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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Final)

Johnel: This is it. Part 14 the end to Don’t Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer. So I’d like to take the time to say thanks to those brave few that have decided to read my work. Though you are unknown to me and we may have never conversed the fact that someone out there likes this little experiment makes me feel some joy in my heart.

Mister says thank you as well.

Zexion stepped forward, "Axel...!"

Johnel: Wrong for it is fact Axal his evil twin.

Lexaeus took a firm grab on Zexion's shoulder, "Guards!" he yelled.

The guards, Reno and Rude, quickly sprang into action and jumped on Axel, retraining him.

Johnel: So suddenly the fucking Turks are involved and acting like henchmen. What can you do?


Zexion looked at Axel and he smiled, despite the dull pain beginning to form in his shoulder.

"Axel!" the boy yelled, wanting to run to him.

Lexaeus growled and tightened his grip on Zexion's shoulder. Zexion squeaked in surprise at the sudden pain.

He fell to his knees and cried, "L-Lexaeus! Ow! That hurts!" Zexion weakly tried to get Lexaeus' hand off of his shoulder.

Johnel: If you haven’t guessed yet the author just realized that while Lexaeus was being written as a bit stupid the man himself had yet to look like a villain. So considered this him punching his evil card in.

"You're hurting him!" Axel yelled, trying to wiggle away from Reno and Rude. He growled and relaxed, laying there.

Johnel: Well he sure gave up quickly.

"We are going to get married. Now." Lexaeus yanked Zexion up and kept a firm hold on him. "Marry us pastor!"

Johnel:*As pastor* No I refuse to marry you and your he/she demon spawn carrying bride good sir.

The pastor took a step back, "Y-Yes u-uhm...Do you, Lexaeus Edwa--"

Johnel: Wait what’s with the fake name? No seriously both Vincent and Cid are in this fucked up family tree so why doesn’t the author just use one of their last names?

"I do he does, tada! We're married!" Lexaeus said.

" may kiss--"

"Stop!" Axel yelled, wiggling out from under the two guards.

Johnel: Oh looks like he got his second wind.

Lexaeus frowned and reached in his coat pocket, pulling out a small revolver. He aimed it at Axel and glared, narrowing his eyes. Zexion looked up and gasped, eyes going wide.

Johnel: Why the hell did you bring a gun to your wedding?

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Without thinking Zexion ran to Axel, jumping into the redhead's arms. Thankfully for Axel, Zexion was faster than the bullet that protruded from Lexaeus' gun.

Johnel: Suddenly Zexion becomes a fucking last son of Krypton and outruns the speeding bullet.

It went so slow, yet it was the fastest, most terrifying feeling in Axel's life.

 One moment he was holding onto his lover's warm body, the next moment he was holding his lover's limp pale body. He felt Zexion's skin get colder as the moments went by and suddenly a warm liquid substance seeped onto his hand.

"Y-You..." Axel's eyes flickered up, "You shot Zexion!" he yelled, hugging Zexion's body closer. "You shot him! How could you!?"

Johnel:*As Lexaeus* It was quite easy watch *shoots Axel*.

Axel got out his cellphone and dialed the emergency number, yelling at them to hurry.

The people in the audience were all frozen in place, trying to take in what exactly was going on. Lexaeus dropped the gun and cursed loudly. "Fuck you! You redheaded bastard!"

Johnel: You could’ve shot him. No seriously shoot him everyone else in the room works for you are is a part of your fucked up bloodline you can get away with it.

Axel rolled his eyes, running outside with Zexion still in his arms. The ambulance arrived quickly and took Zexion. Thankfully they let the redhead join the ride. He held Zexion's hand and watched as the doctors immediately began to work on him. Zexion was slipping in and out of being conscious and unconscious. He weakly squeezed Axel's hand every so often to let him know he was still there. Axel held his hand tightly and kissed it, over and over and over again. He let himself cry, he loved Zexion to death and to see him was too much.

