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Co-Op Mode Part 6: You are Not the Pumpkin King!

Hello! Whats up? This is yet, again another chapter of Sora's Love Life. Okay so this is after Hope and Sora's little "Friendship" date.. They land in Halloween Town and Hope gets a diffrent style. Sora and Roxas just fall in love with it
Cabbagelass: They'd fall in ove with her dressed in a meatsuit, don't embellish this!
...hope ya like it!

Hope opened her eyes and she was on a date with Sora again..but the events that happend replayed again.
Johnel:*Singing* And it's all in my head I think about it over and over again.
Cabbagelass: But? BUT?! You clearly meant and! What,are Conjunctions so difficult for you that you can't even find the right one?!
*Its just a dream..* Hope thought. So smiled as she relived the date but when they were at the kissing part Hope thought *What would have happened if I kissed Sora?*
Cabbagelass: Truly, a question that will haunt her to the end of time.
She instead of her pulling away she kissed him. She couldnt make out the way his lips felt but she knew she like it. They got into a passionate kiss and Sora sat down in a corner and Hope followed him. She sat between his opened legs
Johnel:.... First time I've heard that one.
and she was kissing him. Then, the floor started to fade and she fell into a light. She was in Twlight Town with Roxas. She was at the part where they were gonna kiss
Johnel: No they were in Radiant Garden you ignorant slut.
*What would have happend if i kissed Roxas?* She thought. Instead of looking where Gofy was
Cabbagelass: Or was he? you kinda botched that part . . .
she didnt. She kissed him and she didnt like it as much as she liked Sora's. While they were kissing she opened her eyes and she saw Gofy
standing there with a sad expression on his face. He looked at her then he looked down and he began to walk away. Then a few seconds later again she saw Sora run up the stairs to where they were and he saw them kissing. He was sad and Roxas looked at Sora. "I have her know
Cabbagelass: Know . . . . Know
Johnel: What is he a old timey villian with a curly mustache now?
Sora! get lost!" Roxas yelled as he summond the keyblade and so did Sora. They ran to eachother and they attacked eachother. "NO!" Hope was yelling as she held out her hands. Somehow a black and purple wall of magic appeared and it stopped them from attacking eachother.
So those powers you just dreamed about yesterday manifest today? What the fuck?!
Johnel: Better yet why are they trying to kill eatchother?
Cabbagelass: Gentleman's duel. Not an excuse, merely an explaination.
Hope moved her arms and the wall went away. She looked at her hands *W-what the..?* Hope was pulled out of her thinking when she heard Sora yell in pain. She looked up and she saw Sora on the floor with alot of blood coming out of his face, and arms. Roxas was about to stab Sora.
Cabbagelass: Now do you inderstand the awful fuck-all that is love triangles?! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE WROUGHT UNTO THIS CONTINUITY!!!!!

