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A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 13: Flee now, flee now, the Silverlite comes

 Johnel: Screw it don’t want to wait on the others I’m soloing this one.

 A newfound power

Johnel: Though does of you reading along with the riff won’t be able to tell the way the text set up on the source I go to get chapters from it is hard to actually at first tell this was the title of the next part.

        Emerging from the Water Temple, Link and I ascended from Lake Hylia and into the bright sunlight. The storm had stopped and all was quiet. We held onto each other as we made our way to our horses. Midnight Star and Star Dancer had found themselves some grass to gnaw on that had pushed its way up threw

Johnel: Really she couldn’t get that right?

the snow. We pushed our way threw the deep snow and up to our awaiting horses.

        Link helped me into my saddle, then he removed the Iron Boots and replaced them with his regular ones, buckled the Master Sword back around his back, fastened his saddlebags, then mounted Midnight Star. Looking back at me one last time he smiled. "Oh by the way my love, I managed to retrieve these." Raising his hand he held up my Phoenix Circles.

 You got the Mary-Sue weapon.

 I looked at him with a smile then took the weapon and fastened it to my belt. Then I nodded I was ready, I glimpsed back at the lake one last time before we booted our horses in the legs

Johnel: How have you not snapped the bones in their legs yet?

 and headed for home leaving the Water Temple behind.

        When we reached home, we dismounted and ushered the horses back into the stable. Then we went into the house. After we walked, in

Johnel: Someone wasn’t paying attention to their comma use.

I saw Ruto sitting by the fire with our little son. When she looked up at us, her eyes grew big with shock.

Johnel:*As Ruto* Damn it! I was told Yoobles would be able to kill her.

Oh my Goddesses…what the hell happened to you two?" Removing the tattered Zora Tunic, I staggered to the couch and sat down. "We got the shit beat out of us."

Johnel: By a very easy mini boss.

I replied darkly. I watched as Link removed his damp cloak and scabbard then staggered over to the couch and sat down beside me. "Got the shit beat out of you…by who?!" Ruto questioned again with worry and shock. I looked directly into the Zora's concerned eyes. "It's a long story Ruto, are you up to it?" She nodded back in response.

Johnel: Fantastic we are going to get a recap.

        After we explained about our terrifying experience inside the Water Temple, Ruto's eyes stared at us in pure shock. "Oh my Goddesses…Jenna you have powers over the elements?" Ruto said with shock in her voice. "I'm not sure, I have no memory of the events Link described to me." "The last thing I remember, I was being knocked into the tree after Dark Link broke threw my defenses."

Johnel: Because having no knowledge of how to Avatar State lets you still need big hubby Link to save you.

 "But Link said I destroyed his counter part inside a Hugh energy ball."


 I sighed shaking my head. "I still don't understand it, I never had powers like that before." "Maybe they were dormant until now." Ruto added. "It's a possibility." Link said. "Hummm…you have a point, but I wonder what could have activated it."

Johnel: Almost being possibly raped and killed by a miniboss?

 I responded skeptically. "Maybe it was activated threw the immense anger, you experienced when Dark Link attacked you." Link said as he took a sip of his honey tea.

Johnel: Ha weakling a true man drinks Earl Grey Hot.

I pondered the thought, wondering if that could be what happened, but it still sounded too farfetched. "I think I should go see Princess Zelda tomorrow." "Maybe she can help answer this." I said as I looked at Ruto. "Well I think that's a wise decision, maybe she can help." Ruto said as Link nodded in agreement. Looking over at Link, his eyes seemed to glow with anticipation. For a moment I was able to read his mind threw them, only to have the connection break.

Johnel: The point of this is?

        "Well it's been a long day." "I'm tired and I want to get cleaned up, lets call it a day." I said as I eyed Link over. "You can stay here tonight Ruto." "I still don't think it would be wise for you to head back to Zora's Domain until morning." I said as I handed Ruto a pillow and blankets. "Thank you kindly." Ruto returned appreciatively as she took the blankets from me and proceeded to make a place for herself by the fire. "I'm going to send Lilly and Navi to sleep down here tonight, if you should need anything, they'll get it for you." I said as Ruto nodded in return.

        "Yawn" "Well I'm heading up, coming Link?" I asked him tiredly. "Yes my love, I need to clean up as well." He said as he ascended the stairs behind me.

