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A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 14: Tiger Upper, Bring out the Tiger in You, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger HOE!!!


Johnel: Don’t give me that look it isn’t my fault Ganondorf isn’t on hand. Besides you have the better reactions to sex scenes.


Life Resumes (Anniversary Night)

        A year has passed since I discovered that I was a descended of the Silverlite race. I became appointed under the Goddesses to protect the Legendary Triforce along with the "Hero of Time". And became one of the most powerful in all of Hyrule.

Johnel: What a fantastic start with the Mary-Sue just becoming an unstoppable god mod in a time skip. Surely there was nothing that needs to be explained.

Though life resumed between Link and I. Our son was now a year and half old. He was now walking and has learned to speak certain words. Epona gave birth to her colt just two weeks after the Water Temple incident and is now pregnant again.


Johnel: This author really doesn’t want to use Epona for some reason.

The beautiful colt she gave birth to is female

Johnel: Except for the fact colts are male horses and you are a dumbass.

with a brown body, white mane and tail with a black mussel and black patches around her hooves. The youngling is now a year old. Link has prospered in the military. He is now fleet general


of the king's entire army. Link was promoted after he stopped an assassination attempt on the King's life six months ago.

Johnel: Not like the readers would have liked to see that. You know Link the hero doing heroic things. No we want to see is annoying wife become the Avatar.

 Lilly and Navi have been keeping us protected. Over the last year they had helped keep our livestock safe from the wolfos that sill roamed the Lost Woods.


Johnel: Yes I’m sure the balls of light can fight off wolf monsters.

 Our farm was prospering, the crops were producing fine vegetables that year. And our fruit trees were producing unusual size fruit. And I'm now four months pregnant.

Johnel: Is every female being knocked up just the theme for the rest of the fic?

        Our life together was nothing like ever before. The love Link and I share bonded even deeper over the last year. We had been married for almost two years now. Our second anniversary was in just a few days. I had been planning for days to have a very special anniversary this year. So I had gone to Cantara City to get Link a very special gift.


 I had saved my rupees for the entire year and I managed to get him a gold hilted dagger encrusted with jewels and a gold dragon pendant.  I was going to make this year one to remember.

Johnel: Not like you are going to spend  decades together and could be a little less extravagant for this one.

        Then the day had arrived. The day of our anniversary. I nearly had spent the entire day preparing for the most romantic evening ever. I had Zelda take Link jr., Aria and our fairies to stay with her and Impa at the castle for the night so Link and I could be alone. While I prepared dinner, I got into a sexy red dress and got all the "extras" we would need to have a memorial night.


Johnel: You know extras like a dancing pole, flesh light, dildos, anal beads, sex swing, ball gags, and a variety of other things. Got to keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom after having soul fucked.


Then I lit all the candles around the room and put out the oil lamps to create a romantic setting. After I finished preparing dinner, I lit the candles on the table, put the food out and waited for Link.

        About ten minuets later, I heard a horse coming up to the stable. I removed my apron and rushed to the door to great my "hero" home. As Link entered the door his eyes widened. "Oh my Goddesses…you look sexy tonight my love."

Johnel: Okay the use of sexy there just really fucks to mood up with Jenna’s extras.

He whispered into my ear as he pulled me into his arms kissing me forcefully. Then we drew apart and I looked into his sexy jeweled eyes. "I love you my sweet love, how I missed you today." "And I as well." Link said as he handed me a bouquet of roses, then he pulled me inside closing the door. When he scanned the room, he was in shock. "Wow my love…this all looks great."

Johnel: *As Fic;Link* So glad all I had to do was steal some flowers while pretending to be at work.

 Link said as his eyes sparkled under the candlelight. " "Happy anniversary my love." I said as I handed him the gift. "Thank you sweet heart." He returned as he put his gift down on the table. Then he went into the pouch he had at his belt and pulled out a gold box. "Happy anniversary too my goddess."

Johnel: Want to bet she will actually undergo an apotheosis in a later chapter?


