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Co-Op Mode Part 2: Because

Hey! its chapter two of this fanfic. I cant wait for you to read it. I dont own kingdom hearts or any of the characters except for Hope.
Cabbagelass:Actually, you don't. Mike and Bryan of A:TLaA fame do. That's what you get for generic Mary Sue names.
Speaking of her this is the part were Sora meets her and Sora gets his heart broken.
Cabbagelass: Jeez, spoiler alert much.
Hope ya like it!

The next morning Sora woke up but Kairi wasnt there. "Kairi?" Sora yelled as he looked around his room and he ran out.
Cabbagelass: That's new: The girl sneaks out while the guy's still asleep. Way to keep one-night stands fresh!
Johnel: Actually I asked Lea and turns out Sora didn't even know what sex was at first. Truly the curse of being half Disney.
Cabbagelass: Makes you wonder how they're gonna handle Star Wars, doesn't it?

"Goodmorning Sora" Kairi said. Sora ran up to her and he hugged her
"Kairi I though you were..." Sora couldnt finish it because just saying it was too painful for him.
Cabbagelass: She went outside to get coffee, don't be so paranoid!

"Im fine Sora..i love you." Kairi said as she gently kissed his soft lips.
"I love you too Kairi." Sora said as he kissed her forehead.
"Do you want breakfast?" Kairi asked with a giggle.
"Sure." Sora said. After a few min. Kairi walked back with a plate of cooked eggs.
Johnel: That sure is specific.
"Thank you Kairi." Sora said. Kairi smiled and she sat in his lap.
Cabbagelass: That's gonna make breakfast a bit awkward . . . .
Johnel: What I thought sausage was a key food for breakfest....
He took a bite of the eggs and he gave the other to Kairi.
Cabbagelass: The other what? You mean to tell me this dumb broad only brought two bite-worths of eggs?

"Well im gonna go take a quick shower." Kairi said as she kissed Sora's cheek. She put her hair into a messy ponytale then she skipped to the bathroom. Sora watched as the love of his life left.
Cabbagelass:No doubt panicking again due to his paranioa over the idea of her leaving him for good.
He heard the water go on and he finished the eggs.
Cabbagelass: But I thought you alrady gave her the other . . . Oh wait, that was a euphimism, wasn't it?
Then he heard the water go off and a few seconds later Kairi came back out with her beautiful hair done, her amazing pink clothes on, and her pale skin was soft.
Cabbagelass: Holy S**T, I'm barely out of the shower after a few seconds! What is this lady, the Flash?
Johnel: You know for living in a tropical enviroment you'd think she'd have a tan...
Sora smiled the he walked to the bathroom. When the water was off Kairi walked to the bathroom. Sora was putting gel in his hair. He stopped and smiled at Kairi.
"Sora can we go out and do something tonight?" Kairi asked as Sora finished putting on the gel.
Johnel: You know it is actually really mind boggling that the author is saying he actually uses hair gel.

