Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Hello it has been a fun time hasn't it? Just so short of time ago I started this little project for fun but look at it now. Under 1000 views, not a single comment, and I made it so a 16 year old boy now requires frequent therapy sections with someone who has been liquifed in multiple timelines. Yes it has been a good year.

Well with that I thought the others that join me in these little riffs would like to give their New Year's resolutions. Sit back and enjoy.

Johnel (Riffer of unsound mind): My resolution is to drool over Dante in Devil May Cry 3 more.

Seriously look at that body and tell me it is not worth staring at.

Ienzo (Pissed off man of Science): I wish to rid my self of the above annoyance within the next 12 months. Also I hope to have the clones ready for the Want of a Nail experiment by March.

Mister (Cute Button Presser):

Cabbagelass (Sidekick and Guardian of Salad): I want to riff a bad fic on my own one day. Maybe something with cats, or lesbians, or ninjas, or lesbian ninja cats!
Link (Dead Hero of no Voice): 

Ganondorf (Constantly Dieing): I'd like one reincarnation were I'm not brutally killed and take over Hyrule.
Zelda (An Angry Drunk): Never to touch alcohol again.
Lea (Always gets the Icky Jobs): I'm going to make it so when I hit on a women they don't think I molest 15 year old boys. Also I want to burn Ienzo's hair off for constantly taking my shit.
Riku (The token Minor): To not see that cartoon ever again.
Johnel: Well that seems to be everyone. Anyways thanks to everyone that keeps reading this little piece of insanity and to my fellow riffers for not you know beating on me.... more than they already do. Anyways remember...

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