Johnel: My incredible psychic powers predict possible pornographic actions that lack propriety.

        As I prepared our bath, Link was busy removing the tattered clothes from his body. While I watched the water swell in the tub from the heat, I begun to think of what Link said. The notion that I might have powers over the elements frightened me, since I had no idea if I would even be able to control such power. I just hoped that if I had such power, that I would be able to take control of it.

Johnel: I wonder if she has any worries over controlling this power.

        When the water was ready, I removed my tattered and torn dress,

Johnel: Did I forget to mock her for going into battle in a dress for if I hadn’t that was really fucking stupid of the story and me for not noticing.

 and call for Link to join me. Slipping down into the water, it was a relief to finally remove the dust and dirt from my body. I slipped over to Link and into his muscular arms. I huddled against him as he took the wash rag and begun to clean my wounds and scrub away the dried blood. As I laid there, inside Link's strong arms, I felt secure, felt protected. Even in light of what befell us that day, I was glad that I went with him. Who knows what might have happened if I didn't.

Johnel: He would regain his competence and beat Yoobles in two seconds?

He could have still been prisoner to his evil counter part. Though everything that happened that day still haunted me, it haunted my dreams. And that night, was the first night when sleep evaded me.

Johnel: Which I’m perfectly okay with. I’m also happy that my earlier alliteration proved false. Though looking ahead the next chapter is the Anniversary special or something so my timing was just a little off.

        Morning came and the morning sun washed threw

Johnel: That doesn’t even make any form of logical sense. What the fuck does that even mean?!

the window and into the room. I opened my sleepless eyes and stirred out of bed. I walked over to the crib where our son laid. His sweet little face was so innocent as he slept peacefully in his crib with his fairy Aria snuggled next to him.

Johnel: Little did they know he had rolled over and crushed the fairy to death in his sleep.

 I reached in and gently brushed my fingers across his soft cheek, smiling to myself as I watched him sleep. "I love you my son." "I don't know what would've happened to you if you lost us." A single tear trickled down my face. "Don't worry my son, the face of death isn't going to keep us away from you."

Johnel: Like that Charmed show in which the Grandma kept coming back to visit from the grave all the time?

 I said as I gently placed a little kiss on his forehead.

        Rising, I walked over to the other side of the bed where Link was sleeping and knelt down beside him. Taking my hand, I gently brushed his fine blonde hair out from over his eyes and placed my lips close to his.  Softly I kissed his firm lips, tasting the honey still on them from the tea he drank the night before. Then a glint caught my eye as he opened his beautiful jeweled eyes. "Hi." I said to him softly. "Hi." He whispered back. "We should head over to the castle soon." I said, kissing him again.

Johnel: You know I’m starting to wonder just how this author is able to take us on an emotional rollercoaster from utter what the fuck to the most crushing boredom.

        Stirring out of bed, Link yawned then got up and went to dress his bandages while I went to check on Ruto and prepare breakfast. Descending the staircase, I saw Ruto's sleeping form on the floor in front of the fire. Glancing around the room, I noticed Lilly and Navi sleeping on the mantel of the fireplace. Softly I called for our fairies. "Lilly, Navi, wake up." Stirring, Lilly looked over at me. Then sleepily she got up and flew over. "Whats wrong Jenna?" She said as she muffled a yawn. "Nothing, I just wanted to know how Ruto was doing. "Did she sleep well last night?" I questioned, concern filling my eyes.

Johnel:*As Lilly* Fine she just spent the first couple of hours continuing to plot your demise.

"She did just fine, the only thing she asked for in the middle of the night was she needed some water to wet her body, since she had remained too long out of the water." "Is she ok now?" I questioned Lilly.

        Just then, Ruto stirred awake as she sat up, her sky blue eyes watching us. "Morning, how do you feel Jenna?"

Johnel: Who knows the poison could take effect at any minute.

 Ruto questioned as she muffled a yawn. "Still a little sore, but I didn't sleep well, that day is still haunting me." My face faltered as I felt the effects of that day coming back again. Rising and walking over to me, Ruto put a hand on my shoulder, as she sought to give me comfort.

Johnel: Why is it the miniboss fight having more of an effect on the characters mental health than the Fucking war that happened a few chapters ago!

 "I think it would be wise if you and Link head to the castle soon." The Zora returned with a worried glance. "Maybe your right. " "But what about you, aren't you still weak?"