Link said softly as he handed the golden wrapped box to me. I took it and opened it to reveal a gold necklace with a gold Triforce pendant encrusted with diamonds and matching earrings. "Oh my Goddesses……I just love it! " I cried as tears welled up in my eyes. Then Link took the necklace and put it on around my neck. "It looks beautiful on you. "Link said as he started kissing my slender neck. As he bit down gently on my neck,

Johnel: Go Link suck out her blood!

I turned my head to face him as I stroked the back of his neck.

        "Mmmm….Link, you should go open your gift. "I whispered softly into his pointed ear. Link moved his head down and started kissing my shoulder. "Your right my love, I'm going to open it now." He walked back over to the table and took the box into his hand, then pulled the ribbon off and opened it. "Holy crap….oh my goddesses I love you!"

Johnel: As you can tell he is sophisticated as hell.

He said as he held the gold dagger encrusted with jewels in his hands. Taking the dagger he swished it into the air a few time

Johnel: Slitting Jenna’s throat in the process.


 before putting it into the sheath I provided for him.

Johnel: No that comes later.

 Then I walked into his arms again and looked into his rippling blue eyes. "Did you see what else was in the box?"


 I said softly as I put my hands against his muscular chest. "There's more?" Link said with surprise. "Look under the tissue my love." Rustling the tissue aside his eyes widened with shock as he held the gold dragon pendant in his broad hand. "You're the greatest my dear wife." Link said as he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms once again.

        Slowly he lowered his head down again, his breath tickled my skin as he gently nibbled on my neck causing ripples of pleasure to run down my spine.

Johnel: That or your skin is melting. Please let it be her skin melting.

 I reached up and ran my hand down his cheek as small moans of pleasure escaped passed my lips. Then I felt his lips move slowly up my neck, then to my mouth as he kissed me forcefully, his tongue slipping past my lips. As out tongues entwined I felt his hands trickling up my sides as he started sliding down the straps of my dress. My body started quivering under his gentle touch as he slid the top of my dress down freeing my breasts.

Johnel: Guess they had no bras back then. Also sex begins here so I don’t know get your pills or something.


 He took his hand and gently ran it over my breast, his fingers teasing the nipple, causing it to become erect, turning it into a small hard pebble. The sensation of his fingers caressing my sensitive nipples sent shocks of pleasure threw my body, causing louder moans to pass my lips.

Johnel: Honestly she moans at everything. Surprised her throat doesn’t hurt like hell after words.

         Gently he pushed me into the living room, by the fire as he continued to pulled my dress slowly down my body, then letting it drop to the floor as his eyes hungrily drank in my nakedness. Then he laid me down, getting on top of me as his lips moved back to mine, his tongue entering my mouth again.

Johnel: Okay this may be the stories lack of spatial awareness but are they just doing it on the floor right now?

 I let my hands run up under his tunic, feeling my way to the top as I gently pulled it off and tossed it aside. Then Link begun to slowly kiss his way down my body, first to my neck, to crevice between my breasts, then stopping at the navel as he kissed and caressed it with his tongue.


 Link continued to assault my body with his lips and tongue, causing my body to shudder with feelings of pleasure and ecstasy as I reached up and slipped off his white undergarment, exposing the rest of his heavenly naked body.

Johnel: Wait so the white pants he wears or underwear. If so did I miss the pants being pulled off.


 The candlelight reflected off his immaculate skin, as I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him down on top of me, forcing our lips to meet again. As we kissed deeply, passionately, our tongues intertwining once again, I had begun to feel his heart beating along side mine as the connection between us became full.

Johnel: If you catch her drift.

          Then we drew apart and he slowly rose up, taking one hand and gently running it over my breasts again, his fingertips teasing the hard mounds as the other slid its way down my body, first to my thighs, then between my legs. Then his hand pressed down into me as his fingers slid past the lips of my flower, causing my back to arc as a loud moan moved out my mouth and tore into the air.


 Then I cried out in ecstasy again as his fingers probed upward and brushed against my clitoris, causing it to fill with blood and become hard. It felt soo good. Felt soo intense.