"NO!" Hope yelled.
She jolted up and saw Roxas with a worried expression.
"Are you okay? you were screaming." Roxas said in a low voice. Hope looked down at her hands and she reminded herself *It was just a dream..but then why did it feel so real?*
Cabbagelass: Because it was a premonition . . .Please . . .
She thought.
"Hello?" Roxas asked. Hope looked at him then nodded.
"Yeah im ok.." She got up. She saw Sora run in the living room.
Johnel: Wait so they slept on the floor?
"Hope whats wrong?" He said as he ran to her. She shook her head.
"Nothing..just a nightmare.." She thought again *It was a dream..a perfect one..i thought your dreams were suppost to be your sanctuary..well i thought wrong i guess.*
Johnel: Well they are until the burnt guy with a knife glove comes to kill you.
Cabbagelass: Or until you take off your top and get killed by Greg Keneer.
She looked at Sora and Roxas who were still worried.
"I promise im fine..i just have a question for both of you." She said as she looked into both of their eyes. They looked at eachother then they looked back at her.
"Would you two fight over something you both love?"
Cabbagelass: Like they have been since this retarded story began?!
She asked as she was playing with her fingers. They looked at eachother again. Roxas mouthed "what is she talking about?" And Sora mouthed back "I dont know".
Johnel: While I mouth a question of "is she off her meds?"
They both placed their hand on each side of her sholder and she looked up at them.
"Never..we are friends right? I hardly doubt we'll fight any of our friends. Their family." Sora said with a smile.
"Yeah Hope..its like you're asking us 'would you punch your mom?'" Roxas said with a laugh. Hope laughed but Sora didnt.
"My mom.." Sora couldnt finish it.
Cabbagelass: Oh hey, you remembered that tragic whiplash from chapter one; which makes me hate you all the more for your idiotic Gofy Slip-up two chapters ago.
"Oh. im sorry man i didnt know." Roxas said as he placed his hand on his sholder. Hope tilted her head to look at his eyes but they were closed. She placed her hand on his cheek. He looked at her.
"Sora..we'll get her back i promise..who knows maybe even Kairi
Cabbagelass: *pinches bridge of nose* Maybe I'm misinformed but . . . what the fuck is this reincarnation shit all about? It hasn't been talked about yet so . . .
..but right now..we're all family..i know how hard it is to loose someone you love..i lost my father when i was seven.." Hope said sadly. Sora touched her hand that was on his cheek.
Johnel: Of course she lost her father can't just let Sora have his grief no you have to always take some for yourself.
"Im sorry.." He said. She took her hand off his cheek and she waved her hand.
"Its okay.." She said. Donald ran.
"We're in Halloween Town!" Donald yelled excitedly. They all looked at eachother and Donald changed Sora into his Halloween costume. He had his pumpkin covering one eye, his black clothes on, his little cripled wings and his black boots.
"Donald change everyone else too." Sora said. He changed himself and Gofy and he turned to Roxas. There was black smoke and when it disappeard he sorta looked like Sora. Covering his eye was a skeloten, he had a grey t-shirt, and black pants, and he had little fangs like Sora.
"Now Hope..and can you hurry so we can go?"
Cabbagelass: Is she trying to go for gender-stereotype bingo here?
Sora said. Hope looked at him.
"You guys go on ahead..ill catch up." She said and Gofy, Roxas, and Sora left.
"Now you Hope." Donald pointed his weapon at Hope and black smoke appeard then it left. Donald's jaw dropped and she looked at herself in the mirror. She had on a purple short dress, with purple and black striped leggings, and black shoes like Sora's. Her gloves were fingerless still, but the were longer. They ended below her elbows and they were black. Her hair got longer it was alittle above her elbows and there was a little purple pumpkin barret in her hair and she had little fangs.
Johnel: Not much of a costume if you ask me.
Cabbagelass: If this fic were smart I'd say it was lampooning the tradition of revealing Haloween costumes for women. but it's not so . . . . (not so)Sexy Goffic!

"Whoa.." She said to herself and they walked out.
"Sora?" Hope yelled as she looked around for him. But he wasnt there. So they started to walk. They saw heartless and Hope summond her keyblade.
Cabbagelass: She still has that thing?
She and Donald took them out.
"Where's Hope?" Roxas and Sora kept asking. They walked until they saw heartless and they started to take them out.
"There's too many!" Donald yelled. Hope and Donald started to run away but a giant heartless stopped them. They were too tierd to attack. But when it tried to attack them a skeleton stopped it and took it out.
Johnel: Took out what? A salmon, a razzberry, a hedgehog, a hedgetrimmer, a loon, or was it a sandwhich?
Cabbagelass: Could be a Blazing Saddles joke.
Johnel:*El Kabongs Cab* No you do not imply that there is a connection between those two.
"Jack!" Donald yelled and he looked at him.
"Donald and.." Jack looked at her.
"Hope, nice to meet you." She said. Jack held out his hand.
"Jack, or the PUMPKIN KING!"
Cabbagelass: Because that's not hammy at all . . .
Johnel: Actually he is a natural showmen.
he yelled with a evil face. Donald looked annoyed. Jack shook Hope's hand and she felt his boney fingers. But something happend. She started to feel funny. She felt the the blood started to turn black instead on red.
Cabbagelass: Um . . . what? why? how? This makes no sense!
Jack noticed and he looked at her shocked. "You can control water cant you?"
Cabbagelass: I don't understand how that relates to all this . . .
Johnel: You'll see...
He asked. She nodded.
"You dont look to happy about that." Jack said.
"Im not.."
Cabbagelass: why? explain fic, EXPLAIN!
She said sadly. Jack studdied her and said something.
"You know..if you get touched by the pumpkin king you can turn your water power into a dark magic."
Cabbagelass: that makes no sense-
He said. Hope looked at him happily.
"Would you do that?" She asked and jack smiled and nodded. He touched her sholder and she yelled in pain.
"Hope!" Donald yelled.
Cabbagelass: She's dying?
"She'll be okay.." Jack said. She fell to her knees and she felt magic fun through her veins.
 If we cut her open we'll hear it clearer!
She looked up and Jack and he handed her something.
"What is this?" She asked as she took it.
"Its the same kind of gloves like the ones you have on now..they will help you control your magic."
Johnel: Who the fuck is this and what the fuck have they done wiht Jack Skellington?!
Cabbagelass: Yeah, what happened to the Jack who was naive and exciting?!
She looked at her long, fingerless, gloves. She noticed that it was all black and on the on the other side of her palm was a purple ruby
Cabbagelass: Wait . . . a Purple ruby . . . . . .a PURPLE Ruby . . . . . . . . . yep, she's retarded!
like the one Roxas gave her.
"Thank you.." She said as they all heard yelling. They ran to the edge of the sidewalk and they saw Roxas, Sora, and Gofy about to be attacked. Donald started to walk forward but Jack stopped him.
"This is the perfect time for Hope to practice her magic."
Cabbagelass: Yeah, a life-or-death situation is exactly when people should try out new battle technology they don't know how to use; wonderful!
Johnel: So it is the same as every Power Rangers season opener ever then?
Jack said as he looked at her. She walked to the edge and she held out her hands in front of her, and together like the dream. She closed her eyes and she felt Jack place his hand on her sholder. She opened her eyes and saw black and purple gas
Johnel: Yes replace control over one of the most commonly occuring natrual elements with purple gas.
Cabbagelass: *holds up a fist* She makes me want to Facebend.
in her hands. She looked at her friends that were about to be attacked and she saw the wall like her dream.
"Hope!" Roxas and Sora yelled as they looked at her. She moved her hands to the right and pushed away all the heartless. All of the heartless were killed.
Johnel: Over powered much?
Hey! So whatcha think about this chapter? Huh? Let me know. This was when they first visited Halloween Town and Hope got her new powers thanks to Jack.
Cabbagelass: Your summery's stupid and you're stupid!
So leave reviews about what you think. Thanks! ( :

