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Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 6)

Johnel: Alright I’m just going to do Chapters 6 and 7 at the same time so let’s do this.

Zexion came out of the bathroom. He rubbed his stomach and looked at Lexaeus, "I'll be sleeping in one of the guest rooms until I get better. I don't want you to get sick," he said softly.

Lexaeus nodded, "I understand," he said, kissing Zexion's forehead. "Now go and get ready for bed, I'll have Cloud bring you some tea," he smiled softly. Zexion nodded and scurried off. He sighed and hopped into his pajamas then layed in bed. He turned down the lights then took out his stuffed teddy that Vexen had given him.

Johnel: Okay he sleeps with a teddy bear at his age… actually I have no idea how old he is supposed to be I’ll have to look this up later.

Thankfully it didn't bother Lexaeus for him to still keep it, he convinced Lexaeus Vexen was a father figure of sorts.

Johnel: Unfortunately Birth By Sleep makes this weirder in context.

 He snuggled the teddy, "I love you Vexy," he sniffed softly.

Johnel: Also use of Vexy causes baby sparrows to be lit on fire so just warning fan fiction writers now.

 Once again while Zexion was absorbed in his own thoughts he didn't hear a pebble as it hit his window. After the annoying sound of tapping filtered through his head he sat up and walked to his window.

Johnel: The pebble at the window cliché really author?

"God damnit what do you wa-" Zexion stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the familiar ginger hair and soft, yet bright emerald eyes. He rubbed his eyes and turned. Just a hallucination!

Johnel: Well with his line of work drugs are something that most likely get passed around.

 he yelled in his head. When you turn will be gone.And so he turned, but unfortunately then grinning man was still waving like an idiot.

Johnel: Well at least the idiot part is right.

"Yo Zexy! Why'd you leave me?" the ginger yelled up. "I waited for WEEKS for you to come back! And finally someone told me you were gone!"

Johnel: So Zexion didn’t tell him? Also three baby seals.

"Shh!" Zexion screamed through gritted teeth. He looked around. "Hold on! I'll come down!" he whispered quite loudly. Looking around, Zexion tried to find something to lower himself down. He looked in a large trunk and found an escape ladder in case of fires. He climbed down and jumped into Axel's arms, hugging him and kissing him all over.

Johnel: Convenient ladders and more corny actions it is just my lucky day.

"You left me!" Zexion said finally. "You left and then I had to go...with husband..." he said, looking down sadly.

Johnel: It isn’t like you work at a whorehouse and he might have a job or something.

"You're married...already!?" Axel asked. " hasn't even been that long!" he gasped.

Johnel: Well those crazy Vegas weddings you know.

Zexion shook his head, "No, not married yet...a few more months though," he said. "I...I really love you though...he's passionate as you are," he whispered, lightly kissing the red head's temple. Axel picked him up bridal style and nuzzled him happily.

Johnel: How’d he reach Axel’s temple?

"I love you too," he whispered. "I love you so much I can't stand it.

Johnel: Gag me with a chakram this is bad.  

Zexion giggled softly and wrapped his arms around Axel's neck, pulling him into a deep and loving kiss. They rolled their tongues together, loving every moment of the exchange.

Johnel: Until they both had their name written in the Death Note and died the end.

Axel slowly sat down then layed back and pulled Zexion on top of him. One of his hands slowly traveled up Zexion's tiny pajama shirt while the other worked it's way down his silky purple shorts. Zexion gasped slightly and his head went back as he let out a small moan.

Johnel: Ready shields the author might go through with the sex scene .

Axel contentedly nudged Zexion and nipped at his neck, "I love you," he iterated. He was so drawn into Zexion right now, he never wanted the moment to end. He felt somewhat depressed when he realized he was the one that had to stop the moment. He pulled his hands back and sat Zexion up. "Not here," he whispered softly against the boy's neck. Zexion moaned in discontent.

"Whhyyy?" Zexion's small voice groaned.

Johnel: Well from what I can tell you are on the cold ground in a backyard so maybe that would be a bit uncomfortable.

Axel stood up and held him close, rocking him like a child.

Johnel: That does not help this story’s case what so ever.

"We're still in public, hun," he whispered with a small laugh. He stroked Zexion's hair, "Let's go back with Demyx and the others, they said you haven't come to see them since you left for this stupid mansion..." he said, sounding a little upset. His emerald eyes met with Zexion's ocean blue ones then their lips met in another passionate kiss.

Johnel: Yes for if I was in that position I totally would like to go visit a whorehouse I worked at socially and not cut ties trying to forget it.

Zexion broke it and nodded, "Let's go...I miss them," he smiled.

Axel nodded and carried him off, nuzzling him every now and again.

Johnel: So he walked there carrying Zexion the whole way? He must be sore after that.


"Hello? Zexion, sir?" Cloud was tired of knocking on the boy's door so he simply barged in with the silver tray covered with cakes and tea.

Johnel: *As Cloud* I’ve brought cake and rape I mean cake and tea.

Cloud's sunglass covered eyes looked around, finding no trace of the boy. "Zexion?" he asked again. Blinking softly with a hint of worry in his crystal eyes, he ran to the bed setting the tray down. His eyes averted toward the window where the rope ladder hung.

Johnel: Well ZExion is an idiot.

He ran towards it and looked out, seeing a flick of Axel's bright red hair. He grinned and snickered softly.

"This is rich," he laughed.

Johnel: Also Chapter 7 starts now.

The night had been one of the best of Zexion's life. He got to see his old friends, meet some new regulars at the club and most of all he got to spend time with his Axel. His ginger headed emerald eyed flame thrower. Flame thrower was a new nickname Axel received because he was so great with handling fire.

