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Co-Op Mode Part 3: It's Raining Death

Hey this is my thrid chapter! Yay! So this is the chapter Hope meets Sora's best friends.

I hope you all like it!
The next morning...
Hope woke in in Sora's room on the floor. She got up and smiled when she saw him. She walked up to him and she brushed his cheek.
Cabbagelass: Right, who's the pervert here again?

"Sora.." Hope whispered. She looked around and she went to the bathroom to take a shower. The water went on. Then Sora opened his eyes. He sat up and he looked out the window. Rain hit the window and the day was dark. Sora watched the little hard drops of water hit everything and the violent wind was throwing bags and papers.
Cabbagelass: They got their debris on loan fron the Gangnam Style video I see . . .
Johnel: *Singing* Hey sexy lady...

Sora slowly looked down from the window to the bed sheets."Kairi.." Sora whispered. Then he heard his shower go off."Kairi" Sora said he ran to the bathroom. The door opened and Sora hit Hope and they both fell.

Cabbagelass: Well that was cartoonish and inappropriate.

 "Ouuuchh!" Hope said. Sora looked at Hope but he saw Kairi."Kairi!" Sora yelled with joy he kissed her.
Johnel: He has the facial recognition skills of Amy Rose.

When he pulled away he saw Hope blushing."Sora! i thought you werent a pervert!"

 Johnel: Well he hasn't randomly groped you yet.

Hope yelled."Im so sorry...i thought you were Kairi.." Sora said as he got up. He reached out a hand to Hope but she didnt take it she got up and started to walk to the door."Wait! Hope!" He yelled and he ran infront of her."What? You wanna kiss me again because you think im someone else?" Hope said. Sora's eyes were sad

.Cabbagelass: His throat was angry, his liver mildy confused and his junk utterly inconsolible.

Johnel: The hair meanwhile continued its plans for world domination.

"Im sorry.." Sora said sadly. Hope walked to the big window and watched the rain. There was an akward silence.
Cabbagelass: You sure it was an awkward silence? you sure it wasn't an awkward EVERYTHING?

"Okay..i forgive you Sora.."

 Johnel: Conflict what's that?

Hope said she looked at him halfway and Sora saw her smile. That made Sora smile."Im gonna go take a shower." Sora said as he walked to the bathroom. Hope walked outside and she stood in the rain.

 Johnel: Well enjoy your nose being a mucus clogged mess.

Cabbagelass: All that toweling off for nothing . .

Sora got out of the shower and a big friendly smile was on his face. But he got scared when he didnt see Hope he looked around the house and he ran outside. He saw her standing in the rain. She looked up at the rain and her hair was soaked, rain drops ran down her face, her eyes were sparkly

Johnel: Her eyes were like really stupid vampires in the sunlight.

, a little smile was on her face then she looked down sadly.
"Hope.." Sora said as he walked out in the rain to her. She looked at him and a smile was on her face.
"Yes Sora?" She asked. Sora stood next to her.
"Why are you outside you might catch a cold." Sora said with a gofy smile.

Johnel: Oh by the great Kamina it is catching the My Immortal gofic virus.


His eyes sparkled as he looked at her.
"I love the rain..and i really dont care if i catch a cold. " Hope said as she got a puddle of water in her hand.
Cabbagelass: Or of course! She's a waterbender too . . .
Sora watched her and he was suprised when he saw the water starting to dance.

Johnel: You know it is times like this I miss that Demnyx hasn't re-materilized anywhere.

Hope looked at him and she dropped the water.
"What was that?" Sora asked.

Johnel: Maybe it was magic something you've been doing for over a year now.

Cabbagelass: Arbitrary skeptisism?

" cant tell anybody, its a power that i have.." Hope said as she sneezed.

Cabbagelass: Incredible waterbending powers/ allergic to rain.

