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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 9)

Johnel: Okay it has been awhile so I’m doing a triple chapter feature this time. Also I’ve stopped editing it so Zexion is always referred to as female for honestly that was getting tedious.


Johnel: Piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits make up the seven words you can’t say on television.

"What?" Zexion asked, regarding his cursing red-headed lover. Axel's expression had changed from carefree and exuberant to pale with horror.

"Zexion! It's Two in the morning!" Axel yelled, shaking the bluenette violently.

Johnel: Okay I’m sorry I just am unable in any way to take you seriously after use of the phrase bluenette.

Zexion blinked, "Sooo?" he drawled a bit angrily. Why was Axel overreacting at the time? It was just time...

Johnel: Once again people suddenly drawl now.

"Zexion! You need to be there in the morning. Or Lexaeus. Will. Eat. ME!" he yelled worriedly, nervously biting his finger nails.

Johnel: Honestly I don’t know if it is worse to take that at face value or as innuendo.

 "He'll know! He'll find out I've been kidnapping you at night!" He paced around. "Wh-What if he already knows we're having an affair!? Oh ho! He's probably already at my house, sitting on my bed with an axe. He probably already knows! And...and rich people are NEVER convicted for murderer! They never get caught!" he yelled, clutching his head.

Johnel: Calm down man you are the main character in a fanfic that hasn’t died yet for stupid drama you’ll be fine.

Zexion sighed and put a hand on Axel's hip, "Just calm down," he said. "It'll be fine." He grabbed the redhead's hand and pulled him out of the club, waving goodbye to everyone before exiting completely.

Johnel: Who else is up at this hour?

"You're overreacting, Axel," Zexion said, closing his eyes softly.

Axel shook his head, "Have you seen the SIZE of that man!?" he asked, clutching his head worriedly.

"I live with him. I would no how large he is."

Johnel: Honestly this whole chapter is just being stuffed with innuendo.

Axel sighed and held Zexion's hand worriedly, "He's gonna murder me...I'm gonna be dead by tomorrow," he muttered nervously, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt.

Johnel: Axel you have survived death twice you’ll be fine.

Zexion watched his antics, "Calm down," he said. "It's fine." He pecked Axel on the lips before leaving him at the gates, climbing over it most expertly. He trudged to where his window was and gave a confused blink as he noticed the ladder to his window was missing. He rubbed his eyes and caught a glimpse of it rolling back out of his window. His heart sank to his foot; he was scared now.

Johnel: Dun dun dun!

He shook his head and started up the ladder, entering his still lit room. He shook his head and figured he was just being paranoid. Letting out a scream and a jump he heard a knock at his door.

"C-Come in-" was his shaky response.

Cloud entered the room, he was holding a tray with tea and some small snacks. "Hungry?" he asked.

Johnel: Okay I know that you know why he is here so why take the time to make snacks? Unless rape makes him hungry or something.

"Wh-why're you up this late?" Zexion asked.

"I should be asking you. A butler's duty is never done," he sighed dramatically and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I heard you coughing. Still feeling sick?" he asked, setting the tray down.

"O-Oh...yeah! Yeah...I'm still sick!" he smiled, putting a hand on his stomach unintentionally.

Cloud laughed, "Well then, we should get you all better. Why aren't you even in your pajamas?" he asked.

Johnel: Please to tell me the idiot is still in the maid outfit.

Zexion just gave a light shrug, taking a sip of tea.

Cloud flipped a few stray strands of blonde hair, waiting until Zexion set is tea cup down before sitting next to him on the bed. He abruptly pushed him down and smirked, his eyes narrowing evilly. "Oh Zexion, you have a nice little dancer's body," he grinned, bending to nip and suck at Zexion's neck.

Johnel: So it begins.

"C-Cloud!" he yelled, attempting pushing the so obviously larger man off.

"Oh calm down, nothing you've never experienced before. Stranger wants you, you let him take you. You're a whore, no matter what," he purred.

Johnel: No enough with the animal sounds.

"No," Zexion said. "Get off! Lexaeus! Someone hel-" he was interrupted suddenly as Cloud's large hand clasped over his mouth. the mauve-haired boy wiggled, trying his hardest not to cry.

