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A Nightmare on Hyrule Field Part 8: Why Fucking Why?!


The Bonding(4)

Johnel: Before anyone asks those numbers just lead to repetitions of already established information so ignore them. Also for fuck sakes this thing takes over 4,000 words that is three times the length of some college essay’s.

Ganondorf: Are you quite done I’d like to be away from the hero as quickly as possible.



         A week later we mounted our horses and headed for the Monastery.

Ganondorf: Oh yes the monastery that somehow existed in the lands I controlled even before my takeover attempt without my knowledge.

It took quite some time to reach it, since when we arrived at Gerudo Village, the Gerudo's insisted on us stopping to chat. We had an afternoon meal there then resumed our way towards the Monastery. After another short ride, we arrived at the Monastery. When we reached the gate a group of monks was there to greet us. After we dismounted a monk came and took our horses to the stable. I had no idea they were expecting us, but Link told me later that he had set it up a few days before.

Johnel: Which seeing what is to come makes this Link look like quite the creeper.

We were taken inside to a chamber where the head of the Monastery was waiting for us. First we were asked a few questions,

Johnel: What is your name?

Link: ….

Johnel: What is your quest?

Link: ….

Johnel: What is the air sp…

Ganondorf:*Punches Johnel* I think we’ve had enough of that.

 then he explained the steps of the ceremony to us. Then he had two monks bring a bowl with an oily liquid in it. The head monk took his thumb, dipped it in the liquid, and smeared it on our foreheads while he chanted.

Johnel: Little did they know it was Like-like saliva.


Then he said that the ceremony was to be preformed outside but that it was to be preformed in the nude.


         He explained that their beliefs were, everything is born from the Earth, and when you die you go back to the Earth. And since the ceremony was to be preformed under the witness of Mother Earth we had to remove our clothes.

Johnel: Yet if everything is born from the Earth would your clothes not also count as born from it and as such be okay?

 I shot Link a worried look, but he gave me a reassuring smile and that made me feel better. After we removed our clothes, we were led to a beautiful garden with an oak tree in the middle.

Ganondorf: Yes the desert wasteland I called home has the most beautiful gardens just a short ways away.

I felt a wave of calm as we walked further into the garden. We were led to the oak tree and told to kneel down in front of each other. After we knelt down facing each other, the head monk said he would explain each step of the rituals as we went. First two goblets were brought to us with liquid in them. Next one of the monks brought a Ruby hilted Dagger and handed it to Link. Then the head monk explained to us that we each had to cut our palms and drop some blood into the goblets in front if us.


An uneasy feeling washed over me. Cutting my hand was not one thing I wanted to do, but Link shot me a comforting glance and I started to calm about it. The monk explained why cutting our palms was necessary,

Ganondorf: Apparently he couldn’t say why.

then I watched as Link took the tip of the dagger and slit the palm of his lift hand.

Johnel: You know the lift hand a hand specifically used for lifting and nothing else.

          Link then clenched his hand into a fist and the blood slowly dripped into the goblet in front of him. Then Link handed the dagger me. I felt a little scared as I held the dagger in my hand. When I looked back up at Link, he reassured me it was ok. "It's ok honey, it will only hurt for a second." "You'll be ok my love, I'm here with you." I looked into his eyes and a glint of comfort shone in them. I nodded and then took the dagger and placed the tip of it against the palm of my left hand.

Ganondorf: I hope it slips and she cuts off her hand.

  I closed me eyes and I made a wince as the dagger cut my palm. As I looked down at my hand I saw blood seeping out of the wound. Then I clenched my hand into a fist and let the blood drip into the goblet in front of me. After I did that one of the monks took the dagger from me. Next we were told to exchange the goblets and drink from them.


Then Link and I exchanged the goblets. Link took a drink from his first then I took a drink from mine. The strange liquid in the goblets, made me feel different.......made me feel connected to Link.

Johnel: Or it was the booze talking.

The monk then told us to take our hands with the wounds on them and clasp them together. As our hands bonded our blood meshed together, and a connection between us was felt. I started to feel a little closer to him. Started to feel like he was inside me.

Ganondorf: She can’t be serious.


 I closed me eyes and I heard Link's voice inside my ears, inside my mind, but only faintly. I reached out for him, but nothing was there. I then opened my eyes again.   Next the head monk explained that to strengthen the bond further we had to drink each other's body fluids.

Johnel: No you fools what did I say last chapter?


Johnel: Exactly yet here they are ignoring my orders.