 " can tell me inside." Sora said with a smile. Hope nodded then she walked inside. Sora gave Hope one of his black hoddie sweaters.
"Thank you..but im not kidding you cant tell anyone about that..please."


Hope said. She was looking outside at the rain.
"Okay...i promise.." Sora said. Hope held out her pinky.
"Pinky promise?" Hope asked. A vision was in Sora's head.
"Well goodnight.." Kairi said.
"Goodnight Kairi..never forget..i love you." Sora said.
"I promise you i will never forget if you dont ever forget i love you.
" Kairi said"Okay i promise i wont." Sora said as he stuck out his pinky.
"I promise too." Kairi said as she intertwined her pinky with his.

Johnel: Wait did we just fucking flashback to only a couple chapters ago!?

Cabbagelass: That's four extrenious sentinces that will literally add nothing to the story. Yaaaaaaay Filler!

"Pinky promise." Sora said as he intertwined his pinky with hers. Then the house started to shake.

Johnel: Well you know what they say if the house is a rockin don't bother knockin.

"Whoa!" Hope said as she fell to the floor. After the shaking Sora helped Hope up. He gave her his hand and she took it this time.
"Thanks.." Hope said as she looked into Sora's eyes. They were still holding hands. Then there was a knock at the door and Hope jumped because it scared her.

Cabbagelass: Incredible waterbending powers/ Scared of Johovah's Witnesses.

Sora walked up to the door and looked out the little hole."No way!" Sora said with joy. Hope was confused. Sora opened the door and Donald and Gofy jumped on him.

Johnel: Who is this Gofy you speak of?

"Donald, Gofy!" Sora said. They were hugging him. Then they stopped and looked at Hope. Donald and Gofy looked at eachother and a smile flew across their faces.

Cabbagelass: I'm sure they'd be smiling regardless of who it was . . . It's a Disney thing.

"Guys its not like that!" Sora said.

Johnel: I don't think they were thinking that Sora. I'm serious though drop the f-bomb in front of some of the older Disney characters they can't even hear it.

He was blushing. Hope was confused and Donald and Gofy were chuckling.
"Hiya im Gofy!" The dog said as he grabbed Hopes hand and he shook it up and down really fast.
"And im Donald." The duck said as he kissed Hope's hand.

Johnel: You know I'd like it if fanfiction didn't give me Howard the Duck flashbacks.

Sora saw and he was jelous.

Cabbagelass: You're Jealous of a duck . . . . Of. A. DUCK.
"Hey guys im Hope." She said with a big smile.
"Nice to meet you Hope. We never knew our Sora got himself a girlfriend." Gofy said and Hope blushed.
Cabbagelass: Yep, they're trolling Sora at this point . . .

"Umm im not his girlfriend." Hope said then Gofy had a confused face.
"Are you sure? You seem pretty enough to be."

Johnel: For relationships are based solely on appearance and nothing else.

Gofy said and smiled.
"Aww thanks..i think." Hope said with a giggle.
"Yes! Then do you think we can go on a date?" Donald said. Hope giggled again.

Cabbagelass: What gives Donald? Things not woking out with Daisy?

"Sure Donald..anytime." Hope said with a smile. Sora got jelous and he walked up to Donald and he smacked him in the head.
"Ouch! Sora!" Donald said. Sora laughed and Donald started chasing Sora. Hope and Gofy were laughing. After an hour they stopped.

Johnel: I think I'm going to go into a boredom coma soon.

Cabbagelass: Don't say that! The Shadowy Murdercult of this fic will kill everyone!

"So..Hope, how did you and Sora meet?" Donald asked as he was rubbing the back of his head. Sora's head went down.
"Well..its kinda personal for Sora so you have to ask him.." Hope said. Sora looked up at her.
"Nah its okay.." Sora said as he locked his hands together. Hope made a half smile and she nodded.

Cabbagelass: He gave a half smile over Kairi's death . . . .