Johnel: Okay before we go on I’d like to make point of that in real life rape is not funny, sexy, or deserved. The thing is though this isn’t here to make a social point or teach a moral. No this is here for pointless stupid melodrama to pad out the fic. So I will make fun of it because it should not be taken seriously.

"I'll tell him. About Axel," Cloud said, licking at the shell of his ear.

Johnel: Also because the author is still making stupid comparisons using parts of the human body.


"I know," Cloud said. "About everything," he smirked and ran his finger down Zexion's stomach, tracing a little circle. "Everything," he laughed silently again.

Zexion shook his head, "No! No! Please let me go!" he cried, trying to wiggle away with no avail. "Stop, please stop!" Zexion cried, tears staining his porcelain cheeks.

Johnel: While her hemp pancreas kept secreting those enzymes.

"Hmm, oh no no, little Zexion," Cloud smiled. "I'm not gonna let you go," he said, playing with Zexion's nipples shamelessly.

Johnel: Resist urge to Rick roll. Resist urge to Rick roll.

Zexion sobbed, "...Stop..."

Johnel: Next chapter starts now.

"What's...going on?"

The familiar redhead's voice was soft, disappointed and sad.

Johnel: For you know he is too stupid to recognize a rape in progress.

"Axel!" Zexion squeaked. He tried pushing Cloud off, but Cloud was pressed firmly against him. He watched the redhead step through the window, using the stepladder that had yet to be pulled back up.

Cloud smirked and licked Zexion's bare chest, "Who're you? Trespassing on private property."

Johnel: Priorities dumb ass I don’t think you should be continuing when someone sneaks through the window.

Axel narrowed his eyes, "Who're you? Trespassing on /my/ private property?"

Johnel: Yes for obviously the less dominant person in a relationship is property and has no will of their own.

 he asked, letting out a loud, audible growl. He simple received a laugh from the blonde who stood and pulled Zexion up roughly. He hugged him tightly and rested his chin on the mauve-haired boy's shoulder.

"He belongs to me now. A whore's a whore. They move on from boredom eventually," Cloud chortled.

Johnel: That or lack of funds whichever comes first.

Zexion's eyes widened a fraction, "No..." he whispered.

"Go ahead Zex. Tell him all about how you belong to me. Tell him how you hate him," the blonde sneered.

Johnel: You know Axel would have to be an idiot at this point to not realize that if Zexion said those things they wouldn’t be true right? I mean no one is so stupid to realize that this Bizzaro Cloud is up to no good.

"No," Zexion whispered. "No please..."

"I'll tell Lex," Cloud purred. "I'll tell him everything."

Zexion shook his head lightly, eyes still wide as he stared at Axel disbelievingly. Axel stared back at him, trying to read the boy's eyes, yet he seemed so confused still. Zexion felt tears threaten his eyes, but he couldn't let them show. He cleared his throat and swallowed softly.

"Zexion..." Axel whispered, reaching out towards him and taking a step forward.

"Stay back!" Zexion yelled, pulling back from the redhead. He held his hands to his chest and felt his heart tear into a million pieces. The look on Axel's face was heart-wrenching. "St-stay back," he said, a little softer this time.

Johnel:*As Zexion*: I have uke tears and I’m not afraid to use them.


"No!" Zexion yelled. He looked down and pressed his back against Cloud's chest, "Stay away...I hate you...I hate you!" he yelled. "Please...go away...don't come back...please..."

"Zexion," Axel said softly, tears streaming down his creamy cheeks. " this...what you want. Truly?" he whispered.

Zexion nodded his head and looked down, letting his hair fall in front of his face. "Yes. It is, go away. I hate you...I hate you...I...hate you," he whispered, the tears trying to spill over his eyes.

Johnel: Once again Axel would have to be an idiot to not see right through this.

"He's right..." Axel said in more than a whisper. "Once a whore--" he had to choke this out quite obviously. "--always a whore." He turned away before turning back towards the two, "I forgot to give this to you earlier...It's because...I loved you."

Zexion blinked and caught a necklace that Axel had thrown at him. It was a bright gold chain with a tiny gold cage at the end. In the cage was a bright red heart the jingled around on contact with the cold gold metal.