Johnel: What is this soo you speak of?

 My whole body convulsed, shuddered as he teased the clit by rolling the hard sensitive part between his fingers. Then my body suddenly convulsed when he slid his fingers further down and gently pushed two fingers deep inside me, the new sensation

Johnel: You’ve had multiple sex scenes and I know he’s used finger so how is this new?

causing my back to arc again as my soft moans suddenly turned into loud tiger cries.


        "Oh....my Goddesses….grrrr....Link..more baby.


....LINK!" I screamed in pure ecstasy as his gentle steady made my legs quake. Then he pushed his fingers in deeper, his thrusts reaching back to my G spot while his other hand teased the hard mounds on my breasts. Then Link quickened his attacks as he sensed that my body was starting to be thrust over the edge. This combination of attacks Link was placing upon my shuddering, pulsating body caused my back arc and twisted,

Johnel: Wonder what that is doing to her spine?


while my cries of ecstasy tore into the air. Slowly I started to climax and when he rubbed his fingers against the most sensitive spot inside me, I screamed out as my body was finally thrust over the edge and into heaven ….."UNGH…OH MY GODDESSES…..BENNN!" I cried as I gushed down Link's hand, the warm juices dripping threw his fingers.

        Falling back panting I looked into his sexy blue eyes as I saw a burning desire glowing in them. Then I got up and put my lips near his, whispering softly to him against them. "Now my love, it my turn." I said seductively as I reached up and clasped my hands on his broad shoulders and gently pushed him onto the floor.

Johnel: Never going to understand how doing it on the place you drag your dirty feet is sexy.

  After I pushed him down on the floor, I straddled him, laying my hands against his chest as I begun to slowly trickle my fingers-tips over his hard muscular body. His body quivered under my touch as soft moans rose up from his throat and out his mouth.

         I let my soft hands trace over the muscular outlines of his infatuated body, feeling the silkiness of his immaculate skin.

Johnel: Okay I call bull no way can someone living in a society this technologically backwards have perfect skin.


 Quietly I watched as his eternal blue eyes pierced me, silently eating my body with a hungry desire.

Johnel: You know all this eating and hunger word dropping is freaking me out. It’s like one of them is going to turn into a snake person or something.

 I continued running my hands softly, caressingly over his hard body, causing him to moan softly, his muscles contracting and releasing under my touch. Then I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his neck, letting my tongue trace over his skin, tasting him.

Johnel: Well break out the ketchup we are having sausage link tonight.

I wanted nothing more than to taste every bit of flesh before me, to swallow its taste and savor its delicious feeling. Pressing my lips down harder, I bit softly against his wonderful skin, as I started to suckle on his neck, causing Link to groan out loud. After a little bit of teasing, I slowly kissed my way down his body, my tongue tracing behind my lips as I made my way down to the swollen organ between his legs.

Johnel: Unfortunately it was swollen due to the magic herpes.

        Slowly I took the head of his member into my mouth, teasing the tender tip with my tongue. Then slowly I moved to his shaft, caressing it with my tongue as I slowly licked up and down it. While I caressed his member with my lips and tongue, Link's soft moans soon turned into loud cries of pleasure and ecstasy. I felt his body quivering under my gentle hands as I ran one up over his body, his loud cries of ecstasy filling the room. Then Link let out a loud tiger like cry


 when I took his member fully into my mouth, engulfing it. Slowly I moved my lips up and down the shaft, dragging my tongue up the tender underside as I went. Little by little I begun to up the movement, causing Link to cry out in pure bliss as I caused waves of pure pleasure to go surging threw his body,


 the fire radiating to his lower organs.

Johnel: By the big buyers of brisk bell bottom pants she lit is balls on fire!

 Then I found a rhythm and he started breathing faster as I started to take him over the edge. His heart started racing, his cries filled the room. And finally when I took his nut sack and caressed it with my hand, it was his undoing. Link let out a loud tiger like cry


 as he reached his peak…"Oh…Goddesses ELAINE!!!"….he cried releasing his essence into my mouth.

