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Co-Op Mode Part 5: Leon/Yuffie is a Thing Apparently

Hey guys this is my 7th chapter of this fanfic! YAY! haha ok so this is when Sora makes a nice, romantic move on Hope and Roxas gets Hope a gift that she really likes.
Cabbagelass: Nooooooo! no more of this love triangle Bile!

Remember, they both like her... Hope you all like it!

Johnel: Fucking puns.

Roxas and Hope found Donald and Gofy.
"Where's Sora?" Roxas asked as he was looking around.
"He's still getting kisses from his girl fans."Donald said

Johnel: Fangirls you daft water fowl.

as he started to walk into the castle. Hope frowned and they all followed Donald except for Roxas
"Are you coming?" Hope asked. Roxas shook his head.
"I'll be a look out for Sora." Roxas said.
Cabbagelass: Killing the competition? Tsk Tsk Roxas, what will the fangirls think?

Hope nodded and she walked whole place was big and creepy at the same time. They walked a long way until they found a room that had a girl with short black hair.
"Yuffie!" Donald and Gofy yelled as they ran to her.
"Hey Donald, Gofy..and who are you?" Yuffie asked as she placed her hands on her hips and she tilted her head.
"Im-" Hope was caught off by Sora running in.
"Yuffie!" Sora said as he ran in. He tripped on something and he was about to fall on Hope. She opened her arms and Sora was in her arms and his cheek was pushed up against hers.

Johnel: You know it's bad when they plan their cliche romantic interaction. Also why is everyone looking for Yuffie?

"Hey Sora..whats up?" Hope asked as his cheek was still on hers.
"Nothing." He said with a gofy smile.
"Sora is that your girlfriend or something?" Yuffie asked.
Cabbagelass: They should get matching shirts to proclaim their not dating status.
Sora and Hope turned bright red and she pushed Sora off of her and she crossed her arms and she bent a knee.
"Im not his girlfriend.." Hope said. Sora got up and nodded.
"She's right." Sora said as he crossed his arms.
"Well sorry, you two just seem like you would be a cute couple." Yuffie said as she crossed her arms behind her head.
"NO WE WOULDNT!" Hope and Sora said at the same time they turned to eachother.
"STOP THAT!" They both yelled again.
"NO!" They yelled again.

Johnel: Honestly I'm going to have to ask to staff to not bring in alcohol during this for I'm afraid we'd try to play the romantic cliche drinking game.

Cabbagelass: Or give ourselves Alcohol poisioning and hope for a quick death.

Johnel: There's a difference?

They turned their backs to eachother and they crossed their arms. Yuffie rubbed the back of her head and Leon rapped his arms around Yuffies waist.
"Hey wasnt there another guy with you?" Leon asked as he kissed Yuffie's cheek.

Johnel:... Hey Lea get in here!

Lea: What?

Johnel: What is that?

Lea: I don't know man I don't fucking know...

Johnel: Yeah I mean what the fuck man it is so.... morphadite looking thing....

Ienzo:*Warps in smacks them both* Will you stop that it is a common pairing and I'd wish to not hear the annoyance that is you two interacting. *Warps out*

Johnel: Sooo cameo for this part?

Lea: No thanks you got me for a whole fic coming up.

Johnel: Yeah yeah I got it memorized.

*warps out*

"Hey, thats right..Sora was Roxas out there?" Hope asked. Sora shook his head. They all ran out and they saw Roxas was gone. They all ran to the town and the and they saw Roxas buying something. Hope ran up to him.
"Roxas, i thought you were gonna wait for Sora.."
Cabbagelass: Which as of now is compleately irrelevant.

Hope asked as girls started to run to Sora again.
"Gotta go!" Sora said as he started to run. Hope frowned. Roxas looked at her and he took out something from his pocket. It was a black choke necklace with a purple ruby in the middle.

Johnel: A collar.. hmm kinky.

"Its for you.." Roxas said as he was blushing. Hope's jaw dropped and she took it in her hands.
"Roxas, its beautiful..thank you." Hope rapped her arms around his neck and she hugged him. He rapped his arms around her waist and hugged her back. She pulled away.
"Hey can you help me put it on?" Hope asked.
Cabbagelass: *Filled with bad memories* neckalces are stupid . . . he should've gotten her a miniature army of ninjas instead.
Johnel: Uh Cab you okay?
Cabbagelass: Does this answer your question?

Johnel: Not really but it does give the audience something to listen to.

Roxas nodded and she turned around and moved her hair. Roxas put his arms around her head so that the necklace was infront of her. He tied it around her neck. She turned around and thanked him again.
"Lets get back to the gummy ship." Gofy said and everyone nodded. They walked back to the gummy ship while Hope was still admiring the necklace. When they got inside they saw Sora with alot of lipsitck marks on his face, arms, and legs.

Johnel: Huh so they did finally get the pants off.

He was trying to wash it off in the sink. He turned around and he smile.
"Uhh..hey guys, whats up?" He asked as he got all the lipstick off of his arms. All of there jaws dropped. They all shook their heads.
"Sora, why would ya leave us just to get kisses from girls?" Gofy asked.
Cabbagelass: He's being sexually harassed you ignorant f**k.
Johnel: Yeah I think dragged away kicking and screaming would be more appropriate.

Everyone was sad and Sora saw it in everyones eyes. But he stopped when he looked into Hope's eyes. She closed her eyes and turned around and Donald and her walked to his room. Roxas and Gofy walked to the control room. Sora's eyes started to look at the floor.
Cabbagelass: This is atrocious. Men aren't always the purpotraitors in sexual harassment, world! I'm a girl and I can say this! This is just so mean spirited and one-sided.