She told Donald and Gofy about Kairi and Sora, then she told them when she was being attacked by heartless..Then she told them Kairi died. They fell to their knees.

Cabbagelass: Finally, someone displaying actual shock over Kairi's death.

"Oh no..the princess is dead?" Gofy said. Hope's eyes widdened.
"She was a princess?" She asked as she looked at Sora. He nodded.

Johnel: Well a princess of.. actually one sec .*walks to the entryway of the theater* Hey Ienzo!

Ienzo: *Teleports in* What possible could it be now?Johnel: Was Kairi actual royalty?

Cabbagelass: Yeah, that might actually explain some of the events of this fic! After all, royals get whacked by assassins all the t-

Ienzo: Yes and no but I'd wish not to waste my time explaining to you and your *Looks at Cab* friend the political system of Radiant Garden. *Smacks Johnel with the Lexicon* Now don't bother me again. *Teleports out*

Cabbagelass: . . . Shit, thought we were getting somewhere.

"Well should have let them take my life instead of hers." Hope said sadly.

Cabbagelass: That's a terrible thing to say, Hope. Actually kinda disrespectful to her memory. . . .

"Well Hope im sure its not your fault." Gofy said. Hope locked her hands together and she looked down at them.
"Well it sure feels like it." Hope said a tear fell down her cheek. Sora, Donald and Gofy watched feeling bad. Sora went up to her and he hugged her to comfurt her.

Johnel: Oh kiss my Irish rump fic.

"Its okay Hope.." Sora said as he held her in his arms.

That was the end of the Third chapter let me know whatcha think okay? I loved this chapter it was pretty far.
Cabbagelass: so even you acknowledge that this fic is going south . . . not good.

Lol. Remember leave reviews. Thanks!(:
Hey guys! How are ya? Good? Bad? I was good and that made me have an idea for this chapter.

Cabbagelass: In my expirience vague feelings are not a good source of fanfiction; good ideas are. but seeing as you

I hope ya'll like it its about Sora and Hope gonna start traveling together. So let me know whatcha think. Okay? Thanks! (

:Johnel: You heard her she wants us to do this.

"Sora..would you hate me if somehow it was my fault?"

Johnel: I'd say maybe we were about to enter some sort of deconstruction of the Mary Sue with Hope being aware of her nature. But I'd being lying this is just pointless angst.

Cabbagelass: Thst's ok. I've seen better plots wasted; like the second half of the Maximum Ride series.

Hope asked as she was still in Sora's friendly hug.
"Hope..i already said it isnt your fault." Sora said as he got up and walked to Donald and Gofy.
"No..maybe it is, what if i hadent been a distraction to could have helped her.." Hope said. Sora looked down.
"Hope it honestly isnt your fault. She was dead before you even showed up..

Cabbagelass: Showed up? She was being chased if I remember right . . .

if you didnt come i wouldnt be here today. I would have rotted and died out there."

Johnel: Well no last I checked he just took a gut punch unless you are talking about the possibility of suicide.

Sora said. "So i think destiny brought us together.""Okay.." Hope's eyes were caught by something.

Johnel: What are you saying that her eyes just got ripped out?

"What is that?" Hope asked as she walked to Donald. He had keys in his hand.

Cabbagelass: It just occoured to me . . . She's seemingly complaciet with two bipedal talking animals but a set of keys suprise her?
Johnel:*As Hope* Well you see the thing is I do shit tons of LSD daily.

"Its the keys to our gummy ship." Gofy said. Hope looked at the keys. *Gummyship?..and Sora didnt answer my question..would he hate me if i was the cause of Kairi's death...?*

Cabbagelass: Sora floats like a butterfly, but answers questions like a politician.Johnel: Don't worry we already hate you.

Hope thought. Then Donald pushed a button and a beep went off of the keys. Everyone ran outside and it was still raining.

"Hope..could you?

Cabbagelass: Daaah, what was the question?

