Sunday, November 25, 2012

Set Up for the First Big Honking Q&A Special

               Hello there this is Johnel Lance and as you know we have alot of fun here in this Pocket Dimenson but as I've been updating the latest part of A Nightmare on Hyrule Field a thought struck me.

               While the interactions with other characters during the riffs and jokes implying of events outside this little slice of riffing fanfiction might leave some with questions about just what it means.

               Well fear not dear reader for I intended to fix that issue with the...

First Big Honking Q&A Special!
               Now let me explain how this will work.
  • I will be allowing questions not related directly to the riffs or the world building so if you want to say ask the "Kiss/Kill/Sleep With" question or something at random I will allow it.
  • All questions will need to be posted in the comments section of this post.
  • If your question retains to a specific line in one of the riffs the just copy paste the line in question to the comment.
  • Questions can be directed at me and any characters that have appeared and had dialogue in the riffs so far (Ienzo, Link, Ganon, ect.)
  • Questions for the first Q&A must be submitted by December 10th and questions posted afterwards will be backlogged for future Q&A sessions.
  • Please limit yourself to two questions. If you don't have blogger and are posting anonymously please be curtious and don't abuse that privelage.
  • Also please be sure to read already posted questions to prevent the same thing being asked over and over again.
             Thank you and I hope that we can all have alot of fun.

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