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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 12)

Johnel: Honestly it comes to this point I start thinking that the author has snapped so injoy.

Zexion slowly took a tiny sip of his soup. He nervously tapped his foot against the ground which was hardly audible, even through the silence. Zexion could feel eyes tearing through him and he debated if he should chance a look up. He lightly shook his hair in front of his face and let a small sigh escape. He took in a deep breath and bit his lip, looking up slowly.

Johnel: But there was no one there for it was all just a dream.

Everyone was, in fact, staring at him. He wondered why and he even opened his mouth a bit to ask why, but then closed it again and fiddled nervously with his fork. He looked down and took a small leaf of his salad. He chanced another look up and made a small noise of concern. Had he done something wrong?

Johnel: You are wearing a bell take a guess.


A loud clearing of Cid's throat stopped Zexion in his tracks. He froze like a deer in headlights and gaped slightly.

Johnel:  Really? I thought he was a cat now.

"So Zexion. Where do you work?"

Johnel: Nowhere because he quite his old job.

Zexion gaped a bit more then stopped and put his fork down. He looked down and opened his mouth, though no words came out. Was he supposed to tell them his old job? Was he supposed to lie or tell them his old job? He frowned slightly and looked confused.

"Go ahead, honey," Lexaeus urged him encouragingly.

Johnel: I’d say that telling them isn’t a good idea but they are cool with her outfit so whatever.

"I uhm...I was a..." he paused and regained his composure, "I was a dancer." Zexion's porcelain-white face suddenly turned a bright red as the room grew even quieter.

Johnel: While is mahogany ears wiggled.

 The blush traveled a bit down his neck a bit and to the tips of his ears. He watched as everyone seemed to freeze in place.

"Dancer?" Cid asked, raising an eyebrow.

Johnel: No she said Soviet spy.

"It means he's a whore grandpa!" Kadaj yelled.

"Yeah! Means he's a dirty gold digging whore!" Loz agreed.

"He sleeps around which means that he probably has Syphilis and AIDS!" Yazoo snorted.

Johnel: Okay while I know that you know Zexion worked at a whore house these kids are still little shits and should be given a stern backhand of parenting.

Olette gave a small laugh and she sighed, trying to catch her breath some. "Kids, what're you gonna do?" she smiled, ruffling Kadaj's silver hair.

Johnel: Bitch do you even know how to mother.

 Everyone else at the table laughed too, babbling on about how 'kids are so adorable'. Zexion even gave a small, dishearten laugh. He slowly stood up and felt as if his legs would collapse underneath him.

Johnel: Yes for kids talking about whores and sexually transmitted diseases is just the cutest thing ever.

"May excused?" he asked, trying to hide the tremble in his voice.

"Sure, sure," Lexaeus said. The conversation at the table had really started up since the children's rude remarks.

Johnel: They just are kind of ignoring her at this point anyways.

Zexion nodded, "I'll be fast," he said, striding off. He entered the bathroom and slid against the wall, allowing himself to cry. "Why...?" he asked shakily. "Why did this have to happen to me?"

Johnel: Your cannon self was a part of Organization XIII and looked under the age of 30 it was inevitable.

 He layed on the ground and curled into a fetal position, clutching his head. The tears stained his cheeks, but he didn't mind. The more he cried the paler his face grew, but it didn't matter to him. His existence was nothing to no one. He was just a tool, just there because he had a nice body.

Johnel: Unlike a Nobody *rimshot* okay that was terrable but I had to say it.

He stood up and wiped his eyes, staring at himself in the mirror, "You. Are. A. Whore." This is what he iterated to his reflection, pressing his finger against the mirror roughly. Each time his statement got bit louder and his confidence got a bit lower. "You should just DIE," he seethed.

Johnel: Oh by the great Kamina’s name are we doing the suicide thing again?

Suddenly there was a second presence, "We wouldn't want that, Zexy."

Johnel: You bastard Cloud think of the baby seals you are killing!

"Go. Away. Right. Now, Cloud," Zexion hissed venomously.

"But Zexion, I'm so lonely," Cloud whispered sensually, wrapping his arms around Zexion's waist.

Johnel:*As Cloud* I’m also willing to out myself as a rapist in front of my entire extended family.

"Get a whore," Zexion muttered.

Johnel: Supposedly Marluxia is free.

"I have a whore, my very own, special whore," Cloud breathed against Zexion's earlobe before biting it and tugging lightly.

Zexion's impatience was growing, "Let go!" he growled.

Johnel: Okay someone has been taking their testosterone pills. Wonder how long this new personality with nerve will last?

Cloud pressed more against him, Zexion's tiny waist getting sandwiched against the white sink. He let out a small squeak and frowned, trying to wiggle out of Cloud's tight grip. "Please...let me go..."

Johnel: We have a new record folks at only two seconds of nerve for this poor character.

Cloud pressed even harder against him, as if it were Zexion's punishment for speaking out of place. "You are my whore, my very own whore," Cloud whispered. Zexion closed his eyes tightly, gritting his teeth in an angry fashion.

Johnel: Cloud always wanted a whore for Christmas but papa would never bring him one.


Cloud ran his hand up Zexion's chest and rubbed the area tenderly. "You will submit to me completely. Comply to my every wish," Cloud continued. "That's what whores do."

Johnel: Well you have to pay him first.

Also I just cut out about two paragraphs of Cloud based molestation but you aren’t missing much.

Cloud's other hand was still circling Zexion's lips. The boy parted his lips and opened his mouth ever so slightly. Cloud grinned and watched the reflection of Zexion, pleased with his actions.

"So, you've decided to please me?" he inquired.

Zexion was completely still, his heart racing. In one swift motion he grabbed Cloud's wrist, biting down on the other's hand. He felt his teeth break the creamy flesh of the blonde and now he was the one who looked smug with himself. He tasted blood filling his mouth and it was possibly the sweetest taste he had ever tasted. (That's a lot of tastes!)

Johnel: Holy shit it is the return of vampire Zexion!

Also the fact I was able to find fanart under the search terms vampire Zexion makes me feel a bit dead inside.
Cloud let out a loud scream, "Ow! you little fucker, you fucking bit me!" he screamed, tearing his hand from Zexion's mouth. "That hurt! Ah!" he fell to his knees and cradled his bleeding hand.

"Don't fuck with me," Zexion snarled, opening the door. He sighed and slammed it as hard as he could, then returned to the dining table.

Johnel: So we end the chapter on Zexion finally growing a pair. Never thought I'd see that coming.

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