They are trust worthy." Sora said as he looked at Hope. She was still wearing his sweater. She looked at him and her hair flowed with her everymove ment.

Johnel: It is every movement you moron. Also it seems the Reaper hair is now a co conspirator in Sora's hair's plans for world domination.

She smiled and nodded. She walked infront of Donald and Gofy, who were confused, and she began to move her hands and arms in a circle above her head. The rain started to stop and it circled them the way Hope's arms were moving. She made a hole for the ship to come in and it landed on the floor.
"Whoa.." Donald whispered. He was amazed at what Hope was doing.

Cabbagelass: Donald, please don't go crushing on her, that would be the most awkward love triangle ever!
Johnel: Well that depends if we include incest based ones it is about fifth place.

They all walked into the gummyship except for Hope. When everyone was in she stopped moving her arms and she moved her hand above her head. Where she put her hand is where the rain wasnt going. She walked into the gummyship and she looked around. She saw the living room. It had a purple sofa and a brown carpet. On the left of the living room was a door. That was were the kitchen was, in the front wall there was a hole opening and that was that main hall. They walked down it and there was four rooms.

Johnel:*As Sora* Hello MTV and welcome to my crib.

The first one on the right there was a sign on it that said "Donald's room". They walked further..a few inches away from Donalds and it was Gofy's room. Hope giggled because of Gofy's writing.

Cabbagelass: That Idiot added a second "o" to his name.

 They walked further and on the right it was Sora's room. Then she looked forward and it was a huge door. They opened it and there was four chairs and there was a big screen.
"What's the screen for?" Hope asked.
"To see the stars." Donald said. Hope relized it was a ship. It was obvious because of its name.

Cabbagelass: there are no words for your stupidity.

" guys are leaving?" Hope asked. Sora looked down sadly.
"Yeah..we have these journey's we have to do.." Sora was sad.

Cabbagelass: It would be nice if the author would show us emotions insted of stating them out loud like a first-grader.

 Hope put her hand on his cheek. Sora looked up quickly.
"I wanna go." Hope said. Sora's eyes sparkled.
"It's gonna be dangerous y'know." Sora took Hope's hand away from his cheek and he held it in her hand. Hope didnt notice she was too busy thinking about the journey.
"I know." Hope said.
"Okay.." Sora said Hope jumped up and down.
"I gotta go get my clothes." Hope said as she started walking out. She passed Sora to get to the door, but as soon as she was infront of him the ship started shaking.

Cabbagelass: Oh no, the plot has arrived! Who's gonna die this time?
Johnel: Can it be Tidus?

"Whoa!" Hope almost fell but Sora caught her arm."Be cafeful!" Sora said. They ran to the window and they looked outside. The world was being over tooken by darkness. Sora and Hope looked at eachother, and Hope was scared. But when she looked into those beautiful blue eyes she felt safe. She knew Sora wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.
Cabbagelass: Just like he didn't let anything bad happen to Kairi . . . wait . . . .

 To ruin their moment Donald and Gofy ran into the control room(The room Sora and Hope were in.)"We haveta get outta here!" Gofy exclaimed. Everyone agreed except for Hope."No! we cant just let everyone be tooken

Cabbagelass: I have a feeling the author likes making up words.
Johnel: What was your first clue?

by darkness!" Hope said."Im sorry Hope." Donald said as the gummy ship started to take off. Tears formed in her eyes and she walked to the living room. She sat on the sofa and she bit her bottom lip to prevent her from screaming. Gofy walked in and he sat next to Hope. He placed his hand on her sholder."Im sorry Hope..i really am..but we just hadda leave." Hope looked at Gofy. She tried hidding her anger by making a twisted up frown.

Cabbagelass: Oh Good, now I'm picturing Azula . . .

Johnel:*Covers Cab's mouth* Don't say that name.