"Sure Kairi." Sora said with a smile. The day went by fast fir Sora and Kairi because they had something to look forward too.
Cabbagelass: I don't know which is worse, the fact that they used a tree to increase the rate at which time moved for them or the fact that Kairi has to ask permission to go on a date with him.
So that night Sora and Kairi were holding hands as they walked to the island.
Cabbagelass: Awww, Jesus-powers are so romantic.
Johnel: Well Sora can fly and cut skyscrappers in half so it isn't much of a stretch.
Sora and Kairi passed a beautiful girl. Her black hair was as long as Kairi's but her bangs were across her whole forehead and they were alittle above her eye brows, her eyes sparkled all the time, her smile was unique, and she was about as tall as Kairi. She was wearing a black t-shirt that made her smooth, soft, and lightly tanned arms show, with black skinny jeans and black vans. She had black fingerless gloves like Sora's and his eyes were glued to her.
Cabbagelass: Oh Hai unoriginal yet uber-special Mary Sue that will no doubt steal Sora away from Kairi. How are you?
Then Sora reminded himself. *Youre here with your girlfriend..youre here with Kairi.*
Cabbagelass:That's right Sora; act like Mako and I'll treat ya like Mako *slips on an Equilist glove*
Johnel: Actually Ganondorf and Amon have coffee together most days so I could introduce you.
Cabbagelass: Sounds lovely! I'll bring Voodoo donuts.
Sora snapped out of it and they continued to walk. They finaly reached they beach. It was dark, the waves crashed alittle bit hard harder, and the full.
Cabbagelass: The full what? And why? You can't just end the sentence with an adjective if you haven't adressed the subject! It doesn't work that way!
Sora and Kairi kissed before they sat down on the cold and rough sand. When they did sit, they were yanked up by mysterious people.
Cabbagelass: That they somehow didn't notice despite clearly noting another person not three sentences ago.
Johnel: Crap it is the fuzz *hides under seat*
"Kairi!" Sora yelled. She screamed in pain because the people were beating her up while Sora was watching, but he couldnt do anything because two strong guys were holding him back. Tears started to form in Sora's eyes. Kairi was screaming..then she stopped..she was dead.
Cabbagelass: Why? Why did they beat her to death? If you're just gonna kill her off in chapter two why not just eliminate her from the continuity all togeather? Or at least give her a more logical death?
Johnel: A Big Lipped Aligator Moment!
Cabbagelass: *unenthusiastic accordian sting*
A guy went up to Sora and he punched him then they all left.
Cabbagelass: So they didn't kill him too. . . Guess it must've been the MRA.
Sora fell to his knees because he was hurt.
Cabbagelass: Not because the love of his life was SENSELESSLY beaten to death, mind you. Merely because he got the wind knocked out of him.

"Kairi!" Sora yelled. He started to crawl to the dead girl. He was crying.
"Help!" That beautiful girl he saw was begin chased by heartless.
Cabbagelass: But enough with the dead girlfriend, time to save this random Mary Sue!
She tripped and the heartless were gonna get her.
"Some help! Please! Ahh!" She was screaming. She closed her eyes and thought the worst..she thought she was gonna die. Just then she heard a BOOM! She opened her eyes and saw a boy holding a key like weapon in his hand and he fell to his knees.
Cabbagelass: What- The- BRT- YOU DIDN'T USE THAT TO SAVE KAIRI?!?!?!?!?

"Oh no!" She said as she ran to him and she fell to her knees.
"Are you okay?" The girl asked. He didnt answer. She began to touch his chest were his heart would be.
"You've been through alot havent you? You are heartbroken, your in pain, and anger and rage is begining to fill your other words your giving into darkness..please dont let it control you."
Cabbagelass: Too late for that, apparently he already set up his girlfriend to make it look like a random beatdown.
Johnel: You are clearly missing the point my friend what you should be focusing on is the super powers she pulled out of her ass.
Cabbagelass: Yes, but do you expect anything less from the precious Mary Sue?
When she was finished Sora opened his eyes. He saw big brown eyes infront of his. He blinked a few times to see right..when he did he saw the beauty that was more beautiful than Kairi infront of him.
Cabbagelass: Of course he finds her more beautiful, he whacked his girlfriend just to get with her!
Her eyes were worrried, her body was over his, her hair fell towards her face and one hand was on his cheek. The glove was warm so his cheek was getting warm.
Cabbagelass: The first explictly logical thing to happen in this fic.
When she saw Sora's eyes open a smile flew across her face and her eyes sparkled with joy. Sora was stareing into the beautiful girl's eyes.
Johnel:*As Harbinger* We Are Assuming Control.
Then he rememberd Kairi.
Cabbagelass: He still needed to get rid of the body.
He looked around and he saw her. He tried to get up but he was too hurt.
"That girl over there?" The girl asked. Her voice was beautiful and calm.
"Yeah." Sora answered and a smile was on her face.
Cabbagelass: . . . This girl is now single-handedly creepier than Slenderman and SCP-173 combined . . .

