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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 10)

Johnel: Okay I’ve played over ten hours of Dream Drop Distance I’m ready for the next chapter of lishdfsa;dlihfsad;lohf

No bad Spirit off the keyboard. Okay where wa lkasjdf;asldkjfsa

Mister if you don’t be good I’ll remove you from the roster for the Tron world! Now to the fic.

"I was thinking we could do beige for the napkins, and pale blue for the table cloths. What do you think Zexion?" Lexaeus asked, looking over the pamphlet full of color choices for their wedding. He nudged Zexion back into reality ever so gently.

Johnel: Unfortunately he forgot to take into account that he dwarfed the bride to be and sent her flying into a wall.

"Oh...yeah...sounds lovely," Zexion said softly, small hands smoothing out his shirt.

Lexaeus looked down at the boy, "You seem...disturbed," he noted out loud. Zexion only shrugged and stared off into space once more.

Johnel: It’s not like he attempted suicide or anything last chapter nope there is no reason for him to be disturbed or any form of emotionally unstable.

 Lexaeus watched him from the corner of his eyes, "So," he drawled. "What color do you want your wedding dress to be?"

Johnel: The color of a wedding dress is optional? Also before anyone asks of course it will be the standard wedding in a chapel I doubt this author took time to research the marriage practices of any other culture.

"Red," Zexion said softly, images of when he could run his fingers through Axel's long, spiky, red hair.

Johnel: A women in red how generic.

Lexaeus snapped his fingers and instantly several red wedding dresses were displayed in front of them.

Zexion's eyes widened somewhat as he looked at the presentation. "Whoa..." He gently ran his fingers along the fabric and gave a soft smile. "They're beautiful," he whispered.
Zexion gently picked one of them up, examining it carefully. He felt a pair of strong arms slowly wrap around his body. Suddenly there was a harsh breathing against his ear. "Just like you," the burnt-auburn haired man whispered, licking the shell of the mauve haired boy's ear.

Johnel: It is the return of the mighty shell ear.

Zexion shuddered and felt Lexaeus' hand explore his body. His sides, his chest, the inside of his thigh. Silver eyes turned downward as he hugged the dress tighter, letting out a school as Lexaeus' fingers entered somewhere that was off limits for a while.

Johnel: See even the author is making it seem like Zexion is a woman. Also what the hell is letting out a school supposed to mean.

 "Lexaeus..." Zexion whispered softly moving Lexaeus' hand away.

Lexaeus turned Zexion around, pinning him against the table the dresses had been displayed on. Zexion squeaked and turned his head to the side, only to have the crook of his neck attacked with nips and kisses.

Johnel: So suddenly Lexaeus  is in a raping mood as well. Must be genetic.

"St-Stop!" Zexion squeaked. "Please stop!"

"Mm, play hard to get. I like it," Lexaeus grinned, licking his neck and collarbone, tugging at his shirt.

"N-No!" Zexion bit his abused lip and tried pushing him away, with no avail of course. He closed his eyes and sighed audibly. "I'm pregnant!" he yelled.

Johnel: Actually sex while pregnant isn’t dangerous for the child. It might be squicktastic for the parents but medically no damage will be done. This is more to point out the fact it might not help him make Lexaeus stop for as a man of science he probably knows this information as well.

Lexaeus froze and straightened up, pulling Zexion up with him. "Preg...nant?" he asked. He suddenly smiled and pulled Zexion into a tight embrace, "I'm gonna be a daddy?!" he nearly giggled, his manly-man composure completely lost at this point. " is mine...isn't it?"

Johnel: Wait you didn’t know. Whatever hospital you took him to last chapter really dropped the ball didn’t they?

"...Yeah..." Zexion whispered. 'It's a lie' he wanted to scream. 'It's Axel's...' He knew this for a fact.

Lexaeus smiled and he gently placed a hand on Zexion's stomach, "He's gonna be beautiful," he whispered happily.

Zexion nodded, "Yeah...beautiful..."

Lexaeus' hands rested on Zexion's hips and he stared lovingly into the other's dull, almost lifeless seeming eyes.

Johnel: Honestly at this point I can’t blame her for just shutting down.

"You're gonna look gorgeous!" Namine squealed.

Johnel: Suddenly Namine. Also I won’t hold the thing over the e missing against the author for I have no idea how that is done either.

 She was one of the maid's in Lexaeus' mansion and also the creative director for their wedding.

Johnel: Well aren’t we just miss special sauce.

She watched Zexion twirl in his dress, wearing the same red dress he had been holding only days before when Lexaeus had put the 'moves' on him.

Namine adjusted some loose stitches and made some slight improvements then moved back and looked at him, nodding her head. "The dress REALLY contrasts your hair!" she giggled.

Johnel: This is weird just really weird and I don’t know why but Namine being giggly and bubbly is weirding me out.

Zexion rose an eyebrow and shook his head slightly, trying to shake off his weariness. "Th-thanks?" he said, making his statement seem more like a question.

Zexion put a hand on his stomach; it was really beginning to stick out now. He sighed and did another twirl before he took the dress off and redressed himself in his everyday clothes. "Namine...thank you for the improvements on my wedding dress," he said, bowing lowly to her.

Johnel: Boring this is boring!

"Haha, don't worry about it!" Namine laughed, putting her hands on her waist. "It was no problem, really."

Zexion shrugged softly and gave a light smile before trudging off to his room.

His hand rested on the handle and he got a feeling of malaise as he hesitantly turned it. The innards of his room were empty so he relaxed and curled up. There had been no sign of Cloud, luckily, and he was happy that he, especially for his body's sake, could get some well-deserved rest. He closed his eyes and snuggled under the covers, falling into an unbreakable sleep.

Johnel: Unless he was given a kiss by a noble prince to break the sleep spell.

"Zexionnn Zexion, wake up."

Johnel:*As Cloud* It is rape o’clock Zexion.

Zexion didn't open his eyes. He knew who was trying to wake him up, he knew who needed him so badly at this moment, he knew who was there, planning to do awful things to him. He knew it was Cloud, and that's why his eyes remained closed.

It was only when a sharp pain hit the entire side of his face that Zexion opened his eyes. He gaped and held his cheek, staring wide eyed at Cloud.

Johnel: Cloud likes to keep his pimp hand strong.

"Oh good, you're awake," was all the abusive blonde had to say.

Johnel: Well honestly the author never leaves good lines to snark out on so I’ll just unashamedly promote something I like. Anyone reading should go by Dream Drop Distance it’s really a fun experience.

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