        He fell back panting and I looked up and into his eyes as I swallowed, tasting the sweetness of him. Slowly I moved back to his lips and kissed him passionately, the taste of him still on my lips.

Johnel: Probably tastes like motor oil and mangled mammary milk.

 Then I felt his hands embrace me as he gently rolled me over onto my stomach. Straddling my legs, I felt his member at the entrance of my pussy as he slowly slid his hard organ inside. As he started to penetrate deeper, I felt him move forward as his mouth begun pressing down against my neck again. I felt my body beginning to convulse as his steady gentle thrusts caused me to cry out like a female tiger,


ecstasy filling each note. His mouth pressed harder against my neck as he gently bit on it, his tiger like groans


 being muffled against my skin. Then he thrust himself deeper into me, causing my body to shudder in pure bliss, my nails digging into the floor as my groans soon turned into loud cries of ecstasy. He continued to bite down on my neck and back in unison with his steady thrusts sending waves of eternal bliss to go surging threw my body, threw my every vein, as my loud tiger like cries tore into the air.


Johnel: Did you just save up a stock of these things?


        I moved under him, teased him, causing him to bite down even more as he started pushing himself harder into me, his groans being filled with an angry tone.

Johnel: If I was stuck with this alienating ass I’d be angry too.

I cried out again as I bucked up against Link, my body shuddering in immense bliss, until an even more violent spasm raged it, causing me to scream out in mind boggling pleasure. Then I felt myself being taken over the edge, his tiger like groans


passing his lips each time he bit down, dominating me like a male tiger mating.

Johnel: Yes but tigers are awful fathers. Minute the kids can get their own food and he boots them out of the territory.

 I cried out to him, bucked

Johnel: What’s with all the bucking?

up against his legs, forcing him in deeper as I felt myself starting to climax. He started to thrust harder into my body, as he bit down harder against the nape of my neck, his groans getting louder as he started to reach his peak. I pushed up against him as he thrust down hard again, our cries filled the air as I was finally thrust over the edge. With one last thrust, I bucked


 up against Link one last time as I climaxed, my cries filling the air as I gushed down his legs. Then Link was sent over the edge, he bucked his head back and cried out as he released his essence deep inside me.

        I collapsed to the floor panting, my body shuddering violently as I trying to move under Link, but he bit back down on my neck again as his hands held tightly down onto my arms.

Johnel: Is he trying to kill her here with a hellish hickey?

 Still connected, the immense sexual feelings still surged threw our bodies as the after effects of our orgasms tingled in our lower organs causing us to thrust for more. Fighting with what strength he had left, Link thrust himself down into me again, forcing himself to reach a second peak. He started biting down on my neck and back again, grunting like a male tiger as he continued to thrust himself deeper inside my tired sweaty body, pushing to climax a second time.

Johnel: Okay you done?

          Feeling the strength leaving my body, I screamed, hissed, as I forced my trembling body up against his, desperately trying to reach a second peak. He too fought for the strength, as he forced his exhausted body down onto mine, his mouth sinking down harder onto my neck causing a combination of pain and pleasure to go surging threw my every vein.

Johnel: Well sticks and stones can break her bones but whips and chains excite her.

 I screamed into the air, my nails digging into the floor as I fought to go on. Pushing my exhausted body up against his, I forced him deeper as I felt myself slowly starting to climax again. I cried out to Link, grunting like a female tiger to urge him on as I felt my body starting to be thrust over the edge yet again. He returned my calls as tiger like sounds escaped passed his lips. Then I felt him beginning to climax again, the fire in his lower organs sent raging shocks of pleasure threw his body, caused him cry out in immense bliss. We thrust against each other, our bodies trembling and convulsing while crying like tigers mating as we came to a full climax and exploded together one last time.