"Why are you smiling?" Sora asked confused.
Cabbagelass: "Because it is time to feast . . . ."
Johnel:*ND Lilith Impression* BABIES!

"Because i like your voice." She said. Sora smiled
"Thanks." Sora answered.
Johnel: Dude stop she is a Reaper I'm telling you.
"Your right the girl." She helped Sora up. Her arm was around his waist and his arm was around her sholder.
Cabbagelass: Because this is the natural way two individuals would act when approaching a dead body, especially if one had a close bond to the deceased.
She walked him to Kairi and tears formed in his eyes. He fell to his knees.
"Kairi.." Sora said.
"Was this girl your girlfriend?" She asked and Sora nodded
Cabbagelass: Coulda fooled me with the awkward way you're handling this situation.

"Oh my so sorry." She said. She bent down to Sora.
"Im Hope." She said. Sora looked at her.
Cabbagelass: And I'm Tyranny. Nice to meet you!
Johnel: Could be worse could be Hope from Final Fantasy 13.
"Im Sora." He said. Hope smiled.
"Lovely name..Sora." Sora smiled alittle.
Cabbagelass: Perhaps hold up on the flirting until AFTER the corpse has been dealt with.

"Thanks. He said. Hope helped Sora up and she walked him to his house. Sora looked at Hope. Her hair was flowing with ever step she took, her eyes were filled with pain because she saw Sora like that. And there was no smile on her face. When they got to Sora's house Hope gently layed Sora on his bed.
Cabbagelass: What the Hell is even going on here?! One minute she's distant and depressed and the next she's leading him to bed! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS!
Johnel: Well in my experience a very creepy sex scene but I'm hoping that isn't so.
She looked at him and he looked at her. A smile was on her face.
"Thanks Hope..youre a good friend." Sora said.
" am i already your friend we just met right now." Hope said with a smile.
Cabbagelass: The second logical thing in this entire fic.
Johnel: No hun Sora really does just consider people friends after two minutes trust me I know.
Cabbagelass: Right, Disney and all that . . .

"Well a friend wouldnt have helped me here." Sora said with a smile.
Cabbagelass: What kind of asshole friends do you have? I'm sure if my girl was suddenly beaten to death, even my worst enimies would be sending their condolensces!
Johnel: Actually I wonder where Riku is right now...

"Yeah..i guess...well Sora do you want me to come in the morning and check on you or what?" Hope asked.
"Well why dont you just sleep here tonight." Sora asked.
"Oh..umm okay..but im sleeping on the floor. And Sora dont get any ideas."
Johnel: Trust me he wouldn't even if you wanted him to.
Hope said with a smile. Sora chuckled.
Cabbagelass: *Singing* Hey I just met you~ and this is crazy~ but my girlfriend just got horribly beaten to death~ so sleep at my house maybe?

"Dont worry Hope im not a pervert. "
Cabbagelass: Just some weird guy who's girlfriend just mysteriously died who wants you to sleep at my house. Not a pervert at all!
Johnel: You know is it not strange people seem to be dieng around this guy left and right.
He said. Hope smiled and her eyes sparkled. They were really noticable. Sora smiled about that and Hope layed on the floor.
"Goodnight Sora." Hope said with her eyes closed.
"Goodnight Hope." Sora said as he watch her.
Cabbagelass: Yeah, Sora; way to convince her you're not a pervert. Just watch her sleep like a japanese Edward Cullen, what could possibly go wrong?
She fell asleep and she looked so peaceful. Sora didnt understand it. He just lost the love of his life but he's begining to be interested in her.
Cabbagelass: We don't understand it either! In fact, it makes you seem kinda fucked-up in the head . . .
Johnel: I'm Telling you she's a Reaper.
That was the end of this chapter. I hope ya like it! Let me know whatcha think about it.
Cabbagelass: It was the most hilarious mind-fuck I've ever witnessed.
I love ya guys and have a good day/night(:

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