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Co-Op Mode Part 1: I'm Having the Strangest Case of Deja Mustard

Johnel: Welcome to the retred of Sora's Love Life joining me is my friend Cabbagelass to help with the riff.
Cabbagelass: Right, thanks for inviting me into what's sure to be a mind-numbing masterpiece.
Hello Im doing a fanfic that i think alot of people out there(You) Will like
Cabbagelass: You don't know me. You don't understand my interests . . . .
Johnel: Right not enough hot chicks.
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I dont own kingdom hearts or any of the characters...except for Hope. I made her up..but she's gonna be in the story later on..Enjoy! This is the part where Sora and Kairi confess the most amazing thing
Cabbagelass: They come out to each other?
Johnel: No this isn't a Yaoi or Yuri suprisingly.
Cabbagelass: Well a girl can hope, can't she?
The breeze was light and the sun was shinning and reflecting off of the water as the waves crashed and hit the shore.
Cabbagelass: And the plants were singing, and the birds and sun were almost down from the top of the sky!
Johnel: It was litterly rotting peoples teeth with how sugary sweet it was.
It was a perfect day at Destiny's Island and Sora and Kairi were enjoying it as they sat on a tree with Paopu Fruites at the end. Sora looked at Kairi, The beautifulest
Johnel: Not a word.
thing he had ever seen.
Cabbagelass:Because to Sora, women are things.
The wind was blowing her hair and the sun made her eyes sparkle, and it made her skin look smooth. When Sora looked back at the endless water Kairi looked at Sora. She loved his messy hair. She loved the way his eyes matched the color of the water. She loved his tan colored skin it went good with his black, yellow, and red outfit.
Cabbagelass: Oh Kairi, you and your color-theory obsession.
Kairi looked back at the sea. It was the perfect time for Sora or Kairi to confess their feelings for eachother.
Johnel:*As Kairi* I'm Pregnant and Axel's the father.
Lea:*Teleports in* Hey what'd we agree on jokes like that!
Johnel: Calm down it's just a quick little joke.
Lea: Oh I'm not needed here am I?
Johnel: Your off the hook for now.
Lea: Phew close one. *Teleports out*
Cabbagelass: Should that be worrying me?
Johnel: Let's just say you shouldn't let dead Justicars see you trying to riff certain fics and leave it at that...
Kairi said. She pushed back her hair and she put it behind her ears. She looked at Sora. His ocean-like-eyes were watching her every move. And she liked that.
"Whats up Kairi?" Sora said. He loved the way Kairi pushed her hair back. To him it looked like a father seeing his baby daughter for the first time.
Cabbagelass: . . . what kind of weird analogy was that?
Johnel: I think that analogy somehow out fucked up Evangelion and I didn't even know that was possible.
"Since the first time i met you..i liked you, and now..i love you." Kairi said. Her hair fell infront of her face and she let it. She thought it was hide the fact that she was blushing.
Cabbagelass: When subconciously it was meant to make her seem more vunerable to appeal to Sora's heavily-supressed dominant side.
Sora was shocked. Angels sang songs in his head and he heard Kairi say that over and over.
  Johnel:*Sings* And it's all in my head. I think about it over and over again...
Sora smiled he felt the same way and he was gonna let her know.

"Kairi..i love you too." Sora said as he put her hair behind her ears. Kairi looked at Sora. He looked like he had seen a godess. And Kairi looked like she had seen a god.
Johnel: No no no no not this god stuff again.
Johnel: Also they have a thing for turning into swans.
Sora put his hand on Kairi's cheek and she closed her eyes..Sora felt like she was bringing him closer..and closer to her lips, but she was.
Cabbagelass: I think the forgot to use a negative somewhere.
Slowly his face was going to hers. Sora breathed in deeply when his lips were about to touch hers.
Cabbagelass: I've seen less build-up in readings of Revelations.
They were kissing for the first time. Sora loved it as much as Kairi did. They knew they would be a perfect couple.
Johnel: Yes they'll become insufferable and they'll never make time for their other friends.
But what they didnt know was that Riku was watching from behind a tree.
Cabbagelass: SOON.
Johnel: Riku is being a creeper again I see.
He wasnt shocked at all. He knew they would end up together from the begining. Riku's long silver hair was in his face and his blind flod was over his eyes.
Johnel: Wait this can only be after Kingdom Hearts 2 and before Dream Drop Distance so why is he wearing the blindfold?
His black coat was getting dusky
Cabbagelass: Please tell me the author meant dusty . . . .
at the end because of the sand. But it wasnt notice able. Sora and Kairi pulled away. Kairi bit her bottom lip and her white teeth showed. Sora licked his lip and he closed his eyes. He saw their kiss over and over again in his head.
Johnel:*Singing* I think about it over and over again...
He couldnt stop seeing it. He loved it..he loved her. She loved it too..and she loved him. They were so happy.
Johnel: Ugh this is so sappy and not even in the good way.
Cabbagelass: I know, it's like watching A Troll in Central Park on Vicadin.
They looked back at the endless water as the sun touched the water. The sky started turning red. Sora and Kairi held hands and Riku left. Sora and Kairi just watched the sunset. There were no words from both of them and night fell.
Cabbagelass: Reading this is like downing a bottle of maple syrup with a dozen pixi-stix dissolved into it.