 My eyes widened and jaw dropped, at the thought of that. But we were reassured that it was perfectly harmless. I looked at Link and he nodded in agreement. He placed his hand on mine and a wash of comfort ran over me. I nodded that I was ready and we were handed two small cups and told we had to urinate in it.


         It was hard to do what was requested, but as I did what I had to do a small feeling of uneasiness tingled inside me. When I sat back down, Link had already finished and placed his cup down in front of him. I then placed mine down in front of me and waited for what to do next. The head monk said a few words then we were told to exchange the cups and drink from them. Link went first and I watched as his face twisted slightly as he drank from the cup. Then I took my cup, slowly lifted it to my lips, and crinkled my nose as I drank from it. A sour taste was left behind after I finished.

Ganondorf: That wasn’t real was it?


Johnel: I…I hate to say it was real and it is going to continue.

Next we were told to close our eyes and hold hands. The monk began to chant in an unknown tongue. As he chanted I felt a presence around me. Something like a spirit, but I was not quite sure. A warm feeling filled inside me, like being next to a fire. And I felt at peace......felt a calm......Then I could feel Link again.......felt his body against mine, even though our hands were the only things touching.

Johnel: So in other words bullshit.

         The feeling made me feel happy inside, made me feel closer to him.......I hoped that the feeling would never end. I opened my eyes and the monk had stopped chanting and he then explained that there were four more separate bonding rituals. Each to bond us together in every aspect of our being. They were: Mentally, spiritually, physically and sexually.

Ganondorf: Of course wouldn’t be complete without fornication.

 Completing each would bond us together in an unbreakable bond. When we were ready we nodded and were told what the first ritual was.


The Mental Bonding

Johnel: Wonder how this will work.


Ganondorf: What is...

Johnel: I think we broke him.

         After the rules were explained, we took each other's hands and held them. When the head monk begun to chant we closed our eyes. I began to feel the warm feeling inside me again. This time it was more intense. Then my mind was cleared of all thoughts, and I was left in total emptiness, like being in a void.

Ganondorf: Really I thought that was your normal state of being.

 There was nothing but quiet, then the silence was broken by a distant voice. As the voice came closer I could tell that it was Link's. Link was inside my mind, calling out to me. I reached for him, called out to him, tried to find him. As he called to me again, his voice ringed through my mind. His voice vibrated through my body, inside my bones. His voice made me feel warm, made me feel secure.

Ganondorf: Yes the nonexistent voice of a scrawny, weak, Hylian made you feel secure.


I did not feel alone. He was there with me. Hearing his voice inside my mind made me feel closer to him. I felt as if our minds were connected. I felt as if were one. As I searched for him, his voice seemed like a flame. I felt it's warmth, then saw it's light. I reached for it, called to it, watched as the flame danced, Link's voice ran inside it. I moved inside the emptiness, tried to reach for the flame, tried to reach for Link, but no matter how hard I tried I could not reach him.

Johnel: I’m hoping this means she is going brain dead.

Then the flame flicked out and Link's voice became distant again until all there was but silence. The void closed around me and I came back. I opened my eyes and looked at Link. He was just as wide eyed as me. Then I smiled at him, before returning attention to the monk. He looked at us and told us the mental bonding was complete.

Ganondorf: So did anything actually happen?

Johnel: I don’t know what do you think Link?


The Physical Bonding


         The head monk told us the rules for the Physical Bonding. First we had to put our wrists together and hold them up together in front of us. Then two monks came with rope and tied our wrists together.

Johnel: That is really uncomfortable and stupid.

A bowl with a white smoke rising from it was put down in front of us. We were told to inch closer to the bowl and to close our eyes again. The void opened up inside me again, and the warm feeling ran through my bones. I felt Link again, inside my mind and inside my body. I heard his voice calling, felt his body against mine. Felt his heart beating. So calming....I reached for him, tried to touch him,

Ganondorf: Wait this is essentially the same as the last “bonding”.

Johnel: No the key difference is that they now have their wrists uncomfortably tied up.

then the void was shattered when I heard Link scream. I twisted in pain as he screamed inside my mind. My mind felt like it was on fire, my body felt like hot needles were being poked in. As Link twisted in pain I felt everything he was feeling. He screamed for me to help, but I was helpless.

Ganondorf: I hope this means I returned from the dead and am now decapitating the waste of space.

Link: *twitchs*

Johnel: Okay that's new.