"I know Gofy..Thank you for apologizing." Hope said as she rested her head on Gofy's chest. He put his hand on her head and she sighed. Her eye's wandered from the doors to the wall, from the wall to the floor, from the floor to the mirror. She saw that Gofy was tring hard to be her friend and make her happy.

Cabbagelass: And in turn she acted like a cold, creepy bitch who should be ashamed of herself.

She picked up her head."Thank you not that mad about it." Hope made a real smile. Gofy smiled and he got up."Hey where's Sora and Donald?" Hope asked."They're handling the controls so we can get to a diffrent world." Just when Gofy said that it sent a chill down her spine.

Johnel: She would soon discover they were leaving her on a world made up of nothing but razor blades and salt.

"Okay..can we hang out?" Hope asked. Gofy had a gofy smile

Cabbagelass: even with the mispelling that was terribly redundant.

and he nodded." whatcha wanna do?" He asked. Hope put a finger to her lip."Hmm..oh i wanna show you you have water?" Hope asked. Gofy nodded."In my room." He said. They got up and Hope followed Gofy into his room." i know you've seen it outside but.." Hope got the water and she started making it move."How do ya do that?" Gofy asked. Hope smiled as it turned into a form of Sora's face


How does this girl manage to be so creepy?!?!
Johnel: Guess the LSD is going into overdrive.
. But it quickly changed."Well..when i was younger about 7 there was a guy my age..he knew how to do it. I saw it for the first time and i thought it was so cool. Like no lie i couldnt stop tring. So he told me he was gonna put a spell on me so that i was able to do it.

Cabbagelass: Yeah, so forget hard work kids; just go to the expert and he'll give you magical powers for it.
Johnel: Great she now has to smear the memory of Demyx.

When he did i was able to do it, but it was i couldnt keep it in one spot, he taught me how to do it and it took a year. When i got the hang of it i learned that this isn't a blessing..everytime someone was introuble i was there to help..but i wanted to keep my power a secret...The first person to find out was Sora..and i met him..uhh yesterday.." Hope said.
Cabbagelass: Hope is not fit for public speaking . . .

"Well how old are ya now? And how do ya forget when ya met somebody if ya met them yesterday?" Gofy asked.
"Well right now im 15 but my birhtday is in 5 days and I forgot becuase it feels like i've known Sora for a long time."


Hope smiled. Gofy did too."Hope do ya have feelings for Sora?" Gofy asked. She blushed.
Cabbagelass: *Singing* No chance! no way! I won't say it, no, NO!
Johnel: *Singing* You swoon, you sigh why deny it, uh-oh
Cabbagelass:*Singing* It's Too, Cliche! I won't say this ship works!
"What?" She asked.
"I wont tell anybody, promise." Gofy said holding out his pinky.
"Okay.." She said as she intertwined her pinky with his.
"Well..maybe, maybe not, i dont know..i think i have a little thing for him."
 Johnel: Good a little thing is the most he could have.
Hope said as she was blushing. Gofy smiled.
"Well Sora's a nice guy...and to tell ya the truth..i kinda think he likes ya." Gofy said. Hope smiled.
Cabbagelass: Gofy:the first and only supporter of the Sora/Hope ship.
Johnel: Depends if there is FF13Hope/Sora Yaoi out there.
She put the water back and she layed on Gofy's bed. Gofy went next to her.
Johnel: The squick readings they are off the scale.
"G'night Gofy." Hope said before she fell asleep.
"Goodnight Hope." Gofy said then they were both asleep.
"Hey! Guys." Sora said as he walked into Gofy's room. He saw them and he smiled. He slowly closed the door and went to his room and he fell asleep.

Cabbagelass: Do we ever find out what he was going to tell them?
Johnel: I don't really know.
HELLO! I did it! Im awsome i know!
Cabbagelass: You're very concieted . . .
Lol just kidding. So let me know whatcha think about this chapter...was it good? Or was it bad? I may never know if you dont tell me( :

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