Johnel: Okay I’m stealing a bit but SYBOLISM!

Cloud pulled Zexion back onto the bed, watching as Axel left, "His hair makes me wanna have a seizure," he sighed. "It's so bright and...blegh-- Hey, you listening?"

Johnel: You haven’t seen Yu-Gi-Oh I guess if Axel’s hair gives off that effect to you.

Zexion sat in Cloud's lap, no longer paying attention. He looked more like a lifeless porcelain doll than anything.

Johnel: With copper wire for veins.

Cloud groaned and threw him on the bed, watching as he just layed there, the necklace tight in his fist.

"You're boring. You better be interesting tomorrow, or there'll be dire consequences," the blonde frowned.

Johnel: This entire fic is boring so what else is new.

Zexion made a small noise, signaling he understood, and curled under the covers, covering his eyes and crying softly to himself as he was left in the cold dark room.

Johnel: Next chapter.

Zexion stopped thrashing his room as the sound of shoes clicking against marble became audible. The mauve haired boy wiped his tears and sniffed, calming down so his voice would sound normal. There was a hasty knock at he door and some nervous shifting.

Johnel: Someone with heels his coming to visit I wonder who it is?

"...Zexion?" It was Lexaeus' voice so Zexion calmed down a fraction.

Johnel: Of course…no wait why is Lexaeus in clicking heels?

"Yes?" he asked calmly from the other side.

"I heard a crash...are you alright?"

"Uhm...I didn't hear a crash, but I'm still feeling sick, so I'll be resting in my room." God, Zexion's throat hurt.

"Okay, feel better. I'll come and check on you. Do you need anythin-"

"No!" Zexion yelled. There was silence and then a soft sigh of relief as he heard Lexaeus leave. He slid down his wall and pulled his knees to his chest, cradling his face gingerly. "I want to die..." he iterated. "I just want to kill myself and die..." Zexion got up and looked around, finding a nice--expensive--vase. In the vase there were a few anemone and daffodils.

Johnel: Okay once again the subject of suicide in real life is a serious issue and is not funny. Also once again this isn’t taking it seriously and instead it is being used for bullshit melodrama so I will not take it seriously and make fun of this scene. In fact I will make fun of scenes like this for it is a spit in the face to the subject of suicide and as such should not be allowed any sort of serious interpretation.

"Why are you mocking me!?"

Johnel*As the vase*: Yes it is I the evil Count Von Stuficanto of Sarasaland mocking you and your maid costume ways Zexion mwhahahaha!

 he screamed, throwing the vase against the wall, watching it shatter into tiny pieces of glass. The water and flowers spilled everywhere, barely visible on the white floor. Zexion clutched his head and doubled over, screaming more. "I hate you! I hate you so much!" he sobbed, falling to his knees.

Johnel: I agree that vase was a dick.

He layed down and rested his head in the shattered glass, not seeming to care that it hurt like all Hell. He watched apathetically as some blood formed around his head and mixed with the small puddle of water. He sat up and took one of the larger pieces of glass, putting it in his palm as he clenched his fist, making the glass cut into his flesh.

Johnel: I’d play that crawling in my skin sound clip but honestly I’m too lazy right now to do so.

His eyes flickered cruelly and he took the glass holding it to his wrist. He slowly made a miniscule cut along the skin of his wrist and his eyes lit up at the pleasurable feeling. He made the cut deeper, when he felt like it wasn't enough he made it deeper, and deeper.

Johnel: Okay I don’t think adding the pleasurable feeling bit is a good thing.

After a few minutes of working on one slice he went to another part of his skin, already covered with blood from the cut made above it. He licked the area, getting it prepared.

Johnel: Seriously author is Zexion a vampire now or are you trying to make suicide by cutting look like a bad album cover? Now that I think about it this is reminding me of something.

He took the glass and jammed it into his skin, letting out a small squeak as tears blurred his vision.

He cut deeply and his breathing hitched slightly. He lapped up the blood that oozed from the fresh cut and noticed something that didn't quite fit amidst the red blood and pale skin. It was then that Zexion realized the little flecks of white were in fact his small bone. He gave a manic smile then and equally, if not more, manic laugh. He held his wrist and laugh harder, falling over and rolling.

