. She made a magic ball and she threw it up. It exploded in the air.

Johnel: Or you know she could have just shot that at the pirates and killed them.

Sora and everyone else was still fighting the heartless. Sora looked up and saw it.

"Hope!" Sora yelled and that made everyone look at him.

"I have to go!" Sora yelled. He ran and followed the smoke from the explosion and he saw people fighting on a boat.

"How am i gonna get across?" Sora said. Then he saw a little fairy.

"Tinker Bell!" He yelled and she put pixie dust on him and they began to fly to the boat.

"We can do this forever!" Peter Pan yelled as he was fighting. Hope nodded she was tierd then she heard a voice that made her full of joy.



 Hey guys this was the 10th chapter of Sora's Love Life..What did you think of it ? What would you give it on a scale of 1-10?

Cabbagelass: Negative fifteen.

Johnel: The anti-life equation.

 Let me know whatcha think! Okay? Thanks! Love ya!


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