Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update: Wait a Bit and Request Format

Okay seeing as an actual viewer base now I'm might explain the currently slower schedule of updates to the three currently ongoing riffs.

I've currently moved and the internet has yet to be turned on at my new home. Also before you ask how I am uploading this post I'm sitting in the mall food court hoping no one cares that I haven't bought a single thing. So hopefully withing a week the internet will be up and new parts will start to upload. At this time it is most likely you should be on the look out for a new Co-Op mode part.

Finally as will always be availible if you have a bad fanfiction you want riffed you can send it here with the following information.

Name of the Fic and web adress:(Makes it easier to find)
Fandom:(Just in case it is one I need to read up on)
Author:(If anything is notable about this author you wish to share)
Prefered Characters:(Besides my self as the Nightmare on Hyrule Field has shown other characters are availible so please feel free to make a request.)
Sample:(Just a sentence that helps illustrate why the fice is bad)
Other:(In case I missed something.)

I might not to be able to get to them all but don't be afraid to share.

So thank you, hopefully, for understanding and as always...

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