Johnel: You know from just hanging out in their house and playing with a baby all day can really weaken someone.

 A look of concern crossed my face as I eyed her over. "Don't worry about me Jenna, I can manage." You and Link have already done enough." Nodding, I hugged the gentle Zora. "Thank you Ruto." I said happily as she smiled back.

         After breakfast, Link and I saddled the horses and headed for the castle. With one last look back, I waved to Ruto as she disappeared into the tunnel leading back to Zora's Domain. "I think we should get going." Link stated as he glanced over at me. I secured Link jr in his portable carrier,

Johnel: Horse car seat for when you want your baby to not get bucked off and trampled to death, buy today!

 then booted Star Dancer in the legs and followed Link. Snow kicked up behind our horse's powerful hooves as they dug into the ground, unearthing it. Leaving the Lost Woods and entering Hyrule field, I saw that snow still blanketed most of everything and a slight winter chill lingered in the air. I felt my body heat up as the cold tingled my senses.

Johnel: So the blistering cold makes you feel hotter. Sure why not it’s all a dream science can fuck off.

 Getting nervous, I urged my mare to move faster. I watched as Hyrule castle started to loom over us. Approaching it, the drawbridge lowered and we proceeded to cross. The sound of our horse's hooves made a clopping sound as we crossed the wood bridge.

      Upon entering the Market Place, I heard it bustling with activity as people went about their daily wares.

Johnel: It is as if that storm from the earlier chapters was a plot point and is forgotten when convenient.

 We slowed our horses to a trot and headed for the gates to the castle, the sound of their hooves made a clicking sound on the stone pathway as we went. When we reached the first gate, I saw that my good old friend Perrino was on duty. "Hello my old friend how are you?" I called out to him.

Johnel: Well crap they actually remembered that guy existed. Wonder why?

 Smiling back at me he spoke. "Hello Mistress Jenna,

Johnel: To place titles on the Evil Reaper Devi…. I mean heroine of course.

 I've been fine." "Do you wish to see the Princess today?" Nodding in response, he raised the gate and allowed us to pass. "Thanks my friend." I said as we rode past. We went up the small path that lead to the main gate. When we reached it, the guards opened it then went to summon Princess Zelda.

        Upon her arrival, she wore a surprised look. "What brought you here in this terrible cold?" She questioned. "Zelda, we have to talk, it's important." Link said sternly. Her expression changing, she called the stable hands to take our horses to the Royal Stable, then led us inside. Then we were taken to the study. Once there, Zelda ordered for the servants to bring refreshments, and warm blankets. Link and I sat down on a cushioned couch while Zelda sat in a chair across from us.

Johnel: Cozy wonder how the other races are feeling about being frozen while the princess gets to sit in comfy chairs, couches, and talk shop with the two future usurpers of the throne.

"So…tell me what is of such great importance that you two came all the way here in the chilling cold

Johnel: Be sure to repeat that so the audience doesn’t forget what is going on.

 with your little son?" Zelda questioned, worry cracking in her voice. "Its about Jenna, Princess…we had a very….ummm….disturbing encounter in the Water Temple yesterday." Link said solemnly. "WHAT?!


……Water Temple, what were you two doing there?" Zelda cried, her eyes wide with shock. "It's a long story my friend, do you have time?" I asked. "I have all the time in the world." Zelda replied crossing her arms.

Johnel:*As Zelda* With my father alive again for no reason and the implied matriarchal system of our government ignored I’ve been sitting around eating chocolate and playing solitaire for the past year.

        After we told her about our encounter with Dark Link, and about my supposed control over the elements. I watched as Zelda's eyes widened, pure shock and terror filled into them. "Dark Link…..control over the elements…..Jenna's body on fire!?" "What the hell…….?"

Johnel: Exactly my thoughts Princess.

 Zelda said in a choked voice. "Zelda my friend, I still don't quite understand it myself." "That is why we are here, you being a sage, almost as powerful as Rauru,

Johnel: Which you know the power levels of the sages because….? For it isn’t that you’d go to Zelda because she is of the royal family and bears the Triforce of Wisdom meaning she has access to knowledge many others would not. No it is because the scouter says her power level nears 9000.

we thought you could help." I said, then my eyes lowered, turning towards the fireplace and staring down into the flames. "If I really have such power…I'm afraid I might not be able to control it."