Johnel: Oh come on at least get the nickname from the game right if you are going to do things like this.

"Soo...Demyx?" Zexion asked, looking at the handsome boy. Demyx looked over and nodded, signaling Zexion to go on with his talking. Zexion bit his lip and continued.

Johnel: For Zexion has no spine and requires permission for everything.

"Hey...bud...can we talk in private?" Zexion finished.

"I..uh...I suppose," Demyx said, already making his way to the corridor marked 'employees' only.

"I think I'm pregnant!" Zexion blurted out.

Johnel: No.

Demyx blinked, "Wha-...what?" he asked, eyes wide with surprise at the sudden outburst.

Johnel: No.

"No time for repeats! We have to get to the store...I'm scared Demyx! I'm so scared!" Zexion sniffed, hugging the other boy lightly.

Johnel: No. No. No.

Demyx grabbed his hand. "It's okay Zexy w-we'll get a test and it'll show you you aren't pregnant!" he said, running out of the corridor. "We'regoingtothemarketokaybye!" he managed to say in one breath. The others blinked in confusion at the boy's franticness, but waved to them and began to talk amongst themselves once more.

"Get twenty!" Zexion demanded. Demyx blinked in confusion. "Just do it! One of them has to be right!" he said. Demyx quickly obeyed and put a handful in the basket. They ran to the front desk and waited impatiently. They didn't care that everyone in the line as well as the cashier was giving them odd looks.

"Hurry hurry!" Demyx yelled.

"It's an emergency!" Zexion cried.

The cashier kept her same slow pace. "Wait, Demyx! Go get like..ten Monsters!" Zexion said, pointing to the back. Demyx nodded and scurried to the drinks, getting fifteen just in case.

Johnel: Yes drink energy drinks and not be pregnant.

"Will you boys be able to pay for this?" the woman asked, raising a thin eyebrow.

"Ugh! Yes! Just hurry!" Zexion yelled. Demyx set the drinks down and they both waited frantically again. "That'll be-" Zexion looked at the price, it was well over one hundred dollars. He didn't feel like getting out the change because he was in such a rush so he pulled out two hundred dollar bills and set them down. "Keep the change!" he yelled, grabbing the bags and running off.

Johnel: I don’t want to know where those bills have been.

 Demyx sprinted after him worriedly, starting to believe that Zexion actually /could/ be pregnant.

Johnel: I will repeat no.

They ran all the way back to the club and, ignoring the older men's greetings, ran to Demyx's old room. Demyx's room as the most comforting of all of the rooms. The walls were sea blue and the carpets were a sandy brown. It resembled the beach, the place Demyx had always dreamt of living near.

Johnel: Count how many fucks I give. Stumped the answer is none.

Zexion charged to the restroom with one of the tests. After about an excruciating hour Zexion had finished every test. Demyx layed them all out on the bed and they started to search through them. "Oh look!" Demyx said, picking one up. "This one has a frowny face! This one has a frowny face!" he giggled excitedly. Zexion took it, "Really!?" he gasped happily. Demyx nodded and handed it to him.

Johnel: Oh thank Arceus that it’s negative.

Zexion cried when he saw it, "That's a smiley face y-you idiot!" he sniffed, throwing it at him. Demyx looked at it again "...o-oh...s-sorry!" he gasped.

They both looked at all the rest, "They're all...positive..." Zexion said. "That means I'm pregnant! O-Oh...oh my god!" he cried, hugging Demyx.

Johnel: ………. Suffer Foolish Fools!

Also Zexion is now Veronica for she is not a man. She has a vagina, a clitoris, fallopian tubes, a cervix, and a mother fucking uterus! This is not a man! In fact from now on I will edit appropriately.

Demyx hugged him back, "Wait! Maybe-"

Zexion covered Demyx's mouth. "Don't give me any of that maybe shit..." she sniffed. "I can't take it right now..."

Demyx nodded and hugged him. "Is it...Lexaeus'?" he asked.

Johnel: No it is only going to be her twu wuv Axel.

"No...couldn't be...I haven't had sex with him yet. We did...almost once...but then I got sick..."she said softly.

Johnel: Great show of control there small tits.

Demyx nodded to show Zexion he understood. "Well...hmm...are you...gonna get rid of it?" he asked softly.

Johnel: Yes get rid of the horrible demon spawn so it may never walk the earth.

Zexion shook her head, "Dear god no! I could never kill someone as defenseless as that..." she whispered.

Johnel: Okay I’m not going to take a stance on the abortion issue but this isn’t a baby it is a demon spawn of fiction so just suck it out with a vacuum.

Demyx nodded again and held her close, "Well...I'll help you get through it! All of it!" he said.

Zexion sighed and looked up at Demyx, "Hey Dem...have you ever felt like someone is just using you for sex...because your cute and not because they love you?" she asked.

Johnel: For it isn’t like you work at a whore house or anything.

Demyx rose an eyebrow, "Zexion...look were we work," he laughed.

Johnel: Thank you Demyx for making my points for me.

"Oh...yeah..." Zexion laughed softly. She really believed Lexaeus didn't love her...only liked her because she was cute, but Axel saw beyond that.

Johnel: Sure dumbass sure he does.

 Zexion knew this because every time she looked in the red head's eyes the red head looked back with loving emerald eyes taht said Axel wanted to spend the rest of his days with Zexion. She sighed at the thought, maybe it was only a fairy tale after be with the one you truly love.

Johnel: Yes for it isn’t a fairy tale Veronica it is a creepy person’s fan fiction. Also utilized Youtube videos are not made by me though I don't know if I need to say that.

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