Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Quest for Proper Spelling Part 1: Clones

Johnel: Ah it is nice to just kick back relax and read something other than My Inner Life for a change.

Ienzo:*Warps* Okay why am I here for this stupid past time of yours?

Johnel: I let you out of the Don’t Hold Me Closer Cloaked Dancer and are letting you and Even use the pocket dimension to conduct timeline experiments with the NGE universe.

Ienzo: I see fine what are we doing?

Johnel: Well let’s just say it is special.

Once apon a tim

Johnel: He must indeed be a man of great girth this Tim.

Ienzo: What is this the memories of a six year old?

King Aurthur and Lancellot were siting in Camelot round the round tabel.

Johnel: Aurthur and Lancellot were the little known clones of the heroes of legend.

 Sudden a night

Johnel: Guess what the main problem of this fic is?

Ienzo: I don’t know. That I have to deal with you?


 carged into the room and yelled "Aurthur! We know were the Holey Grayil is!"

Johnel: And the pants are dead!

Ienzo: Ah yes the Grayil a mythic object known to lower the IQ of whoever drinks from it by one hundred points.
 Aurthur gassped "I have been lookign for this cup for years!

Johnel: You could have just bought a new cup you know. In fact this one has holes anyways so what good is it?

 Quick, Lancelot, we must gather the army and go on qeust to get it!"

Ienzo: If you think of usin…..


Ienzo: I hate you.

 So then Lancellot and Aurther

Johnel: It seems Aurthur was busy so he sent is other clone.

 and all the other nights went on ther horses and rode toward the palce were the night had said the greil was hidden.

Johnel: End of Chapter 1.

Ienzo: That was not a chapter that was a….

Johnel: Paragraph?

Ienzo: No that would be an insult to good paragraphs.


When Aurthir

Johnel: A third clone? Man they’re going through them faster than Ienzo and Even.

Ienzo:*Points Lexicon* What do you know of the Soryu cloning project!

Johnel: The what now?

Ienzo:*Nervously rubs back of head* Nothing at all completely unimportant.

 and Lancelot and all the rest of the nights made it to the place they sawd an old rooined castel.

Johnel: Well of course it is ruined you hit it with a comically oversized saw.

In the castle was a scary lite made from a pumkin and some crepy candels. "We must be care"

Johnel: *As Aurthu,e,i,r* Yes these Care Bear costumes are the perfect disguise men!

 said Aurthur as he wander into the castel door. As he went insid ther was a flash of magic and Aurthur fell down.

Johnel:*Waggles Finger*  Comedicus Tripicus!

Ienzo:*Opens Lexicon points at Johnel* Fira!

 "What happen!" cryd aurthr "Who are you?"

Johnel:*Still on fire* I Am through lice..

Ienzo:*Opens Lexicon* Silence!

 said a voice from the dark. Aurthur look up and it was a small boy with glases and black hair. He had a skar on hs face and then he knew who it was. "Harry


Ienzo: Silenced yet you still continue to taunt me.

 yelled Authr loudlyt "King Aurthr and Lancelot" repliyed harry. "We have come her to seek the holey grail, do you know were it is?"


 "Yes, the grail is atually the goblet of fire from the harry poter book"

Ienzo: First that is most likely the most unintelligent sentence I’ve ever heard and two I do believe you’ve broken the Fourth Wall beyond repair.

Johnel:*Spell wearing off* Time is warped and space is bendable.

 "Gasp" Aurthu said as he stood uprite. "Yes, it is ture. We must join forces and use it power to stop the dark ones!"

Ienzo: The what?

Johnel: Zexion/Demyx fangirls maybe.

"what are the dark ones" "They are all the evil wizard from harry potter books and also Morderd from King Aurthur story and also orcs from Lord of Ring plus some other."

Johnel: In other words bullshit we just made up.

"Ok" said Authur as he wented outside to get lancelto.

Johnel: Hey did you count the number of clones in this thing?

Ienzo: No and I wish to not suffer through this experience again.*Leaves*

Johnel: Fine be that way. I’ve got a bad Kingdom Hearts fic on the back burner for you anyways. *Leaves*

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