Johnel: If you can’t we will then take great joy in watching Link having to kill you to save the kingdom.

I heard Zelda rustle, then rise and walk over to me. Gently she placed a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up at her, her blue eyes glowing with concern. "Don't worry my friend, we will find out if such power runs threw your veins, and if you do, then I will help you master control over it."

Johnel: How? Simply question how. How do you train someone in a power set you have no clue about?

 Smiling, she looked into my eyes and a wash of calm ran threw me. I looked back over at Link and establishing a connection between us, I begun to talk to him telepathically.

        "Don't worry my sweet love…Zelda knows what she's doing." "I have full confidence in her abilities." Link said, his voice floating threw my mind. "I believe you my love, she has always had great abilities." "I just hope that this isn't much on her. " I called back to him. "Just trust in her my wife, she knows what she's doing. " Link responded. "I love you Link." I cooed softly into his mind. "I love you too my sweet heart."

Johnel: They say sweet and love anymore I’m going to need insulin shots.

felt Link's presence fill into me, as he warmed my body, warmed my soul and at that point I was in peace. "Don't forget my love, I will always be here for you." Saying a few more words we broke our special connection and rejoined the speaking world.

Johnel: Wonder what that looks like to those in the speaking world then…..


*As Zelda* “Link?”


“Buuuddy you okay?”


“Hey Listen! Look! Hey! Listen!”


“Well might as well take this opportunity when I have it.”


        Zelda, Link and I wrapped ourselves in our cloaks, called Impa to care for little Link, then headed out into the palace garden.

Johnel: For you know proper study can only be conducted when you are freezing your nipples off.

 We walked threw the ankle deep snow and sat down on the marble benches. Link sat next to me, and Zelda across from me. I wrapped my cloak tighter around my body trying to keep out the chill. Then I directed my attention to Zelda.

         "First off…we need to establish a connection between you and the power." Zelda finally said. "Lets work with the fire element first." "I want you to focus, clear your mind of all thoughts and concentrate on a single flame." She said calmly. I closed my eyes and slowly my mind cleared of all thoughts. I felt the void open up around me, sending me into a darkness.


I floated around in the blackness, searching for the flame. I watched, waited, then suddenly I saw a glow as a small flame begun to rise. "Do you see it?" Zelda inquired. "Yes…yes I do." I responded as I watched the flame in my mind slowly start to dance.

         "Now concentrate on it, make it a part of you." Zelda stated again. I stared at the flame…focused on it, tried to make it a part of me. Then I reached out for it, tried to touch it. When my hand grazed over it, I felt a burning sensation, and jerked my hand back. "OUCH….dammit."

Johnel: Wow her own brain hates her as much as I do.

 I cried as the flame flickered out and the void shattered. "What happened?" Zelda asked, watching me cradle my hand. "It burnt me when I tried to touch it." I returned angrily, cradling my throbbing hand. "Hmmm…you physically felt something, but you didn't concentrate on it enough to control it." "Lets try it again."

        I cleared my mind of all thoughts and the void opened up around me once more. Again I tried to concentrate on the flame that rose up in my mind. Focused on making it a part of me. This time I felt its warmth against my skin as it flickered wildly in front of me. Once more I reached for it as I slowly lowered my hands beneath it and taking it gently into my hands. I felt its heat on my palms as I slowly took hold of it. Then I brought it close to me, peered into its reddish glow, saw my own reflection dancing among it. As I held the warm flame in my hands, it danced wildly across my fingers as it became a part of me, a part of my very being.

Johnel: Turned out some guard with a lantern tripped and she is now burning to death.

        Then I heard a voice call out to me. "Jenna…..look." I opened my eyes and saw an amazing sight. There on my finger tips were two flames dancing across them. My eyes grew big as I looked from Zelda to Link, who were just as wide eyed as me.

Johnel: Actually now that I think about it Din’s Fire is needed to enter the Shadow Temple so why is Link amazed by this when he could do a fire shockwave when still a kid? Actually by that logic she isn’t that special as this will make her out to be. Overpowered as shit when the author wishes it but not special.

