Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Quest for Proper Spelling Part 3: A Short Distraction

Ienzo:*Warps in* Okay though I normally warp to access this den of horrors but I have to ask why are you locked in here?

Johnel: Well remember Link’s reaction to the last part of My Inner Life?

Ienzo: The threat to take your ocular virginity with his sword?

Johnel: Yeah he’s been trying to go through with that lately so I thought I’d hang out in here until he calms down.

The drak ones suddeny stoped their meeting as the door open. Then some nazi and the russian woman from indian Jones and the crystal skull came inside.

Iezno: Already starting and I’m safe to assume that something horrible had already been committed?

Johnel: Well the Crystal Skull is post World War 2 so unless this is a more a Neo Nazi this won’t fly.

They all had gun and lots of bullets

Ienzo: Yes for a single projectile weapon can stop powerful magic users in their tracks.

and then the woman said "We have come to join the dark ones we want to kill Indian jones" "Ok"

Johnel: Wow the drak ones have low entrance requirements.

Ienzo: No for as you see they are looking to join the dark ones who work down the hall in room 2-B.

said Mordered and then they began to train.

Johnel:*Begins the sing* Oh let’s get down to bui….

Ienzo:*Slaps Johnel with his Lexicon* NO! I’m not doing that again.

Voldermor teached them some spell and Sauron give them some orc armor to wear. Also the woman joined the table with the other head dark ones. "Our last plan failed we need a new plan" said Vodelmor "Yes" agree lick king. "This tim

Johnel: Yes we will crush the heroes beneath Tim’s massive girth. It is….

 we need to attack secretly not with massive army" "Good idea" and so they made a plan to send a few nazi and ringwrath who survive last fight to go under secret tunel to find harry and Aurthr and the others. Meanwhile at the castel Harry and indian jones and Aurthr were setting out to meet frodo and gandalf so they could combin the power of crystal skull and ring and holey grail together into one weapon to slay drak ones.

Ienzo: Let’s us just ignore the logic that the grail being an object of Judeo-Christian myth, the Crystal Skull is the remains of an extraterrestrial species, and the Ring is an object of evil. Yes those three objects obviously combine into a holy super weapon. *If his eyes were rolling anymore they’d be spinning rims on a car*

They met Hagrid outside who carry their things and also lancelto and his nights. "where is gandalg and the others" asked harry "Don't know" reply hagrid "but maybe they are at the forbidden forest" "Ok we will go to forbidden forest" said Aurthr and then they set off.

 Soon harry and hagrid and Aurthr and indian jones had made it to forbidden forest.

Johnel: The knights apparently having been some monsters lunch off camera.

 It was dark and scare and they stood outside it. "We cannot see" said hagrid so harry made a lumos and his wand lighted up for them to see path ahead.

There was lots of black trees and grass and also it was misty. So they went in. Aurthr could see eyes in the tree so he pulled out his excaliber and stab the tree

Johnel:*Singing* Draw your sword and stick it in trees that have human features

Ienzo: *Singing* Journey toward the thicket and steal shit from woodl *Stops* Damn it stop trying to start musical numbers!

but there was nothing there. "What are you doin" said Hagrid "I thought there was somethin in it" "Ok" The keep walking until they saw a clearing. In the clearing was bones and skeleton on the floor and also dead body on the trees and blood on the floor. "I do not like it"


 said Indian jones. Suddenly as them walk in a loud roar. A three headed dog come into the clearing. "Fluffy!" exclaimed hagrid and he went and stroke fluffy on the head and rub his chin "Fluffy will help us find the frodo and hobbit" so fluffy did a sniff on the ground and then he found the trail.

Johnel: Anticlimax!

Ienzo: *Blinks* Is that all?

Johnel: Well yeah I’ve still got some other fics to go through and what not so you’re free to go for now.

Ienzo: Good I actually have important work to do. *warps out*


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