Johnel: He cut to the bone. He cut to the bone. What the flying motherfucking hell author!

He coughed as his voice became raw from his deranged laughing/screaming. He backed up until his head hit the marble white wall and he arched his back, still attempting to laugh, though his throat stopped him. He looked around as a small buzzing sound rang in his ear.

He covered said ears, the noise becoming too much, he screamed more, finally gaining some of his voice back. He was becoming a bit nervous when it looked as if the walls were moving in on him, ready to crush him at any time. He screamed until his throat just wouldn't let him anymore.

Johnel: Okay seriously I’m starting to wonder if the if the author is over dousing on cactus juice at this point.

It was agonizingly painful, watching as people poked and prodded at you, touching your most tender areas to find the 'problem' when it was so obvious why he had been screaming. He closed his eyes slowly, drawling out nonsense. He opened one eye when a large cold hand tried at prying his open.

He made a small noise in protest, not wanting to release the small article in his fist. His aching body thrashed, "No!" he yelled hoarsely. When his vision became a fraction clearer he saw that it was, in fact, Lexaeus tugging on his hand. He wiggled around, only to be held back down by unknown people.

"Stop!" he wheezed, tightening his grip. All of the energy from his body seemed to drift down to his hand, so he could save the article. He felt something digging into his skin as he tightened his fist and he automatically realized it was the necklace Axel had given to him.

Johnel: You’re still holding that thing really? Also focus on the bleeding  wounds first you idiots not a closed up not bleeding hand.

Unfortunately, Zexion's body was working against him and his hand released its death-grip. Lexaeus, shoved the necklace into his pocket for safe keeping and he placed his hand with Zexion's, lacing their fingers gingerly. "It's okay," he whispered to his 'lover'.

Zexion shook his head, "No..." he whimpered. Soon he was brought to an ambulance that placed a clear mask on his face. Against his will he fell into a deep sleep, regretting now more than ever that he had left Axel to be with Lexaeus.

Johnel: Well really the problem is Cloud but I don’t exactly see what happy of life you would leave with the alternative but whatever that doesn’t matter right now.

Zexion's long black eyelashes fluttered open and he looked around absently, not noticing the gigantic man beside him. He looked down at his arms that ached horribly. All memory from the previous events had escaped him and he was left lost and flabbergasted. The boy was definitely tempted to remove his gauze and take a look at exactly what had happened, but he thought against it.

Johnel: Look they conveniently write out any memory of his psychotic breakdown so it won’t affect the rest of the fic. 

"Good to see you're awake," Lexaeus' voice chimed in, bringing Zexion back to reality.

"O-Oh...yeah..." Zexion whispered, looking down.

Lexaeus reached over and ruffled his hair, "It's shouldn't blame yourself," he whispered, leaning over to kiss Zexion's temple.

Zexion blinked.

"I would've...done that too, under your circumstances," Lexaeus smiled softly.

Johnel: I don’t know how disturbed I should be by that. Also that is a horrible stupid thing to tell someone that just tried to kill themselves dumbass.

"Circum...stances?" Zexion asked quietly, looking forward. He let his bangs fall forward, curtaining his face from view.

"What the redheaded bimbo did to you," Lexaeus growled softly. "I'll never let him touch my beautiful porcelain angel again," he whispered lovingly, kissing the corner of Zexion's mouth. "I'll kill him."

Johnel*As Lexaeus*: For I’m a ground type and as such supereffective against his fire type.

"No!" Zexion yelled, which came out as more of a hoarse squeak due to his failing voice.

Lexaeus blinked, "" he muttered.

"Whatever he did to's fine...don't go making rash decisions," Zexion explained quietly, hugging himself tenderly.

Johnel: Honestly I would almost prefer to see a dual to the death over what we will be getting in this fic.

Lexaeus leaned over to cradle the smaller boy, "I love you," he whispered.

"...yeah," was Zexion's only reply.

Johnel*As Zexion*: I love me too.

Man that was a dark turn I need something to make me feel better now.

That'll do.

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