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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 3)

Zexion blinked and stared at him. It was his number one fan. He covered his mouth to hide a large grin. He walked over to Axel and pulled him close, Axel was obviously much larger than the small frail boy. Axel smiled and ruffled his hair.

Johnel: They just met and I already tell this is going to be weird.

"Hey kid, I heard you're going away with some dude and I couldn't resist buying you for the night," he grinned.

Johnel: See what I mean. Also how does he know this?

Zexion laughed and shook his head, "You know all the regular costumers have nicknames," he said.


Johnel: News to me.

Zexion nodded and smirked, "Xigbar, you know tall man with silver and black hair?"

"I know the one," Axel nodded.

Johnel: I could say say that I’m scared the author means in the biblical sense but that could be this fic poisoning my mind.

"We call him Freeshooter. He used to be a cop and he was the top of his department. He shot several criminals.

Johnel: Oh so it is a really stupid way to give the Organization members their titles because this is an AU and as such they wouldn’t have them naturally. Also Xigbar is the worst cop ever. I mean what we know about him is that he shot people may have just come quietly and frequents a whore house.

 Saix, before he started working here, was called the Luna Diviner because when the moon's light hit him just right he looked absolutely beautiful!

Johnel: Oh come on author you weren’t even trying!

Oh and we even give them to our, very few, female customers.

Johnel: Because it isn’t like there is more heterosexuals in the world population wise or that the average female has a sex drive or that such an establishment wouldn’t do the crazy thing and cater to women… that would just be crazy!

 Larxene, she hasn't been around lately, was called Savage Nymph. She is so beautiful she reminded us all of a...woodland creature...a fairy or something," he grinned. "But she is very aggressive," he nodded. "There's much much more too!" he giggled.

Johnel: Yet we will only be told them for the Organization members because the author is just stealing them from the game

Axel listened with interest, "And my name? I am a regular costumer after all!" he nodded.

"You have two," Zexion said, nonchalantly holding up two fingers.

Axel nodded and listened closely.

Johnel: Is “Fandom Bicycle” one?

"My number one fan and stalker," Zexion said. He slowly made his way to the bed and layed on it then spread his legs. "Anyway back to the real reason you came here."

Johnel: Okay the author couldn’t even commit to the stealing of game nicknames could they.

Axel sat next to him and set his large hands on Zexion's scrawny knees and then closed his legs. "Yes let's get to the reason I came here," he nodded. "Not for sex, no. I wanted to give you a break from sex until you become some other man's slave," he said.

Johnel: Okay seriously his buyer could be a woman. You thought of that? Also who goes to a whore house not for sex? It’s like going to a strip joint for the food.

Zexion sat up, "No sex? Break? Slave?" he asked, quirking his eyebrow. "Hm...I don't need a break, I rather like having sex. I know you want to have sex with me or you wouldn't come and watch me dance all the time, and Zexion is slave to no man!" he nodded defiantly.

Johnel: On your first point sure that is why you do it this way. Second point I’ll give you to be fair. The third point though I’m going to have to call bullshit.

Axel ruffled his hair and laughed, "Of course small fry."

Zexion pouted and straddled him, "Are you even listening to me?" he growled.

Axel laughed again, "You should only have sex with someone you love, if you don't then what's the point?" he asked.

Johnel: Okay did the author accidently steal the Axel from a Axel/Roxas fic or is this Axel blind and not know where he is?

Zexion shrugged, "Pleasure?"

Johnel: Well it isn’t like you can do it with him to procreate.

"It's better when it's with someone you love," Axel shrugged back.

Johnel: I’m deciding not to weigh in on this one.

Zexion tilted his head to the side. "How would you know? Do you love someone? If so, then why do you come here?" he asked, putting his hands on Axel's chest and leaning close to him.

Johnel: It’s because he loves his little uke Zexy…I also hate that there is a scenario in which I say that.