Hey! I love this story! dont you? Well this is chapter 9 of Sora's Love Life..and this is after Hope got her dark magic and she meets up with Gofy, Roxas, and Sora. And she learns how to use her let me know whatcha think.

Cabbagelass: I've seen better stories written by 5th graders . . .
Johnel: I hate you, I hate your face, I hate your grandma's face, and I wish for you to get kicked in the ovaries by and angry sales clerk in your local mall.

"Hope!" Sora yelled as he ran to her and grabbed her in his arms. She hugged him and she layed her head on Sora's chest.
Cabbagelass: Soooooooo booooooooooorrrrring . . . .
"Hey Sora..what do you guys think of the outfit?" Hope asked as she pulled away for everyone to see.
Johnel: Generic and not at all scary.
"You look pretty Hope" Gofy said.
"Yeah you do." Roxas said.
Cabbagelass: She must have an ego the size of the empire state building :/
"Thank you guys." Hope said as she hugged Roxas and Gofy. Then she looked at Sora who was blushing and rubbing the back of his head.
"You look amazing.." Sora said with an uncomfurtable smile.
Johnel: Why the costume isn't even slutty so what is so uncomfortable about it?
She smiled.
"Thanks.." She said then Jack grabbed Hope's sholder.
"That was amazing, so lets try to practice okay?" Jack said. Hope nodded and everyone else was confused.
"Try to lift and move that." Jack said as he pointed to a pumpkin.
Cabbagelass: Oh good, tutorials. As if she couldn't make this any less interesting . . .
Hope lifted on arm and a black and purple gas was at her hands and it surrounded the pumpkin. Hope lifted her arm and the pumpkin flew in the air.
Johnel: So you can throw soild objects with gas? Not really sure I follow.