         With one last gasp he collapsed on top of me, our bodies exhausted and dripping with sweat. He laid against my tired, shuddering body as he tried to catch his breath. We just laid there awhile shivering, trying to regain our strength, the after shocks of our orgasms still raged threw our hot sweaty bodies. Then I felt Link gently kiss and lick the light wounds he left on my back and neck as I heard him in my mind telling me how he enjoyed the experience we shared. "That was one of the best we had my love."

Johnel: So the best is when you practically rip out her throat during sex?

 He said to me in my mind. "It felt good, so good that I cannot wait until we do that again."  "I love you so much, my sweet rose. "Link added with passion. "I love you too Link, I always will." I returned lovingly.

        Slowly we separated as I rolled over and laid next to him. I looked into his eyes as the glow of the fire reflected off of them, causing small flames to dance within them. "I want this to be a memorable night my love."

Johnel: I think the vice grip on her neck did enough.

 He returned as a look of passion and desire shone in those magnificent eyes. "I'm not done showing you just how much you mean to me." "As soon as I regain my strength, I'm going to give you more of my love." Link said softly as he traced a finger over my lips. Shocked with his sudden words, I leaned over and put my lips close to his. "You can do whatever you want to me my love, cause tonight, I'm yours for the taking."

Johnel: Okay for sake of a rant why the fuck do women have to be taken?! I mean you can give but apparently giving in reference to sex and women is like some negative slut shame thing  because apparently two people can’t just be equal parts in the process and the female must always sacrifice control over the events to her man!

 I whispered softly to him against his lips. Then Link grasped his hands around my face, pulling me close to him, locking my lips with his, blending a series of small passionate kisses, which soon turned into ones that were more deeper and forceful.

        I felt his body beginning to relax as he slowly regained his strength, his breathing begun to even out and his heart slowed its beat. The after effects of our orgasms slowly started dissipating, leaving our bodies left with only the memory. Link gently pulled me against him and held me lovingly in his arms, his lips softly against my neck as the warmth of his body caused me to groan softly against his fine blonde hair. The feelings of our love making still pulsed threw my body, causing my lower organs to still cry for him in yearning. Feeling the pulses making my body wither in longing to feel him once more, I ran my hand down his cheek, causing his jeweled eyes to stare deeply into mine. "Mmmm….Link, are you ready for me again?" I cooed as I ran my hand seductively down his chest and over his soft member, causing him to become aroused once again.

Johnel: You know what fuck this hit fast forward.

        His lips met my neck in response as he placed soft kisses on it.


yes….BEN…YES!" I screamed again, as I felt my body explode in pleasure, my nails digging down into his arms.

 Johnel: Not there yet.


. Gasping for air, I crashed down on top of him, my body still shuddering and dripping with sweat.

Johnel: Okay and we are out of the sex scene.

         I just laid there, embraced in Link's sweaty arms, our bodies still feeling the after shocks of our orgasms. My fingertips traced over the broad curvatures of Link's face, his eyes sparkling with loving glances.  Then I nestled my cheek against his, my lips pressing softly against the lobe of his pointed ear. Slowly I traced the outlines of his sexy ear with my lips and tongue, stopping every so often to gently nibble on the lobe. I listened to the soft moans that passed Link's lips as I sweetly nibbled on the tip of his pointed ear, weaving my tongue in and around the blue hoop earring he wore at the top.

Johnel: I feel we got lucky with the fast forward for all this ear focus does not give me confidence in what happened.


 I felt Link's heart beginning to beat slowly, his thoughts running softly in my mind, the connection between us full. Then I felt my eyes slowly beginning to drift, and I nestled my head against the silky skin of Link's chest, his arms holding me in a protective embrace, as I softly drifted off to sleep. This was one night I as not going to forget. Link surly made this a memorable night, one that appeared in my dreams more then once.

Johnel: So a dream within a dream?


Even during the times when we were separated, too far for us to communicate telepathically, I often dreamed of that night, the night where we expressed our deepest love for each other, from the special bond we share. A bond that cannot be broken.

Johnel: I don’t know Link got any ideas on how one could break this bond.


Johnel: That works. Anyways at least that is over so I’m out *leaves*


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