Sunday, July 8, 2012

Don't Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer (Part 5)

"Zexion?" Lexaeus asked.

Zexion looked at him, "Yes?" he asked, smiling lightly.

Johnel:*As Lexaeus* Do you ever feel not fresh?

"I'd like yo get to know you better," Lexaeus nodded, facing Zexion. Zexion looked at him and then down in thought. "Well...I like to dance, obviously," he laughed lightly. "and I'm really good at cooking and baking, I love it! And's kind of embarrassing to say, but my life's dream is to be an actor. That's why I started working at Xemnas' place cus we have these little...acts we put on. Like once me and Demyx-"

Johnel: Whorehouse equals acting career? Why do I have a feeling this Zexion might have gotten a negative on an IQ test.

"We don't need to hear your life's story," Cloud groaned from the next seat over.

Johnel: Good to see I’m not the only one that wants this to stop.

"Don't be so rude, Cloud," Lexaeus growled lowly. Cloud stuck his tongue out and turned upside down like a bored child. He looked at Zexion and blushed slightly. He was able to see up the small opening of Zexion's shorts where a pair of pink girl's panties complete with strawberry decor were in view. He grinned like a kid in a candy shop and kept looking from behind his sunglasses.

Johnel: Cloud stop you need to be the sane one here.

Zexion shifted uncomfortably, only making Cloud's view better. The small slate haired boy felt paranoia in the air, like he was being watched by someone unwanted.

Johnel: Well no shit Sherlock.

Shrugging the thought away he looked at Lexaeus and began again. " entire life I've wanted to be an actor, and I did everything to try to pursue my dream!" he smiled softly. "But it's getting nowhere."

Johnel:*As Zexion* I mean I’ve slept with so many men at least one of them has to be a Hollywood producer whoe will see my  natural acting talent as I go down on him.

Lexaeus looked at him and his eyes grew somewhat solemn, "So you started working with that Xemnas fellow to pursue this dream?" he asked. "Because it was easy, right?"

Johnel: No because he was an idiot.

Zexion nodded, "Yeah, it was that closest thing I'd get to becoming an actor, the audience...was not what I was expecting, but it's close," he smiled.

Johnel: Yes for Youtube, street performances, acting troops, and theater in schools are non-existent in this universe apparently.

Lexaeus watched him more and was silent, he gave a soft nod and looked forward. Zexion looked up at him and did something daring; he layed his head in Lexaeus' lap and layed the rest of his body across the leather seats of the limo. He looked up at Lexaeus to see if he felt uncomfortable by this.

Johnel: Somewhat bold but at the same time would you really think a man who buys a whorehouse worker to marry him is uncomforted by anything?

The larger man smiled and began to pet Zexion's tiny head. Zexion smiled and closed his eyes, nuzzling Lexaeus' stomach.

Johnel: Okay so Zexion is now one of those little purse dogs.

Cloud was now sitting up, pouting angrily, just when he was starting to get turned on. Ah, well he thought, a malicious smile on his lips. I have my ways...

Johnel:*As Cloud* Yes I have access to the internet with plenty of legal material for sexual satisfaction and am in no way going to get my rape on.

Zexion opened his eyes and looked at Cloud. Something about the man made him uneasy...and he seemed awfully close with Lexaeus. If Cloud was /that/ rude and wasn't fired yet. Maybe they have a close bond Zexion thought. " you two know each other personally?" he asked, figuring that would get his answer.

"We're cousins," Cloud smiled, "Why?"

Zexion anticipated the 'why'. "No reason, you two just seem so close," he giggled softly.

Johnel: Stop giggling it’s creeping me out. Also Cloud and Lexaeus being related is just really weird out of all the suddenly related fanfic set ups I’ve seen.

Lexaeus smiled at him then looked out the window, "We're here," he said softly, lifting Zexion up and pulling him into his lap. He lightly nibbled his ear, receiving a moan from the boy.

Johnel: Dude you are in the drive way wait a few minute before the (few hours of sex later) will you.

 "Come now," he said, helping Zexion out of the limo. "You say you want to be an actor?"

Zexion nodded, "More than anything in the entire world!"

Johnel: We know!

Lexaeus smiled, "After dinner we will meet my parents, my father is a director. I'll have him speak with you a little and then after we get married I promise you'll be an actor," he said softly, holding Zexion close to him in a hug.

Johnel: Ha ha! Contrivance.

Zexion smiled, "Really?!" he gasped happily, jumping up and down with joy.

Cloud watched from behind, watching Zexion bounce like that was too much. "Excuse me Master," he bowed, leaving the room.

Johnel:*As Cloud* I have to go do non rape related things yes.

Zexion looked up at Lexaeus again, "Thank you so much!" he said softly. Axel would never have been able to do that...he knew this because Axel had told him he wasn't rich like Lexaeus.

Johnel: Somewhat shallow but what do I care.

 He said "I'm not rich with money...but I am rich with love."

Johnel: That is so corny I could have it as a side with some mashed potatoes.

 Zexion made a mistake...he laughed it off. He realized, unfortunately the next day when it was too late, that love was not something you should laugh at.

"Zexion?" Lexaeus asked. Zexion looked up and smiled, "Haha, sorry I was spacing out," he nodded.

Johnel:*As Zexion*  I think is time for a convenient time skip how about you?

It was now three weeks that Zexion had been living at the mansion and he had been thinking of Axel less and less. The mansion, as well as everyone in it.

Johnel: I feel something is missing but I can’t say what.

 He went to see everyone at the club constantly and it was a pleasant visit every time he went. Zexion was walking with Lexaeus now, they were holding hands and strolling along the hallways. Axel had creeped his way back into Zexion's thoughts, and he was just getting rid of them too...

Johnel: So now we have Axel Master of The Creep in this fic too.

Zexion, once again absorbed in his own thoughts, hadn't realized they entered a room. Lexaeus leaned down and lightly kissed Zexion. Zexion was slightly taken aback, but he returned Lexaeus' kisses.

Johnel: Yes for it is so strange to be kissed by someone who bought you specifically for marriage.

 Zexion's steps slowly led them to the bed and the smaller boy layed down, only to be pinned by the larger man.

"Wait!" Zexion yelled, trying to push Lexaeus off of him.

Johnel: *As Zexion* You aren’t my seme twu wuv!

Lexaeus sat up and looked back at him, "Zexion, what's wrong?" he asked.

Johnel: Could be he’s afraid you’ll split him in half.

Zexion ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Lexaeus walked to the door worriedly.

"Z-Zexion?" he asked, knocking lightly on the door.

Johnel: Wait better idea he has a chestburster and is about to die so the fic can instead become some sort of Xenomorph versus Organization XIII battle.

Zexion was silent, only the sound of his whimpering was audible. "I-I'm just... a little sick!" he yelled to him. He absentmindedly put a hand on his stomach, "Just a little sick..." he repeated, whispering to himself now.

Johnel: Really you don’t say?

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