       My body felt his heart beating faster, felt him twist in pain. I screamed as his voice ringed loudly through my mind. My head felt like it was being crushed as the intense pain raged threw me. I wanted it all to end, wanted the pain to go away.

Ganondorf: Well how will you do that?

Johnel: By trying to turn everyone into Tang?

Ganondorf: I…what?

Since of the connection that was bonding us together all pain that one feels, the other feels the same at the same time. As the pain intensified, my heart began to beat faster, my pulse raced, and my body twisted and screamed as the shattering screams and pure pain raged threw my every vein. Then I opened my eyes and stared at Link with unblinking eyes as I watched him twisting in pain as he felt everything I was feeling. My wrists twisted as Link and I moved around. I screamed louder, wanted it all to cease, prayed it would end, then all of the sudden the void broke and the pain ceased. Then I felt the warm run through me again. Link's heart slowed its beat and his voice ran softly through my mind. Link touched my soul, and I felt a calming feeling come over me again. As the flame rose in my mind again, a rose bloomed in my soul. Link's voice called from the flame and his touch came from the rose. I tried to reach for the flame, tried to touch the rose, but the closer I got the further away they became.


Johnel: I don’t know.

       Then the feeling changed. A pleasurable feeling started to surrounded me, and it rushed through my body like a raging river. I felt hot inside.... It felt erotic.....felt good.

Ganondorf: Little whore couldn’t wait could she?

 Then I could feel Link's touch. It felt like he was inside me. It felt like our bodies merged. Then the feeling grew stronger, grew more intense, and it became like a sexual feeling. It felt like having sex

Johnel: So wait are they soul fucking?


Ganondorf: No I believe he is right they appear to be spiritually fornicating.


Johnel: Well at least the level of what the fuck produced by soul fucking is getting Link back from that brief psychotic break of his.

......I felt a stronger connection with Link.....felt as if we were connected.....felt as if we were one. Felt as if we merged........Then the void shattered around me and I awoke.

  I blinked in the sunlight and looked at Link. He was whipping the sweat from his brow. We were coming around from our strange experience, but we regained our senses quickly. My wrists hurt from all of the twisting. I moved them around against his to get them comfortable. Then I turned to the head monk. He lowered his hands and clapped. The two monks came and removed the rope from around our wrists and took the bowl away. I rubbed my wrists to sooth the pain. He then placed a hand on my head and one on Link's. After about a minuet, we were told the physical bonding was complete.

Ganondorf: Please tell me there is a way to ease my pain.

Johnel: I’ll get some booze for you guys after this is over.  


The Spiritual Bonding

The next ritual was the spiritual bonding. After the details were told to us, the head monk called his two servants and they came with two colored pendants and bowls with colored liquid in them. The two servants took the liquid and begun to drawl beautiful intricate patterns on our backs, arms and chests. Then they put the pendant with the red stone around my neck, the blue one around Link's. The two servants moved away, and we were told to embrace each other. I moved over to Link and into his arms. I put my arms around his neck and closed my eyes. I heard the head monk start to chant again. And my mind clearing of all thoughts, as the void opened around me again.


        I heard Link's voice call out to me again in my mind. The erotic feeling filled my body, and I felt the warmth of Link's body against mine. I could feel Link inside me again. I felt his heart beating inside my chest, felt it beating along side mine. The feeling ran deeper, deeper into my soul. The stones were connecting our very souls together. I felt as if our bodies merged,

Johnel: Fusion-Ha!

 felt as if our minds became one. I could hear Link's thoughts in the back of my mind like a distant voice. His thoughts rushed through me, his heart pounded in my chest. Then I felt myself rise out of my body.

  My sprit rose above me and I looked over and saw Link had done the same. I went over to him. Merged with his spirit, became one. I became him, he became me.

Ganondorf: I have the strangest feeling they are just under the influence of powerful hallucinogenic substances right now.

Johnel: Where’d you learn that?


 After we merged completely, our spirits separated and returned to our bodies, each carrying a part of each other's spirit. I felt our souls merge. Felt the connection between us, we were soul mates, we were always destined to be together. I felt as if I had known him all my life. I learned many new things about him. Learned about his past. Learned about how he felt. I heard him call to me, heard him call me his world, call me his life. I knew now that he was deeply in love with me. I meant more to him then life itself. We were one. Now and forever.

Johnel: Anyone else feel like they could puke rainbows right now?

Ganondorf: Yes it is most unsettling.