"Oh…my Goddesses…I did it." "I really did it." I cried as a tear ran down my cheek. "Then its true…you really do have elemental powers." Zelda returned shocked. I looked at her then to my hands. I watched as the flames danced across my fingertips, its glow reflecting off the palms of my hands. I played with it, moved my fingers around as the flames danced from one finger to another. I giggled as the flames moved with my hands, and jumped when I flicked a finger. Then suddenly the flames flickered out and a small fire rose in the palms of my hands. "What happened?" Zelda asked worried. I looked at her slowly graying eyes then faltered to the small fire in my hand. "I just thought of a small fire in my hands then poof…the flames on my fingertips went out and this rose up in my hands."

        "Jenna… Zelda clasped her hands over he mouth,

Johnel: Zelda must have had a sex change in the fleeting hope daddy would love her again.

you really do have control over the elements." "The power was really inside you all this time…it just took something drastic to happen in your life for it to activate." I stared at her wide eyed, unable to move. "You mean I was born with this ability?" I said my voice raspy from shock. "It's a possibility, or maybe something happened to you during your life where you acquired it from somewhere."

Johnel: I’m going to guess born with it for having the power since childhood fits more into the archetype we are presented with.

 "Do you have any recollection of anything strange that happened to you before your encounter in the Water Temple?" Zelda asked. I thought for a moment. Tried to remember if I ever had anything really strange happen to before my encounter with Dark Link.

        But the only thing I remembered where something drastic ever happened to me, was when my parents died.

Johnel: Of course her parents are dead it be silly if they weren’t.

 "Nothing has happened that I remember, only thing is when my parents died when I was a little girl." I returned solemnly "Hmmm…do you think your parents ever had any special abilities?" Zelda questioned. "Well I remember when we would have dry spells on the farm where I'm from, my mother would sing to the sky and it would rain." "I also remember that my father was always good with the earth." "Our farm always was prosperous, the crops my father grew were always the best in our village." I looked back down at the small glowing fire in my hands as its gentle warmth, warmed the chill from my body.

Johnel: Of course the crops were the best ever how could they not be. Also you sure you mother singed and it rained or that she just had very good spit range?

        "Jenna…there is no other explanation." "Your parents must have had some elemental powers, and it transferred to you." "But both of them seemed to only have one power." "Your mother with the power of water, and your father with the power of earth." "But one thing still has me baffled, how did you come to possess the power of wind and fire?" Zelda asked in amassment.

Johnel: Because fuck all logic?

        I watched the puzzled looks that appeared on Zelda and Link's faces. Never had they encountered someone in Hyrule with control over the elements.

Johnel: What about Link he has Din’s Fire. You know for someone supposedly obsessed with Ocarina of Time they sure forget a lot of the details.

Stories of Hylian's possessing elemental powers only existed in the dark ages of Hyrule. Most thought that  the people who possessed such powers were thought to have died out hundreds of years ago. Stories for told that if one who possess powers over the elements should ever show up in Hyrule, then the land will truly be blessed. Protected by the one with powers of the ancients. But no one ever thought the stories were true. It was told to be only a myth, but now that one did show up, would this be Hyrule's great protector? With the thought that Gannon might somehow return, would I be the one to protect Hyrule from such darkness?

Johnel: This is one of the many tales which the people speak. We just don’t do it as often because it’s devoid of all intelligence or sanity.

 I looked at Link and Zelda, who were staring at me with blank stares. "I believe that when she was born, the powers of earth and water transferred from her parents, but she must have been born with her own set of powers." "That would explain her power over fire and wind." Link added his calm stare upon my face. Zelda just looked from me to him. Her face expressionless.


        Then her gaze landed on the small fire in my hands. "Jenna…there are stories that     once in the dark ages of Hyrule, there were Hylians that once possessed powers over the elements, but it was believed that they all died out in the time of the (10)Great War of the Lands." "This devastating war befell Hyrule hundreds of years ago, killing half of Hyrule's population."

Johnel:  Now I would make fun of these footnotes again but this one does contain some information so I will transcribe it below in large quotation marks.