He continued to wash off all of the lipstick and a few mintues later he got it all off.
"Why would he do that?" Hope asked Donald. He shook his head.
"Hope do you like him?"

Johnel: That isn't related at all to the situation.

Cabbagelass: They just need to keep tabs on Hope's romantic ties 24/7. it's a rule.

Donald asked. Hope thought about it for a second then she shook her head.
", i dont." She said as she looked down.
"Well do you like Roxas?" He asked again. Hope thought about it then she slowly nodded.

Johnel: So does that mean Sora automatically lost?


" he the one that got you that necklace?" Donald asked. She shook her head. Then Roxas walked in.
"We'll be leaving to Halloween Town tomorow."

Johnel: You know I like a Nightmare Before Christmas a whole lot but I can't help but dread what is to come.

Cabbagelass: Just so long as Oogie-Boogie doesn't hit on Hope I'm fine with it.

He said and Donald and Hope nodded. Roxas blinked at Hope and she smiled. He closed the door and Hope contiued back to her sadness mood.

Cabbagelass: Isn't that like calling orchid a purple color? Or a mouse a rodent animal? Or Twilight a garbage book?


Then there was another knock at the door.
"Come in" Donald said and Sora opened the door.
"Hope can i talk to you for a sec.?" She looked at Donald and he nodded. She got up and walked out.

Johnel: So he wanted to talk to Donald?

"What?" She asked in a kinda sad and low voice. Sora noticed and he put his hand on her sholder.
"Im sorry for doing that..i know it was stupid...I should have told them to go away
Cabbagelass: They wouldn't have listened. I've seen enough cartoons to know that much.
Johnel: That and you know sex offenders no means yes and yes means the mood is killed.

..But i wanna make it up to you..wanna go out tonight?" Sora asked.
"Well..i mean as know?" Sora asked as he was blushing and rubbing the back of his neck.

Johnel: Who goes on a date as friends. That doesn't make sense.

Hope looked up from the floor to his eyes. A little smile went across her face then she nodded.
"Cool.." Sora said as he started to walk away. Hope ran to the bathroom and she started to fix her hair, the she brushed off her shirt, and she made sure her skinny jeans looked nice, and her shoes were tied.
Cabbagelass: Something tells me she forgets this often . . .
Johnel: Skinny jeans *shivers* of course their would be skinny jeans.

She put half of her hair on her left sholder, and she put the other on the right sholder. She fixed her bangs and made sure the went straight down. She looked at her gloves and she took them off and cleaned them. She put them back on and she looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her soft, and thin hair. Then she touched the necklace Roxas had gave her. *This is a night with Sora..not with Roxas..* She thought, as she took it off and she put it in her pocket.
Cabbagelass: . . . And people say gays can't commit to a relationship . . .
Johnel: Well seeing as at this point Roxas and Sora should be the same person and are two aspects of a whole this technically is a night with Roxas as well.

The evening passed and it was night time. Sora and Hope walked out the gummy ship and they were holding hands. They went to a fancy resteraunt and Sora pulled out the chair for Hope. She smiled and she sat down and Sora pushed her in and he ran to his seat and he sat down. They ordered their food and they walked to the balcony and they rested their elbows on the top of the gate.

Johnel: Okay few things. Who dresses in skinny jeans to go to a fancy resturant, who goes to a fancy resturant just to hang out, and why the fuck did they leave before eating?

Cabbagelass: Well the author forgot about Gofy before so this is to be expected.

"This was a wonderful night Sora..thank you." Hope said as she moved closer to him. He looked at her and he smiled.
"You're welcome Hope.." He said as she looked him in the eyes. Their lips started to get closer and closer, but Hope pulled away.

"Sora, i dont think we should do this..i mean, if we do..ya know kiss things might become akward for us." She looked in his eyes. Sora nodded and she smiled she looked up at the moon and stars.
"You know.." Sora looked at Hope as she spoked.
"I've always been a fan of weird things..I mean my favorite colors are black and purple..
Cabbagelass: Those aren't weird colors . . .
Johnel: Hell black is the generic favorite color of every bad fanfic author.

My favorite thing is the moon...
Cabbagelass: The moon isn't weird, in fact we need it for tides and shit.
Johnel: It is only weird if it happens to double as your first girlfriend.

I would choose dark magic over my power over water, but i'd use the magic for good..and"


Hope looked down from the moon. Sora looked at her eyes. They seemed alittle sad.
"I always stop myself from good things.." She was talking about the kiss but Sora didnt know.
Cabbagelass: Because Sora is stupid; like this fanfic.

"Oh.." He said as he looked down.
"Its..getting cold." Hope said as she hugged herself. Sora took off his hoodie and he gave it to Hope.
"Lets get back to the gummy ship." He said. She nodded and they walked there. The whole time they were holding hands again. When they walked in they saw Roxas sleeping on the floor.

Johnel: Apparently he was to lazy to just walk over to a bed.

"I slept with you last night so I'll sleep with him." She said as he took off the hoodie. He nodded and she hugged Sora.
"Thanks, this was the best night of my life."

Cabbagelass: Then your life must really suck.

Sora hugged her and they went to sleep.
Hey guys! How are ya? Did you like it? Hate it? Let me know whatcha think. Man Sora is a real gentlemen isnt he? He and Roxas both did something for her so if your wondering what was their competition in this chapter..that was it.
Cabbagelass: No, not everyone is retarded as you author. Not everyone.

Haha so anyway thanks for reading guys! love ya( :

Johnel: Die in a fire.

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