       Then the void shattered. I felt Link's hands stroking my hair and I opened my eyes. I looked deeply into them and saw how he felt in them. They flickered with passion, flickered with love. I leaned over and gently kissed him. I told him that I loved him and he was the most important thing in my life. The head monk stopped chanting and we returned our attention to him. He looked at us and told us that the spiritual bonding was complete.


Johnel: Jumping the gun there is still teh sexual bonding.

         He called his servants back and had them bring us some water. A minute later the two servants came back with two mugs filled with water. We were handed each a mug and I drank the water in large gulps. After we finished, the servants took the mugs away and left.

The Sexual Bonding


         Next we were told that the final part of the ceremony was the sexual bonding. We were explained the rules. First off we had to have sex.


 And since we completed the other rituals, the sexual bonding process should be easy, yet more intense. I was nervous about having sex in front of others, but we were told that the only witness would be Mother Earth herself.

Ganondorf: Yes I doubt that with everything that I am I doubt that

 I held Link's hand as he stroked my hair and said everything would be ok. He was there with me. His words always made me feel better, so I calmed down. The head monk explained the requirements in completing the ritual then was gone.

Johnel: He was getting the cameras ready.

       Then I turned and faced Link. I looked deeply into his eyes as he took his hand and brushed the stray hair out of my face. Then I took the tips of my fingers and ran them down his bare chest. A lulling feeling came over me. Link felt it too. Like a call of nature. He leaned over and gently pressed his lips on mine. We begun to kiss passionately, tasting the sweetness on each other's lips.

Ganondorf: Yes and not the urine and blood from the earlier…. activities.

Our tongues began to intertwine as we kissed deeper. Sexual thoughts begun to race through my mind again. And I could feel Link's hands starting to caress my naked body, as his lips moved to my breasts. I let out soft moans of passion as new sensations begun to race threw me.

Johnel: I’m pretty sure we’ve seen foreplay using the breasts so how is this new?

I felt Link's heart beginning to beat along side mine. And the feeling of being connected begun to race through me again, as I heard his every thought. I heard him in my mind, telling me that he wanted me, that he wanted to make love.

Johnel: Well Link what are you thinking right now?


       Then I felt him getting aroused, felt how much he wanted it. Strong intense feelings raced threw my body, raced threw my bones. My body shook as sweat begun to form. And then I felt myself getting hotter,

Johnel: Guessing they never took a fire saftey course.


 felt myself wanting him more and more. I wanted him, needed him. I wanted to feel him inside me. My body quivered and shook as his hand slowly went down, first to my thighs, then between my legs. Then I cried out in ecstasy as his fingers worked against my clitoris. It felt soo good. Felt soo intense.

Johnel: This is soooo stupid. Your knowledge of anatomy is sooo bad. This is sooo generic.

I arced my back and cried out in loud animal- like cries as his fingers reached the entrance and slid deep inside...." Goddesses....Link..more baby

Johnel:*ND Lilith Impresion* BABIES!

.....LINK!" I screamed in pure ecstasy as his gentle steady thrusts made my legs quake.

  Then I felt myself starting to climax as his fingers thrust deeper upping the movements. My body shuddered from the immense feelings that raged threw it. I grabbed onto the ground my nails digging into the dirt as Link's fingers made my body scream in eternal bliss.


I cried out as the surges came in raging pulses, and my body withered under his touch. I begun to twist violently as the surges of pure ecstasy came in closer beats. Then when Link hit the right spot I let out a loud cat like cry

Johnel: MEOW!

...."LINK!"  I screamed as I reached my peak and gushed down his hand...........panting I got up and looked at him, his lips parted to say something but I placed a finger on them. I shook my finger then moved it away as he gently laid me down.

Ganondorf: Even this abomination is becoming ill at the sound of his voice.

       Then he climbed on top of me and I felt his member at my entrance . Slowly he penetrated my body and cries of eternal bliss escaped passed my lips. As he moved inside me, my hips bucked up against his as we begun to find a rhythm. Slowly at first, then Link began to thrust deeper upping the movements. As we made hot love, I felt as if our bodies merged.


Ganondorf: Okay what is this thing you keep reference?!

 Felt our hearts beating in unison. Our minds became one, and our souls connected. I heard his every thought, thoughts of love and passion. And I knew how I was making him feel.

Johnel: Yet you continue to torment him.

As he penetrated deeper inside me, it felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

Ganondorf: Besides that she has felt all of these exact things before.

