Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 7)

Zexion re-entered the club with Demyx. She sighed and plopped into a maroon-brown chair; she was soon bombarded by men asking her questions such as:

Johnel:*As random customer* Why are you the only women that works here?

"Where have you been!?"


"How could you leave me!?"

Johnel: Well aren’t you a bit self-centered Mr. Customer.

They didn't dare touch Zexion, however, still fearful of Saix who was watching from a fairly good distance; a glare occupying his face.

Johnel: Honestly you start to wonder why they still go there with the fear of ninja attacks.

"Come on! One more dance for old times sake?" a customer begged, he was soon joined by several other men who were starting somewhat of a chant.

Johnel: Don’t mind me by asking but why would they want just a dance? I mean this is a whore house you can dream a little bigger.

 "Yeah! Before you leave us again!?" another customer yelled through the chants.

"Eh..." Zexion was stupefied. She loved all the attention and how they urged her on, but she couldn't, not after she promised Lexaeus. She already broke one promise by returning to the club; she couldn't break another one. "...I can't," she explained sheepishly.

Johnel: *As Fem!Zexion* At least until the author creates some added drama and has a couple more paragraphs of padding.

"Your replacement is getting all the attention..." Demyx whispered after then men had given up.

"R...Replace...replaceme...nt...?" Zexion seemed to struggle getting the word out. Could she have actually been replaced? Zexion gave Demyx a long hard stare, her eyes large in disbelief. No one and she meant NO ONE could steal his job as number one!

Johnel: Yes for number one cock sucker in the tri-state area is such prestigious position. Also yes you can get replaced you don’t work there anymore remember dumbo?

Demyx frowned, "Yeah..." he said. "Some kid named Mar something or the other... his parents kicked him out so he lives here now, and works of course. And he's as popular as you were, before you started to ditch us. But he's only so popular because he let's the customers touch him-" Demyx leaned in some. "-/wherever/ they want! It's true!" he nodded.

Johnel: No shit Sherlock it’s a whore house!

Zexion snorted and narrowed her eyes at Marluxia.

Johnel: Well I was starting to wonder where he was it is the kind of fic his character gets dragged into.

"That's the /only/ reason he's as popular as I was! But I have a little more-- no! Wayyy more class than that! Right Axel?" she growled, snapping her fingers angrily. She closed her eyes and stood proudly, waiting for her forbidden lover's response, but it never seemed to come.

Johnel: I guess Axel used the pregnancy distraction to escape the fic.

Demyx looked around then back at Zexion who was still waiting for an answer from Axel. Zexion's eyes shot open and averted towards Marluxia's station. Not only was Axel there, but Xigbar as well as literally the rest of the customers were there too. The other dancers were just as confused as Zexion was; they all watched angrily. When Zexion got all of the attention it was alright, but something about Marluxia made everyone of the dancers angry.

Johnel: That something was shit writing.

"Oh no he di'n't!" Demyx growled, spotting Xigbar gawking at Marluxia.

Johnel: Demyx you are as white as a Reshiram so shut up.

The dancers all ran to Zexion and pulled at her, "Zexion! Do Something!" they cried, grouping up around her and pulling her clothes.

"I'm sorry you guys, but I promised Lexaeus..." Zexion apologized sadly.

"You mean your fiancee that you're cheating on with Axel? The same fiancee that doesn't know you're pregnant with someone else? The /very same/ fiancee that-"

Johnel: See even Demyx could see the bullshit.

"That's enough!" Zexion yelled, cutting Demyx off mid sentence. "I-I' it, okay?" she sighed.

"Yay!" Every dancer was dancing around happily, and acting a bit giddy. They were happy to see one of Zexion's awe inducing performances.

Johnel: Why do I feel this instead will be boring as all hell.

Demyx smiled and ran to his room, getting his sitar.

Johnel: He then summoned water clones to murder everyone for it was clearly too late for them.

 He strummed and a slow song began to fill the air, perfect for setting the mood. The yells and begs for attention the men were giving to Marluxia ceased and everyone stopped to look at Demyx. He climbed onto the large stage with some difficulty and got the microphone, firmly grasping it in pale hands. He was a bit sweaty, and stage-shy with everyone watching him.

Johnel: He has stage fright…. Is the author not understanding what these characters do for a living?

A loud sound emitted from the two large amplifiers when Demyx dropped the microphone and it rolled. He squeaked and covered his ears, bending over to pick up the fallen mic. "S-sorry!" he squealed. The crowd gave some irritated boos at the loud static sound. Demyx sniffed and felt like he was going to cry from embarrassment, but some encouraging words from his friend back stage urged him on.

Johnel: Honestly how does this place stay in business.

"G-Gentlemen a-and d-dancers. Please...ahem p-please give your w-warmest greetings cloaked scheme-mer...” he gave a bubbly smile and decided it wasn't that scary when the men blinked and started to cheer. He ran off of the stage and started the music.

Johnel: *Singing* Don’t hold me closer cloaked dancer. Go lay your feet down on the highway. Get your legs crushed by the moving metal. You’ll never dance another day.

 A single beam of light shined down at the pole on the stage, and the short beauty stepped forward from behind the curtains.

Johnel: Then was promptly fainted never dancing a bit.

Zexion had changed into a maid's outfit. It was a dark purple with light purple frills and bows. It was short and hardly covered the little purple panties hidden underneath. She hugged the pole tenderly and waltzed around it in a slow suspenseful fashion. The girl bent over and licked her fingers seductively , her pointer finger pulled out and traced her cherry pink lips and went down to her collar bone and chest. Slender fingers explored his own body, eliciting moans from the horny old men.

Johnel: Of course this was more moans of irritation for this show was incredibly boring.

The small girl wrapped a single leg and a single arm around the pole and she slowly started to grind against it, making the most adorable face she could. She managed himself upside down and wrapped both legs around the pole, purposely letting her dress (which was more of a shirt than anything) fall to reveal her porcelain thighs and tightening panties.

Johnel: He also has a liver of copper. Also this is very bland and not at all sexy.

When she looked over she saw her redheaded lover. She gave a sensual smile, which only received a worried frown. Zexion got down from her upside down position and danced around the pole some more. She stopped and picked up the microphone, "Thank you everyone!" she giggled, receiving saddened voices that didn't want him to stop. "Please enjoy our other talented dancers!" she smiled brightly. She watched happily as the customers visited the many other stations then she slowly made her way towards Axel.

Johnel: *As a random customer* You suck!

"Are you alright?" he asked worriedly.

Johnel: Eh I’ve got nothing else. Play me off Burlesque!

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