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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 4)

Zexion's deep blue eyes slowly opened. He sat up and looked around, Axel's side of the bed had been neatly made already. He laughed softly and sat up, silently pulling his knees to his chest. He looked down at the covers that covered him to his chest and shook his head, letting out another small laugh.

Johnel: I don’t see what is so funny.

"What was I expecting?" he asked himself. "Was I expecting him to take me away to a castle on his white steed where we'd live happily ever after?" he layed back down and then thought to himself for a moment. He reached under the bed and pulled out a small teddy bear. He held it close to his body and curled up.

Johnel: Okay I should question the teddy bear but this joint does cater to those that like boys under the age of 18 so it seems like a prop you would find there.

"Vexen?" an all too familiar voice chimed, walking into the room.

Johnel: That sentence just doesn’t work. At all.

"Demyx...if you're gonna come in after I've been with a client, wait until I get dressed first..." Zexion mumbled.

Johnel: Does Zexion really need to care about privacy?

Demyx laughed and jumped on the side next to him, "Noo!" he whined. "I can't stand someone else touching my Zexy-poo!"

Johnel: Just so people know according to research every time some writes Zexy instead of Zexion in any permutation a baby seal is clubbed.

Zexion rolled his eyes, and hugged him back. "You are so clingy!"

Demyx nuzzled him then looked at the teddy bear. "Hmm...last Valentines Day was very eventful thanks to Vexen," he smiled.

Johnel: Oh so that previous line was trying to set up a conversation about Vexen. It could have been worded a hell of a lot better.

Zexion nodded, "Remember when he grabbed Zack's ass, thinking it was me?" he laughed. Demyx laughed too and nodded. Zexion sighed, "I miss him," he whispered sadly.

Johnel: Oh come on I’m pretty sure Birth By Sleep wasn’t even out yet.

Demyx stroked his hair, "It's okay. Remember...the time he tried giving you a lap dance?" he laughed.

Johnel: Could we not?

Zexion smiled and laughed too, his eyes brightening somewhat. "Yeah! And he totally fell right off of my lap!?" he nearly snorted.

Demyx smiled and nodded, "Vexen was a great person, such a big loss too," he sighed. Zexion nodded in agreement.

Johnel: Okay could someone explain what exactly happened to Vexen or what he was to this group? I mean yeah he was most likely a client but he could’ve been staff and is he dead, arrested, or realize how out of  character everyone is and leaving them to rot?

"Excuse me!" Xigbar yelled playfully. He grabbed Demyx by the side and picked him up bridal style. "I believe this belongs to me!" he huffed. Zexion laughed and sat up, getting his shorts from the side of the bed and pulling them on. He yawned and stretched then watched Xigbar snuggle Demyx closely.

Johnel: I think it is some sort of multi-dimensional law that the name Xigbar and the word known as snuggle could at least have five words separating them.

"Get a room you two," Zexion smiled, rolling his eyes slightly.

"We're in a room, Zexy," Demyx giggled.

Johnel: Such original and not at all predictable comedic writing being shown of here. Also that is a second clubbed baby seal.

Zexion smiled, "Yeah," he said, before leaving the room.

He slowly walked down the hall to his room, resting his hand on the door handle before he realized there was something wrong. He looked to the side to see Cloud, the guard from before.

Johnel: He was a guard? No seriously I’m pretty sure they just pulled the guard thing out of nowhere.

With a frightened face, for reasons he did not know, he sprinted the opposite way to Xemnas' office. He curled up into the man's lap like a scared child and hugged him.

Johnel: The fuck?

 Xemnas blinked and pet his head, "What's wrong sweetie?" he asked, his eyes momentarily darting to the papers he had been working on. After Zexion ran into the room they scattered all along the floor.

Johnel: Okay Xemnas you are a part of Xehanort the man who seems to want to destroy worlds simply For Science! You do not say sweatie and you do not pet people’s heads.

"Excuse me sir?" Cloud asked.

Johnel: *As Cloud* I believe it is time for a 180 degree motivation shift as we scheduled.

Xemnas looked up at him, "Oh. It's just that nice gentleman from before coming to pick you up," he said, prying Zexion off of him.

"I don't wanna go," Zexion whispered, looking Xemnas in the eyes. Cloud was absently waking around the office, examining the many luxuries it held, so he hadn't heard what Zexion told Xemnas. Xemnas

looked back at the boy and leaned back in his chair, "You must go, little Zexion, after all the struggle you gave me just to let you go."

Johnel: I know the guy is short but you don’t have to remind him constantly.

"But I don't want to anymore!" Zexion sniffed. "I'm scared.

Johnel: You are also suddenly sounding like a five year old.

"It's only the pre-wedding jitters, nothing more, now go pack your things," Xemnas explained.

Johnel: Once again am I the only one who is in the dark to when it was specified a purchase for a wedding.

Cloud walked over, hearing the last of what Xemnas had said. "There will be no need for that, the Master has already gotten Zexion an entire new wardrobe."

Johnel: *As Cloud* He actually as purchased the young man some pants and undergarments that don’t have a hole in the back.

Zexion looked up, if there was one thing he loved it was clothes. He smiled and followed Cloud to the main lobby.

Johnel: Okay clothes making a character instantly go with someone seems something more like a poorly written female character but for now I’ll just say it is poorly written in a gender neutral fashion.

 "What's his name?" Zexion asked. "I mean...I have a pretty good idea of what he looks like, ginger hair, earthy brown eyes...but I still haven't a clue what his name is."

Johnel: Okay once again I confused for I don’t remember  Zexion ever seeing him.

Cloud looked down at him and then back forward at the limousine parked on the side walk directly in front of them, "Lexaeus,"

Johnel: Oh hell I was hoping that the author would be like most and forget Lexaeus.

 he muttered softly. "And there will be some rules if you're going to live at the mansion. One, no eating or drinking anywhere but the kitchen. Two, you'll do whatever the Master tells you to do. Three, clothes go in the hamper, not on the floor. Four-"

Johnel: Wait so this man can buy a bride but is too cheap to have a dining room?

"Cloud don't bother him with your silly rules," a deep voice chuckled softly. Zexion looked up and stared wide eyed for a moment, before returning to his natural calm look. The man took a moment to examine Zexion, looking quite pleased with the boy's appearance. It appeared as if the large ginger man was taking mental notes of Zexion which made him feel a bit uneasy.

Johnel: I’m pretty sure Lexaeus is not a ginger.

"Lexaeus?" Zexion asked softly.

"At your service," Lexaeus smiled softly, lightly kissing Zexion's small porcelain hand.

Johnel: It turns out Zexion also has a heart of glass.

 Zexion smiled, this man seemed nice. He felt like he had nothing to worry about at all now! Getting married and settling down with a nice man, it wasn't bad at all.

Johnel: Okay from what I can tell about this AU it takes place in a world more based on our own so would this marriage even be legal if you take out the whole purchasing live bodies part.

"Come along, Zexion," Lexaeus, apparently, repeated. Zexion was so absorbed in his own thoughts he hadn't heard Lexaeus the first time. Lexaeus guided Zexion into the limousine and sat him down. Zexion smiled and stared down at his lap, he had almost forgotten about Axel. The name made him smile and giggle like a love struck school girl. He'd never be able to see Axel again...

Johnel: So?

The thought kind of devastated him, and the downs of never seeing Axel again were challenging the ups of living the 'good life'.

Johnel: No seriously they slept together once it isn’t like that is enough to be devastated over not seeing one again from what seems to be going on.

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