 Then I started to call out his name in between cries of passion, and his breathing became faster. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he worked his lips there. With each thrust, strong pulses of pure ecstasy raced threw me. I bucked up against him, forcing him deeper inside me.

Johnel: You know I’m starting to think this whole bonding thing is bullshit and this is just some creepy and horny old dudes making excuses to act like creepers.


       Our hips swiveled in unison as our bodies moved against each other. My body started convulsing as I felt myself starting to climax. Then his thrusts came in faster beats as he started to climax. Our cries filled the air as we both came to our peaks. Then he delivered the final thrust as he started to release a warmth inside me. He let out a loud animal like cry


 as he delivered the hot liquid deep down inside my inner sanctum. Then a strong feeling surged through my body, a feeling so intense that I screamed out Link's name as I peaked then had huge orgasm. It felt soo good that I never wanted it to end. The feeling was so intense, we wanted to keep going, wanted to keep feeling the intensity of our lovemaking.

Johnel: Also all the cuts you are probably get from screwing in the dirt.

       Exhausted, I screamed as I tried to find the strength to go on. I clawed into Link's back as I bucked against him. Sweat rolled down our bodies as we fought to climax a second time.

Johnel: Okay can you stop the fic for a second I need to say something….

Men do not recover this quickly and this should be getting down right painful for Link! Retraction period look it the fuck up!

Sorry for exploding but honestly I was reaching my limits with the sheer amount of wrong this fic gets in terms of sex. Hell you don't have to go out a screw a bunch of people either just do your research or better yet don't write full sex scenes.

 I ran my now sweaty hands up and down his back digging my nails into his skin as I pushed up against him. Link too fought to reach a second peak. Fighting with what strength he had left, he thrust himself deeper inside my tired sweaty body, pushing to climax a second time. He screamed, cursed to find the strength as his thrusts came in faster beats. His hands grabbed down on my sides, as he tried to steady himself. Then I felt the strength leaving my body. Fighting for the strength, I screamed out in loud cat cries as I turned tigress. I forced my trembling body up against his. Desperately trying to reach a second peak. I clawed deeper into his back as I cried out loudly like a tiger in heat.

Ganondorf: What is this abominations obsession with felines?

 My back arced as I pushed in unison with his thrusts.

                Then I felt myself starting to climax again. I cried out to Link, grunting like a female tiger to urge him on. He returned my calls as cat like sounds escaped passed his lips.


Then I felt him beginning to climax again. We thrust against each other, our bodies trembling while crying like tigers mating as we came to a full climax and exploded


 together one last time. With one last gasp we fell to the ground painting, our bodies exhausted and dripping with sweat. I laid against his tired body as I tried to catch my breath. We just laid there awhile shivering, trying to regain our strength. I looked into Link's eyes as I heard him in my mind telling me that he enjoyed the experience. "I love you." I said to him telepathically.

Johnel: Why hello there bullshit new abilities.

 Then I leaned over and gently placed little kisses on his cheek while he held me in his sweaty arms. Finally I felt complete with him. We were now completed as one.


Ganondorf: No there is still the aftermath.

Johnel: Don’t you mean afterglow?

Ganondorf:*Punches Johnel* No I do not.

The Final Stretch

    A short time later the head monk returned to check on us. We told him we were done, and he checked to see if we completed the requirements. Satisfied that we did meet the requirements, he told us the sexual bonding was complete. We were led back into the Monastery and given robes to put on. He then informed us on the rules for a bonded couple. First we were told that a bond between a couple is sacred and special.

Johnel: Like marriage but with more soul fucking.

 It runs deeper then the vows they made. Since we were now a bonded couple, we had to understand that we were connected in this sacred way. Its a bond that can never be broken, even after death. We should treasure the bond we share. And to remember that it was fate that brought us together.

Ganondorf: I do believe it was what you would call a lustful young female that unfortunately knew of or existence that did that.

         He called back his two servants and had them bring him something. When they returned, I was told to hold out my left hand. The two monks fastened a (5)bondage bracelet around my wrist.

Johnel: She is essential going to explain it but it almost marks her like cattle is how I feel about it.

 The bracelet had a colored heart pattern. The chain that led from the bracelet ran up and in the middle was a smaller colored heart charm. The chain split in two at the top of the heart charm and attached at my ring and index fingers. The colors on each part of the bracelet matched. There was one small blue heart, two red hearts, and two more blue hearts. The smaller charm also had the same color pattern. Next the monks attached (6)bondage earrings on Link's long pointed ears. I noticed as they were putting them on that the earrings also had the same color pattern as my bracelet. One blue earring was attached at the top of his left ear. Two red earrings on the lobe of his left ear and two blue earrings on the lobe of his right ear.