"Whoa." They all gasped. Hope closed her hand into a fist and the pumpkin exploded.
Cabbagelass: Good, Good. Now try it on your ovaries!
She turned to Jack who had a smile on his face.
"Good now try to lift one of your friends."
Johnel: Uh not!Skellington they can't survive having their heads removed like you can.
Hope looked back at her friends and she tilted her head to think who she would life. She held out her arm and pointed to Gofy. Her finger started to have the gas
Cabbagelass: Really, we're using the "pull my Finger" joke?!
and she lifted her whole arm but she kept her finger pointed at Gofy as he went in the air. She looked back at Jack and she lost her concentration on Gofy and he began to fall.
Johnel: Eh he's an old Disney cartoon character shouldn't be a problem
"Hope!" Jack yelled as he pointed to Gofy she looked back and saw him falling. She put her right hand to the left and she quickly moved it to the right. A square appeared
Johnel: Oh I get it now they gave her the power over debug mode.
and Gofy fell on top of it. He was safe. Jack and everyone else was relifed. Hope giggled because she was uncofutrable.
Cabbagelass: this whole thing is " uncofutrable" all of it!
"That was pretty try to control one of your friends body's."
 . . . It happed. This . Bitch. Can. Bloodbend! I do not want! I- this is- SUE HER MIKE AND BRYAN, SUE HER ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!
Jack said but everyone was too scared. So she tried it on Jack. She held out her hand and she brought it lower and she hoped his body would lower too. But it didnt.
"Well that didnt work..maybe you need to practice that one." Jack said. Hope nodded. Then 3 giant heartless appeard. Everyone summond their weapons except for Hope. She couldnt.
"Why cant i summon my keyblade?"
Cabbagelass: HOW DO I SHOT WEB?
Hope asked and Jack thought.
"Maybe because your water ablility changed your keyblade ablility changed
Johnel: Or you know it isn't your keyblade so Sora just took it back.
also...oh this would be perfect for training. Try to control the heartless." Jack said. Hope turned to her friends who were fighting the heartless and she tried to control them. But she couldnt she held out her palm and tried her hardest but she couldnt.
Cabbagelass: Yay, the Sue Failed!
Sora and everyone else got tierd and they couldnt fight anymore. There were only two more heartless left and they were about to attack her friends. She stuck out her palm and the gas appeared in her hand and she moved her hand down. The heartless moved with her hand and they were bowing to her.
Johnel: Well great job she is now on her way to be Amon 2.0 fan-fucking-tastic that bit of news is.
She closed her hands into fists and they dissapeard. She ran to her friends and she bent down because they fell to the floor.
"Are you guys okay?" She asked. They all nodded but Jack started to attack them.
Cab bagelass: Whut???????
Johnel: With out warning I will attack you this way it will keep you vigillant and alert.
Hope held out her palm and Jack stopped. She put changed her fingers, they were facing the sky but then they faced Jack and he flew back.
"Good you've learned it." Jack said with a smile as he got up.
"Yay! and sorry about throwing you."
Cabbagelass: HE should be apoligizing to YOU.
Hope said. Jack smiled and she smiled back.
"So what are you guys doing anyway?" Jack asked as he helped Hope help Roxas, Sora, Gofy, Donald up.
"We are gonna stop the evil in people's hearts."
Johnel: Okay how? Also I think you mean darkness.
Sora said.
"And we're gonna get Sora's mom and girlfriend back." Hope said. She didnt feel right say Sora's girlfriend but she thought it would make him feel better.
Johnel: Wait when did that become the primary mission? Was there an info dump the author just forgot to add? Also what about Kairi's mom are they just going to leave her to rot? Finally Kairi was beaten to death and her corpse is probably decomposing right now removing darkness from hearts won't do that.
Cabbagelass: What's dead should stay dead I always say . . .
Johnel: Cab can you not insult 50% of the people I work with.
"Oh Sora you have a girlfriend?" Jack asked as Sora scratched the back of his head.
"Who?" Jack asked. Hope couldnt bare to hear him say the words so she started to walk.
"Hope?" Sora asked as he put a hand on her sholder.
"Hope's your girlfriend?"
Cabbagelass: Does Hope look Dead to you, Jack? As a Skeleton, you should know the difference!
Jack asked and Sora turned around.
"No.." He said. Hope started walking again.
"Im gonna walk around..I'll meet you guys at the gummy ship tonight."
Johnel: Wait why are you angsting you aren't the one that who's lover got beaten to death by Elite Beat Agents.
She said. She left to the shoping center. She walked around and she saw a black and purple striped t-shirt..she bought it. She saw purple vans with black shoe laces..she got it.
Cabbagelass: I don't remember any of this in the Tim Burton flick . . . .
Johnel: Let me point out something really quickly here.... You are in fucking Halloween Town! There is no shopping center for your fucking shitty teen clothes!