"Sora..can you walk me home getting cold." Kairi said. Sora looked over at Kairi. At night her hair was calm, and her eyes looked dark but sparkly at the same time. Her skin looked pale but pleasant.
"Sure Kairi." Sora said. He jumped off the tree. His hair was flowing with everymove he made,
Johnel:*Pulls out a Brute Shot* Quick the hair has taken on a mind of its own we must kill it!
Cabbagelass: *Grabs The MasterSword* Right behind you!
Link:*Walks in and grabs the Master Sword*
Johnel: Cab you know I have to work with him so could you not steal from the dead hero?
Cabbagelass: ...Sorry.
and his closed were loose. His eyes stood out in the darkness of the night and his skin looked darker than normal. His black fingerless gloves grabbed Kairi's waist as he helped her off. When she jummped off her chest was close to Sora's. It almost looked like he was hugging her.
Cabbagelass: But that would be to risque for something endorsed by Disney.
Sora kissed Kairi and he pulled away. He looked in her eyes. He could get lost in them and Kairi could drown in his.
Johnel: Honestly when living somewhere surrounded by water I'd try to not think of drowning.
Kairi moved closer to Sora and they kissed again. Then they started walking to her house.
Cabbagelass: Right, we know how walking works . . . can we get to something interesting soon?
When they reached the yard Kairi looked at Sora.
"Well goodnight." Kairi said.
"Goodnight Kairi..never forget..i love you." Sora said.
Johnel: Well just don't give Kairi's Nobody booze and it should be fine.
"I promise you i will never forget if you dont ever forget i love you." Kairi said.
"Okay i promise i wont." Sora said as he stuck out his pinky.

"I promise too." Kairi said as she intertwined her pinky with his. Sora pulled her in to kiss her for the last time of the day. Sora watched Kairi walk inside her house. When she was inside he started to walk. But he stoped when he heard her scream. Sora ran in and saw her mom dead on the floor.
Cabbagelass: Whoa, did the fic just do something dark?
Johnel: Kairi what did you do?
Sora ran up to Kairi's room and they keyblade appeared in his hands when he opened the door. Kairi ran to Sora and hugged him, she was crying.
Sora looked at Kairi then he looked back at the man in the room he had a sword in his hand. Sora ran to the man and the guy tried to stab Sora. He missed and Sora stabbed the man.
Johnel: Normally I'd question how he stabbed someone with a blunt ended sword but fuck it he can cut through skyscrappers who am I to question it.
He fell to his knees and he fell face forward on the floor. Sora turned around and Kairi ran in his arms. They walked down the stairs to the living room. Sora picked up the dead girl and he placed her on the purple sofa. Her heart came out and she dissappeard.
Johnel: Unless that guy was a heartless she should still just be a bloody corpse.
Kairi buried her face in Sora's chest and she began to cry. Sora couldnt take it. Each tear was like a stabing to his heart. Sora kissed Kairi and they walked to Sora's house. When they walked in Sora found his mom dead too.
Cabbagelass: I know this is a Disney work, but . . . wow.

"That monster came here too and killed her.."
Johnel: Hey Cab guess what this guy is never going to be mentioned again.
Cabbagelass: Primary antagonists? What's that?
Sora said. Tears filled his eyes. Then just like Kairi's mom she fadded away.
Johnel: Well it could be that Sora's mom was a Jedi Master mabye and that is why her body disappeared?
Cabbagelass: Now you're thinking with Disney Trademarks!
Sora and Kairi walked to Sora's room and they layed on the bed. Kairi cried herself to sleep. When she was asleep Sora looked around and made sure no one was in the room.
Cabbagelass: He then grabbed the cloriform and went to work.
When he finished checking his room he checked the whole house. He heard a little crack but it was just his dog Max.
Johnel: Dude why are you keeping Goofy's son as a slave!
When Sora was done he walked to his room and layed next to Kairi. She looked like an angel sleeping. Sora instently fell asleep. But what no one else understands is how painful it is sleeping with a broken heart.
Johnel: For truly no one has ever lost a loved one before. Hell I know at least three people I could pull in right now.
Cabbagelass: Don't even ask me! Broken hearts are called tuesdays where I'm from.

That was the end of the first chapter i hope you like it..sorry about the sad ending. I just wanted it to be like Sora and Kairi been through alot together..even though you guys know they have(Because of all the kingdom hearts games.)
Cabbagelass: So what your saying is . . . the momma-killing was pointless and only added to increase the pathos?
So let me know whatcha think. Was it sad? Was it cool? was it romantic? Did you like it? Hate it?

Let me know what you think. Every time you leave a review you leave a place in my heart for you(:
Johnel: I'm so having Ienzo find a way to abuse that.

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