Johnel: Let creepy monks watch you drink piss and have sex for bling is the name of the game apparently.

         After the earrings were attached to Link's ears, we were told that as a rule of a bonded couple we were never to remove the jewelry. They were to symbolize that we were a bonded couple. Though the bracelet and earrings were put on so bare hands could not remove them.

Ganondorf: That sounds unhealthy.

 The head monk also explained that helps prevent adultery. When a couple completes the bonding ceremony, they must a hear to the rules.


First. (7)

Johnel: Seriously these numbers are pointless.

The man is not allowed to be alone with a bonded or non-bonded female unless his mate is present. Second. The woman is not allowed to be alone with a bonded or non bonded male unless her mate is present.

Ganondorf: That is what would you call  bullshit.

Johnel: More like fucking stupid.

 Third. When visiting with other bonded couples, both mates on both sides must be present. Only exceptions. A bonded male can visit with another bonded or non bonded male(s) with out his mate present. A bonded female can visit with another bonded or non bonded female(s) without her mate present.


Johnel: Yeah I’d say that would be the idea.

A Bonded male or female can go out into public without their mates present. A bonded male or female can visit with family without their mates present. And a bonded male or female can visit with higher authority (such as the king) without their mates present.

Johnel: Basically you can’t be near anyone of the opposite sex alone for they think you’ll just auto jump their bone which is in and of itself idiotic and lacks any real understanding of how people interact. Yet things like Kings which for even my universe are sometimes known for notorious sexual practices can be visited by the lone person. Meaning you can’t have friends of the opposite gender but you can screw the King all you like.

    Violation of these rules my result in serious consequences. The head monk said violators were looked down on. Adultery was a serious offense. And anyone committing adultery could face serious charges. And you may not know who is watching you. He said people from the Monastery visit Hyrule and other parts of the world. So you may never know when someone from the Monastery is watching you. They are taught how to tell bonded couples apart.

Ganondorf: Fantastic this order has spies infiltrating every part of society. I think I may have some competition in my goals to conquer Hyrule.


         Even thought there were a lot of rules to follow, I was glad to be bonded to Link. He meant everything to me, and having so many rules meant nothing. He was mine and I was his.


         After the head monk finished explaining what we needed to know, we were told we could leave. He had our horses brought to the front and we were escorted to the front gate. We mounted the horses and headed for home.

     When we arrived back home Lilly and Navi were out front to greet us. Lilly came over to me after I dismounted. "How did it go?" Lilly asked. "That bracelet on your wrist sure is beautiful." Lilly smiled as she looked at the bracelet. "I loved it Lilly, I feel closer to Link now then I did before." "We now are a part of each other." I said as Lilly smiled at me and winked. "The bracelet is a symbol of our bonding." "It is to show that we are connected." I said as I smiled at her. Lilly flew around my head then flew over to my hand to look at the bracelet more closely. "What is with the color pattern. " "The same pattern appears on both charms."  She said as she looked the bracelet over. "The colors represent that I am Link's mate and vise versa. "What did Link get?"


Johnel: Let’s call it emotional scars.

 Lilly asked. "He got earrings with the same color pattern as my bracelet." Then Lilly flew over to Link to see his earrings, and Navi came over to see me. She looked at my bracelet then smiled at me. She gave me a wink before we all went into the house.

Ganondorf: Stop winking you annoying creatures.

         Link and I went to go bathe together while Navi and Lilly ushered the horses to the stable. After we bathed each other and got dressed, we went down stairs to relax for the evening. We decided that since it was cool out, we were going to sit outside on the porch swing and enjoy the night together. Link and I sat down on the swing and I cuddled into his arms. Navi and Lilly floated by our heads. It was so peaceful out. The air fresh and clean. Sweet smells of past spring still lingered in the fall air. And the sounds of the crickets filled the night air. Their soft chirping lulled me to sleep in Link's arms.

  Johnel: So that wasn’t so bad was it?


Ganondorf: I hate to say I agree with the hero at least partially.

Johnel: Well relax I’m going to have someone else here next part.

Link: *Leaves*

Ganondorf: I’m going to go see to getting good and drunk. Hopefully I can erase these events from my memory. *Punches Johnel leaves*

Johnel: *Holding jaw* I’ve really got to learn a protect spell or something this keeps happening. *Leaves*

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