Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 8)

((Hey everyonneeee!! Gabe here, welllll I know that a lot of you have probably already read Chapter nine...wellllll...I'm sorry but that was actually chapter 10. ;;;;; GOMMEENNNN!! I'm soooo sorry!! 3;;; I accidentally got them mixed up! D:))/b

Johnel: That was just painful to read. Also I still doubt your claims of identity.

Axel picked Zexion up with ease, turning her in every direction thought possible to examine her, then his eyes finally settled on Zexion's flat belly.

Johnel: You know got to check your synthetics women for cracks now and then.

Zexion blinked, "Oh...I'm sorry...did you not want me to perform?"she frowned softly.

Axel blinked and snapped back into reality, "No no! I love your performances...it's just-" he paused and rubbed the back of his head, "I don't want you to hurt the baby...going upside down like that...I was just worried for him...or her." he lightly rubbed Zexion's belly and smiled softly.

Johnel: Of course that makes sense. No wait it doesn’t.

"I...how'd you know!?" Zexion gasped.

Axel chuckled, "I'm your lover. A lover has got to know."

Johnel: *As Axel* Because fuck you that’s why.

The small dancer rose an eyebrow and put her hand on her hips, "I don't believe that, it's not scientifically possible for you to just 'know' at this early in my pregnancy," she protested, crossing her arms.

Johnel: Well if you were a man the pregnancy itself would be impossible but seeing as you are a woman we will just leave it at that.

Axel laughed and ruffled her hair, "Okay okay! Me and Xigbar heard you talking to Demyx about pregnancy tests. Hehe...Xigbar freaked out, thinking he got Demyx pregnant..."

Johnel: Ha ha silly Xigbar thinking you could get a man pregnant.

"Ohh! You are such dorks!" Zexion pouted, flicking Axel in the forehead. Axel gave a small chuckle in surprise.

"So...is he mine?" was Axel's next question.

Johnel:*As Zexion* No it’s Kefka’s.

Zexion smiled and nodded, "I'm positive, because I knew I was pregnant before the first time I had sex with Lexaeus. It's fine."

Johnel: Wait I thought you had avoided that. Also glad to see you can still walk.

"You know, I'd be his father to the best of my abilities...even if it doesn't end up being mine," the red head giggled, poking Zexion in the belly once again.

Johnel: Mind that is abilities to be a father are very lacking.

Zexion squeaked and smiled, leaning up to kiss Axel gingerly. "I love you so much!" She said.

Johnel: You notice that both love interests are always taller in this scenario.

Axel nodded in agreement and held Zexion's hands, pulling her into his lap as he sat in one of the club's chairs. "You're so beautiful," he whispered into the girl’s mauve coloured hair. "I love you so much, and you are my beautiful sparkling diamond," he cooed, caressing Zexion's back.

Johnel: Mauve really? Also that diamond line is so cliché it was old before the internet.

Zexion gave a small laugh, "And you are my big red-headed lion,"s he purred, gently pulling one of Axel's spikes.

Johnel: Shut up we don’t need to be dragging the fur into this I’ve already got Sonic fics lined up and would like to wait until then to deal with it.

Also I cut out another paragraph of kissing but you didn’t miss much.

The mauve-haired girl pulled away and laughed, holding her sides as he rubbed tears from his eyes as he doubled over, his usually small voice sounding rather loud and attention gathering. Axel watched her and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

Johnel: Well it seems she finally just snapped.

"Sorry...I'm...hehe, I'm sorry!" Zexion laughed. "You were...you were g-growling!" she snorted, flinging her head back as she went into another fit of laughter. "Y-You sounded like a dog...growling! Pft...ahahahaha!" she giggled.

Johnel: Really I thought he was a lion?

Axel watched him and frowned, "You have a weird sense of humor," he muttered.

"Grrr," Zexion said, snapping at Axel like a playful puppy. "Grrrowl!" she snorted.

Johnel: Honestly I’m starting to think the creator is just going through a mental break down at this point.

Axel watched him and a smile played on his lip. He let out a small laugh, "You are so weird," he said.

Johnel: Honestly weird is an understatement.

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