When they arrived to the emergency room the doctors informed Axel he had to wait in the waiting room. He closed his eyes and waited, hugging himself tightly. After a few hours he sat up straight and pulled out his cellphone, "Demyx, Xemnas, Xigbar, get down here. Now!" he yelled.

Johnel: Okay first did no one get the cops over the whole gunfire at a wedding thing and second you just called three people that most likely are living viruses at this point to go see an injured person.

The lady at the reception desk 'shushed' him and went back to typing on her computer. the pyromaniac sighed and layed across several chairs, curling up as he waited for his friends.

Johnel: No fuck you author you just can’t throw in the fire connection this late in the game.

Demyx was the first to burst through the doors of the hospital, still clad in his work uniform.

Johnel: So he is streaking in a hospital?

 It was a small sky blue tube top that cut off a bit past his chest. It revealed the small, barely noticeable muscles on his stomach and his naval. He was also wearing a pair of navy blue short shorts. His legs were covered with thigh high light blue stockings and he had bluish-black leather high-heeled boots on.

Johnel: Is costume porn really important at this time?

He ran to Axel, "What happened to my Zexion!?" he yelled, shaking the pyro.

Xigbar ran in, huffing, "Who knew the kid could run so fast in heels..." he laughed, wheezing hoarsely. He was soon followed by Xemnas who was equally out of breath.

Axel opened his mouth to speak, but a doctor exited the room, "You can seen him now, but be very quiet," she whispered.

Johnel: They didn’t have any good dialogue for Axel explaining the situation so they used the doctor to cover.

Axel nodded and hastily moved inside of the room, looking at his slate haired lover. "Zexion," he breathed softly.

Johnel: Bluenette, mauve, and now slate. Is there a reason why the author can’t stick to a descriptor for hair or why they need to keep taking about their hair at all?

Well I guess that makes some sense.

"Zex-" Demyx was about to burst in and yell to his best friend about how worried he was and so on and so on, but Xigbar and Xemnas pulled him out of the room, placing their tan hands over his creamy lips. He thrashed and glared, but they pulled him into the waiting room, closing the door so Axel and Zexion could be alone.

Zexion's eyes softly opened and he gave a weak smile, "Axel," he said, attempting to sit up.

Axel made him get back down, "Shh, shh, keep laying down," he whispered. "You need to relax."

"The baby...he's okay," Zexion smiled, putting a hand on his stomach.

Johnel: How! You got fucking shot and where hopped up on pills how is it fine!

Axel smiled and put his hand on Zexion's, "I'm glad. I love you so much," he whispered, leaning down to kiss the other's pale lips.

Zexion smiled brightly, "I missed you so much...I love you. Now...we can get married and have our small family," he said, closing his eyes. "And we can live happily ever after, just like in a fairy tale," he said softly.

Johnel: Except neither of you have a job. I doubt no one will marry you if the story gets out about Zexion equals church shoot outs. Also like retards no one has called the cops on Lexaeus!

Axel nodded, tears slipping down his cheeks, "'re my little princess," he laughed softly. "I love you," he said again. "I love you, I love you, I love you." It seemed Axel couldn't get enough of saying that word. "I love you."

Johnel: I hate you I hate every last one of you.



Johnel: Oh I wish.

((If I get lotsa reviews on this chapter then I'll make an epilogue. OTHERWISE THIS STORY IS OVER :3))

Johnel: I let’s hope no one was stupid enough to do so.

I have decided YES there will be a sequel, since a bunch of people wanted one. xD;;

Johnel: Who are these people and where is my tomahawk?!

Welllllllllll, anyway. Yeah...

I'm not sure what I'm gonna call it...


I'll call it...



I really don't know. O-O


Johnel: The worst part besides the author being a complete dumbass mind is that the sequel has been made. Will I riff I don’t know but I have My Inner Life next so I’m going to go enjoy myself. So remember you should always.

Now push the button Mister.

The End For Now.

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