Axel grabbed his hands and looked at him, "I just know," he said. "I am in love with someone. I bet you'd never guess who it is," he grinned, pulling Zexion closer to him.

Johnel: Is it Lightning from FF13?

Zexion layed on him and pretended to think, "I wonder," he said. "Is it me?" he asked.

Axel gasped, "How did you know?"

Johnel: Foreshadowing as subtle as a sledgehammer to the knees could be the culprit.

Zexion laughed, "I'm actually smarter than I may seem," he said. "You know if you love me you should just have sex with me. It would make you happy. I'd love to see what kind of expression you'd have," he grinned. He stroked Axel's cheeks and traced his finger down to his jaw. He smiled happily when Axel let out a soft moan. Zexion nuzzled his chest and crawled down a little bit. He expertly undid Axel's pants, zipper button and all, with his mouth. Axel put his hands on Zexion's shoulders and pulled him up then began to kiss his neck.

Johnel: First that zipper must taste disgusting and second they keep writing Zexion as short so Axel must be picking him up off the ground here.

Zexion let out a moan of pleasure and allowed himself to be flipped onto his back by Axel. Axel slowly pulled off Zexion's shorts and then his briefs. Zexion wrapped his legs around Axel's waist and pulled him closer, moaning for attention.

"My, my, fussy?" Axel grinned. He leaned down and kissed Zexion's stomach then moved up to his chest. He took one of Zexion's tiny nipples into his mouth and sucked hard.

Zexion moaned loudly and bucked his hips forward.

Johnel: Get ready folks you know what is coming up.

"Be patient," Axel scolded, stroking his hair.

Johnel: *As Axel* The author hasn’t started typing with one hand yet.

Zexion moaned more. He wanted attention and he wanted it now damn it!

Johnel: That seems unprofessional.

Axel sat Zexion up and and leaned down, "This will make you feel good," he smiled.

Johnel: Okay close your eyes and cover your ears for hear it comes…

(Several hours of sex later)

Johnel: ….Wow I don’t know if I should be happy there wasn’t a sex scene or looking at the author funny for putting the whorehouse with underage employees down on a screen but not having the balls to go through with a sex scene. Of course these things are written by teenage girls so what can you do. Also I feel the Several hours is a lie and it was more like say 3.5 minutes.

Zexion layed on his stomach and panted heavily as Axel caressed his back. Axel looked down at Zexion and giggled. Zexion looked up and mumbled 'what?' Axel laughed again and leaned down to lick some cum from the corner of Zexion's mouth. The schemer closed his eyes and yawned, then was soon joined by his number one fan.

Johnel: Okay you cut out the sex scene but keep in that? Make up your mind are you going to be prudish about it are not author.

"Axel?" Zexion asked.


"Do you think a person like me is capable of love?"

Johnel: Notice due to them not being Nobodies in this fic that this question is stupid. Sure I guess you could say what Zexion is saying is as a whore can he be capable of love but you know  the author is just wanting the reference the games in another stupid way so why try to defend the line.

Axel smiled and hugged him, "Of course!" he said, kissing his jaw. "You are so beautiful and kind! You deserve someone to love!"

Johnel: Okay from all I can gather the only things you know about this version of Zexion is what kind of strip tease he does and how he is in bed so where are you getting the thing about being kind from?

Zexion sighed, "Thanks..." he mumbled.

Axel snuggled him and pulled him even closer, "It's too bad I have to give you away," he sighed.

Zexion nodded in agreement, "I think I'm becoming fond of you..."

Johnel: Okay I was going to make a joke about these lines but I just took a look at the authors profile and saw that the writer is not a teenage girl but a 17 year old homosexual male. All I have to say is that this doesn’t affect my views on the fic much because it is still terrible but I will it admit it saddens me somewhat. Although it could just be lie because I wouldn't but it past some creepy teenage girl to fake being a gay male to give legitimacy to their bad fanfic.

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