She walked back to the gummy ship and her costume wore off. She was in her regular clothes. She ran into the bathroom and put took off her all black shirt and she put on the black and purple shirt, she left on her pants but she changed her vans into the purple ones. She put on the necklace Roxas gave her, and she put on the fingerless, long, gloves that Jack gave her.
Cabbagelass: What is the point of this? GIVE US SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE!
She looked in the bag and she saw a little barret. * He must have given it to me for free..what a nice mummy.*
Johnel: Bitch don't you dare be telling me the Pumpkin King is a mummy! *Comences the sassy finger snapping*
Can we just have a story, written by a woman,  without rediculous fails like this?! Women can write, I promise!
Hope said with a giggle. She put on the barret and she had a new outfit. She walked to the sofa and she sat on it. She made a ball of magic appear in her hands and she was playing with it while she waited for her friends to come home. At 12:00 p.m.
Cabbagelass: The word you are looking for is midnight. 
Johnel:*Singing* Fighting evil by moonlight...
her friends came home tierd.
"Hey H-" Sora was stopped by Hope's new outift.
"Whoa.." Roxas and Sora's jaw dropped and Hope giggled. She walked up to them and she closed their mouths.
"So what do you think?" Hope asked.
Johnel:*As Hope* Can I look anymore like the poster child for Hot Topic?
"You" Sora said.
"Amazing." Roxas finished for him.
Cabbagelass: You know, I'm suprised this broad hasn't gone into rule 34 yet considering . . .
She giggled.
"Thanks..well im gonna handle the control room tonight..its my goodnight everyone." Hope said as she walked to the control room.
She heard everyone close their doors. She looked at the map and she tilted her head to think which world she would want to go to.
Johnel: St. Canard? That's is where I'd go at least.
"Hope.." Sora said as he opened and closed the door. She turned around in the spining chair and she looked at him.
"Hmm..?" Sora walked and sat near her.
"What was the real reasson you left?" He asked. She looked down at her hands.
Cabbagelass: *singing* 'Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly~
"I dont know.." Sora grabbed her chin and he lifted it.
"Please...tell me." He said with his blue eyes sparkling.
"Well..i thought if i heard Kairi's would remind me of Destiny's Island and i'd.." A tear fell from her face.
Johnel: Oh fuck you!
"-I'd cry.." She said. Sora grabbed her hand and he pulled her to him. She sat in his lap and she set her head on his sholder.
" you think we'll get back to Destiny's Island?" She asked as she touched the crown chain on his neck. He rapped his arms around her.
"I hope so.." He said as she looked at him. Their lips got closer and closer until they started to kiss.
Cabbagelass: Finally! Now everyone can shut about everything!
Johnel: Oh christ here it comes...
She placed her hand on his cheek. She knew it wasnt a dream but she pulled away from their kiss.
"Whats wrong?" Sora asked. Hope got out of his lap and she sat on her seat.
"Sora..i think you should go to sleep and forget about this.."
Cabbagelass: Fuck. You.
Hope said. Sora looked confused.
"What why that was amazing.." Sora said as he placed his hand on her cheek. She took it off.
"Goodnight Sora."
Johnel: Oh you blue balling bitch.
Hope said as she turned to the screen that showed all the stars.
"Goodnight.." Sora said sadly. *Trust me wont remember..* Hope thought. When Sora was asleep she walked into his room quietly and she pulled out a tiny book. *Thanks Jack for this book of spells* Hope thought then she turned to a page that said "forget"
Cabbagelass: No. Fuck you, no. Lady you've got no right to take away this lad's memories just because you're scared of commitment or some shit! You ain't got no Goddamn right to play with the emotions of not one but two young men's emotions and repeatedly friendzone both! This is cruel and diabolical and anyone, male or female who would resort to this does not deserve love in any form!
She made the gas appear in her hands and she touched Sora's forehead. She tought about the kiss and that made Sora's memory of the kiss fade away. She kissed Sora's cheek.
" sorry." She said as she was walking out. She walked back to the control room and she sat down. She bit her bottom lip as she thought of the kiss. *Soft, gentle, amazing, and sweet..thats how his lips felt..And..that was my first kiss..Im just lucky it was with him..* Hope thought.
Johnel: You... he.. that.... WHOOOORRRREEE!
Hey guys what did you think about this chapter? Sweet? Awsome? Let me know. I think it was cute toward the end...
Cabbagelass: *sighs and removes glasses, FDR style* You don't know what cute is . . . . I spend all day looking at romantic and cute pics, I know cute: 
 the day your retarded love f#ckall is cuter than this Sh*t, come talk to me; but that up there? that was not cute . . . that was sickening . . . .
and i thought it was cool in the beging but thats just me anyway thanks for reading! i love you guys!

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