The Great War of the Lands was a terrible and devastating war that befell six different Kingdoms and cities including Hyrule hundreds of years ago. The war was started when a group of evil invaders from the northern continents invaded the Kingdom of Avalon and kidnapped the Princess. When the king of Avalon suspected the neighboring kingdom of Kalence of kidnapping his daughter, he sent in his army to retrieve her, only to be met with hostility sent by Kalence's king. When the king of Kalence tried to convince the king of Avalon that he did not capture his daughter, the king of Avalon did not believe him, thus started the Great War of the Lands. This war lasted twenty years and caused peaceful civilizations and kingdoms to be forced to takes sides, fighting in a war that wasn't even theirs. Many lands and peaceful creatures suffered during this dark time, even Hyrule who sided with Avalon. Hyrule suffered heavy losses, much of the population was killed or died of disease. It took many years after the war ended for Hyrule and the other lands that fought in the war to regain their numbers. And it was only after a brave band of knights that sided together from each of the feuding countries that found out who really captured Avalon's princess and cleared Kalence's name, thus ending the twenty year war.

As you can see this above footnote is one hundred times more compelling than every chapter of this fanfiction so far.

 "But it was believed that it was the (11)" Silverlites" or elemental users, that were the ones who saved Hyrule and ended the Great War." "The stories also state that if a "Silverlite" should ever return to Hyrule, the land would be blessed with peace and prosperity."

Johnel: On the other hand footnote 11 besides a bit of extra speculation doesn’t provide anything interesting beyond a bit of speculation about this mysterious race. Also Silverlite that is the name of your race of elemental users?

 Zelda's gaze fell on me, her expression warm yet serious. "I'm not too sure if you could be a descended of the Silverlites, but one thing is sure, you are an elemental user." Zelda said her eyes reflecting the glow of the fire still burning in my hands.

        "I think we should continue the training of your powers, Jenna." "We need to make sure you can fully control the elements."

Johnel: Makes it easier for her to make the King’s death look like an accident. Like “Oh no a random rock slide has crushed the King into bloody jam I must take over as The Great and Powerful Queen Duchess Reverend Princess Shaman Elder Mother Superior Supreme Taco Grande Jenna.” Zelda knows this of course but the constant lack of love from her father makes her not care.

 I nodded in agreement but one thought flashed into my mind. "Zelda my friend, I have one question." "I just thought of something, you said that my parents transferred their powers to me when I was conceived, but what about our son?" "Do you think its possible that Link jr. might have acquired the powers as well?"

Johnel: Yeah sounds about right.

 I said as Link looked at me with shock. "I never thought of that…yes it might just be possible." "But he may still be too young to tell." "Even though if that is possible, the thought of Silverlites still existing is one of the greatest things to happen to Hyrule."

Johnel: Honestly at this point it seems anything in connection to this chick is greatest things to happen to Hyrule.

Then Zelda's gaze shifted to Link. "You truly have a very special wife Link." "A possible descended of the great Silverlites." Zelda said happily.

         I watched as Link's gaze shifted to me. His powerful arms embraced me as his gentle lips kissed mine. For a moment I was in another world as Link's gentle kiss warmed my soul. And I knew at that moment, that even if I was one of the Silverlites, Link would always be with me, always be at my side.

Johnel: Why would being a Silverlite threaten your relationship?

        I looked into Link's eyes one last time then looked back to Zelda. The fire danced in my hand as if it was alive, causing her expression to change into a happy one. I giggled as I did tricks with my new found power. I was now more then I had become. I became something different. Some one of great power and of legend.


                                      It was later determined that I was a descended

                                      of the great Silverlite race. My powers were

                                      of the great elements. I was trained under Zelda

                                      and I became someone of great power. Now I'm

                                      one of Hyrule's most powerful protectors, here to

                                      help the "Hero of Time" my love, protect the land from

                                      evil. Under the training of the Sages, I became one

                                      of the Sacred Realm, the one chosen by the Goddesses

                                      to protect the Legendary Triforce

Johnel: Okay first off it has to be her as the Great and Powerful blah blah Jenna Protector of the Triforce but that is not a proper poem to have the bards sing. Let me show you the correct Lyrics.

*Begins to Sing*

Our Monster, our Monster, stole a warrior’s soul

I warn you, I warn you, the Silverlite comes

With a mind flaying power of ancient dark arts

Cower, cower, the Silverlite comes


This rising great evil is Hyrule’s new foe

Flee now, flee now, the Silverlite comes

For the sickness is here and its spread will not slow

All die, all die, when the Silverlite comes


Aaah aah aaaah aah ah aaah ahh


Silverlite Silverlite

No hope can remain

Warrior take up your sharpest of blade

Before it can cast Hyrule into the flame

It will not stop here with demons it laid

Silverite, the living realms bane


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